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Thursday, June 21

An argument as towards Traditional American Lifestyle Values in - as of - Pigeon Carnival 'Scrum-up' to-speak-of semiotics-and-semantically tomography nomenclature: TITLE: Of a Pipe-Organ / Calliope tonality model's tomographical significance at [personal, (1 person; alone, at that)] scale: ~An Anecdote~

Significant Concepts to develop:
Scalar Pigeon March-Style Whistling in the Modern Tech Lifestyle Nuclear Self;
an anecdote via an early a.m. walk,
The Greatest Kicks of Futbol,
Juvenile's Slow Motion radio hit (early 2000s),
and Zero Gravity Dancing.
A revelation, a deconstruction, a retrospective on coming to a common middle America post-Silicon Valley Tech Lifestyle Blogger's American iGenerational C-Suite differential identity divergence, in an emergent young adult victim-profiler's pidgy-chicken - as pet - persona, in the anecdotal experience of a young Jay Ammon on a morning's walk;
post-traumatic incidence:correlates to:Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:Abnormal Psychology Research Reports:Variance in Anti-Social Neurological Physiognomy Diagnostic Statistical Variance in a Subject, refs. and long-detail report.

A stub of an abstract blog e-pub publication, as for today; I'll update it tomorrow (Friday) after court. Thanks, viewers, for 52 views today; my best day since I started this blog in April.

On this one [blog, to be ttp;precise(usage)], I'll have got my mind and wits about me; this one's apt to be a personal yet non-indulgent delicacy of Francoise as of pigeons Christian middle American tomography folklorical canonical psychiatric coffee-talk scrum.

*ttp: to the point

Please, consider not solely-simply idle-clicking on my advertising patron's ad marketing efforts, but following through with some novel interest support (kitsch-slant realism, I'm sorry), yet I would hope that the intelligence baseline establishment of the truly-calibrated-curated threshold of valid relevance "tech and lifestyle" blog would inspire a belief, in others, as I would aspire to believe, for myself: that the content value and distinction therein of the qualitative and development-driven inspiration for producing such output would lend itself valuations-payoffs in genuinely purchasable ad marketing click-through buyer persona par-relevance mock-up, well enough. 😍

*VARIANCE; as a significant basis STRF#cker name-drop to triple-flush [because it's eating-day] ...

dump butt... 

it's that day of the week, for me. I bought a gallon of milk, and I have no fridge. I rarely fail on that end...

... [the thing that ought to be most commonly visually-self-internally-apparent;] (for me), it was that I first notion would presume that others would have the same image in their head as me, as par-commonality relevance-par-audiahhnce, (francoise) [audience, yet visual-mind apparitionally-becoming, grammatically significant as per past two seconds as towards a truthful coming-to-terms]: I find it is aught to be oftentimes considered to be poor form; the written word, as I publish a particularity discourse,


I do find an audience, well enough, to parfait my Fontucky Chicken Waffles pigeon waffles-feeding pigeons efforts; to some, "tech and lifestyle blog" is why they arrive on my brand-marketing valuation startup blogtastic enterprise on validity variance valid alpha-scrum-up semantical vestiges of what could aught-wise be seenably un-scene-pass-ass-gas as-tastic blog contenting provisions, for a tech-dieting snobby-snot-nosed personae-read-iriae-audibly:hear; visually listenable and, in my opinion, emotionally compelling... stuff,... to be presciocious. (urban dictionary input).


The Blog:

One of my significant goals in tech'ing out this stated-pigeon carnival au jour al fresco pioneering homestead of urban-and-surrounding Los Angeles, California, is the emphasis on a comprehensive look at what pigeons signify in several merits of validity in terms of this blog.

First of all, [most visibly] the pigeon is a social bird, with our modern days' envisioning of the bird itself as though oft-maligned, yet an austerity symbol of prior civilizations' man-and-bird dependence and reliance upon each other as friend of intelligent design; as the times were [probably] concomitant with Darwin's ideas coming in to the foray, (read more about the British armed forces use of the pigeon at the British Library Blog Online) as is in the case of the use of the pigeon as curated pet and compatriot to days of armed forces' past:today, folklore of racing pigeons in larger established cosmopolitan cities seem, to me, to be common enough to conjecture upon. On that note, the iPigeon domain name brand marketing heraldry, following the original and heretofore pre-established overarching thematic semiotics-relationally correspondent relevance-keeping architecture of this context in the .institute top-level-domain namesake keeping (me, not being one to forsake pre-iterated establishment heraldries of the had-been-established brand name: iPigeon [as concept], in thematic semantical semiotics-contextual-as-par-relevance to the .com of iPigeon (brand name) as established before I came up with the concept [organically], through my own impassioned pursuits and for the sake of the love of the bird.

I hope to not ruffle any feathers. My personal development aims recently, in social media and in my personal recreation and leisure time do feature pigeons as a valid daily destination, yet the context in use here, in this blog, seeks to go beyond the dailies and doings of pigeons about town, and to delve deeper into the relevant scrum of what the pigeon-as-symbol means, from several valence conceptual underpinnings in the greater semiotic contextual bases that might come up in the articles and content I produce on this blog:

This third concept being of variable themes, as conjectural common folklore (at least locally, as such), is that the pigeon is a widely disreputable bird, in that in it's clumsy and oftentimes disorderly pursuit to maintain a stable flock homestead-by-locality - the pigeon, [commonly paired with the much larger and more aggressive scavenger: the seagull] (by contrast) is commonly taken and perceived as a nuisance on account of the ad hoc and likewise commonly ill-fated (as received) social encounter [in the instance] of youth, [perhaps] marveling at the uproar of birds in flight overhead, and the risk of them defecating carelessly from above.

Taken in a more [step-back; austerity] mature view on the topic is the spectacle of the iconic bird-man-feeder-bum: particularly of pigeons (I recall, from a trip from my childhood; up north in California, undoubtedly) and it was a fond memory of family travel and bonding, perhaps an iconic homesteading moment for me, in hearkening a bird-lover-to-be, as I grew up in teenage years, to raise lost-and-rescued lovebirds and other birds such as sparrows, a blue jay; later, a pigeon who was crippled and could not fly. I commemorate this pigeon in my home exhibition as the baby pigeon. He was so cute and affectionate!

That being said, a lover of bird-domesticating husbandry-rescue pursuits would validly attest - there's something particularly to attest-to as towards the innate human spirit in a pursuit that's fulfilled by the loving care for a needful creature.  Call it what you will, yet the love of a baby creature that's been raised by one's own hand: hours, dedication of days upon weeks over years establishes a fulfillment of spiritual life that even a popular saint is recognizable by: there, and for - the love of the small creatures of domestic gardens dating back to monastic establishments in the figure of Saint Francis of Assisi, notable in art history most commonly by the characteristic communal oneness amongst nature - the squirrels and the birds. The pigeon has deep roots in the close-knit society of man's inner peace to the point of religious symbology that's been overseen by the highest authorities on Christian religious decrees and remembrances. We remember Saint Francis of Assisi commonly in Western Art history. I recall seeing his statuary at MacArthur Park, nearby, and at the DTLA hospital off of Grand Ave, by the 10 Freeway.  He is a symbol of the spiritual need to commune with nature, as humans, and he fulfills a quiet austere position in claiming stakes upon the medical field. 

Caring affectionately for a loved one stimulates oxytocin, a natural mood enhancer.  The pigeon is an intrinsic sociable call to interpret literally, aficionados would have it - in establishing true aficionado scene claimstaking thereof: hearking the pigeon in finery pursuit and in excellence of husbandry in the racing pigeon brand marketing schema - that being the iPigeon name.

Wednesday, June 20

Abverbserial Status-Bearing claimstaking qualitativeness pretext: linguistic ad marketing « tech and lifestyle » (dieting) blog - by meta and headers article basis contextual writing sample for hypothetical coffee-talk mockup craigslist LTR section date night basis, socio-anthropological - for humanities majors-basis convo topic persona splotch whiteboard DIY project: for Frappuccino and App Store mobile client basis of lean client profiling title abstract blog article basis-attainment, to th praise of Apple Accessibility Development efforts; A scrum diagnostics accessibility stub.

Basis of Blogtastic Nomadic Nordic

Guamanian, Virgin Islamds, Puerto Rico - U.S.-occupied territories.

Intro basis - Apple’s text-to-speech and symbiotic discretionary development attainments in devices A7 Processor legacy onwards, we see significant semiotically semantically virtuous heraldry that would make the pioneers of Apple’s Steve Jobs heraldry homesteading era proud.

  1. - Microsoft Soundscape.

- Verbs of Being.
- Stats common usage of words.
- State hypothetical basis of startup valuation Top Level Domain branding significance


  1. At scale
  2. Organically
  3. Sustainable
  4. Intra-extra-sclusovity is only somewhat relatable context as basis.
  5. Qualitative valuation enterprise model of a TLd valuation statistical valence risk profile model viability - violabikity - valid pre-contextual Development relevance par-idioohile regionally non-kink-stink about topic convo socioeconomic thereof - the whitepaper breakdown; this is why they do emojis and socioeconomic development as the « antithical they » for as towards economics.
  6. An abstract Google Wikipedia valid client basis search - how bout Bing?
  7. I am trying to brand-marketing homesteading-efforts grammatically arrête properly adverb and noun, two birds in one stone, post-veganism « tryna » node-based relationally June is as towards apparently; I would say - divergent it semiotician’s semantic scrum basis contiguous progression from the Julian calendar; Pigeons, de facto, pertain towards Francis if Assisi ad hoc S.F. « San Francisco »: one further (geographically speaking « somewhat ») Big Tech’s Google and Cupertino; « San Jose » - I believe Adobe has headquarters up there, as well, in the same town - and Intelligence boundaries in layperson’s client basis mockup of coffee talk banter for date-night - offhand, establish a basis of valid drug-abstinent stability in adulting-basis: a reality show pitch to perhaps an as-unto drug-abstinent - stimulant-basis recursion one-off, demographic Freudian Slip alternate niche as for as-of-yet unspoken homosexual folklore homesteading - they do emojis for this - as for stats, the X86 era was a distinctly first off, prior to high school, some kids did music. 86 is scrum nomenclature of deconstruction semiotics of uncharted blog homesteading as of yet - bold - vast new engineering in one-off mockup date night craigslist dating, folklore to the disreputable quandary demographic of as-stated, not-straight demographic.
  8. Spout off common layperson Pew stats - look up homosexuality - socioeconomic relevance (80%:20%, off-hand). « Lookup required »
  9. Discourse virtues of tricyclic antidepressant action in actionable discourse stub title abstract reality show bold marketing war chest relatable context - the big trucks « Toyota Tundra, the GMC Yukon Denali,  - for App Store par relevánce French-Anglo-ophiles, Big Tech’s #2 global-context new frontiersmen are the Russian Federation peers of today - for the regression thematically arrête beyond « funny stuff » reality show basis, I do whitepaper mockups, okay. That was, in some circles, yet ... leta -exit état a homesteading par cute rie écoutre mes exigencies - okay, first of all, some things are left better unspoken, some people think they ought blog without persona Francophile-actuel-itizemént, as for International Phonetics ... (I dunno, off-hand, but as per App Store offhand, oh: okay: Association, yet significantly International phonetics to a 2:3 spread 66.6% - 33.3% world class status basis is on par relevánce anthropologically-linguistically-probably « ... »
GTD: This is a blog. I Conditionally Google AdSense relevant blog brand marketing-context-basis content of search headers-as-stated one-off « tech and lifestyle » blog, according to an established belief.
- I am an organic methods, yet crystal meth "okay" yet admittedly faulty non-indiscriminate one-off basis-status aficionado.
- Speakably, you get it as a collection on, and as it stands, it is a Google blogger informational arrete qualitative stance, dialectically subjectively speaking; i did show up to court yesterday, as my Twitter @ would suffice, if i didn't think that over time, I ought to show up to court; I am a considerate auteur, and I do mockup pigeons of waffles-fed husbandry like Belgian France does Eggos - ... (perhaps even, as yet, France likewise does English).

  1. but a validly Rosetta Stone scrum dialectical? For that Google Babel Translate, Apple Accessibility, and modern marvels of engineering are an aspiration ally contextual 7 short-mid term goal as for mediating this stub article. (on a parenthetical-not pro-gay stance; validly heterogenic compositionally arrete, yet contituently considerate dynamics of Scientology-speaking, there is, perhaps, a scientific method basis to validly-acceptable discourse - for the discerning constitutionally arrete considerations, considerable blogtastic crowd demographic in mt whimsical mind, I fancy them quotable "French." They did 1066, there's a millennial binary-squyare anthropomorphic all sorts of considerable tech development that's gone on since then; Patricia kirk is overlooking this past referentially significant persona mockup development stub valid basis; since i only include valid supports of my cause via whimsical notions conjectural basis - on an intelligence scalable tech and lifestyle blog context; I do blogging in 2018. i was cleared for Google's AdSense program yesterday! ... It's good enough to develop blogs still, rather than a bold oppositional take on stating imperatives GTD stuff; I do blog content well-enough for as per-domains, notwithstanding TLD valuation development, I'm not the first or only one and I got a .institute. The .pharmacy was evaluated as a startup discourse (perhaps white paper) at $1695, or very close to that number. It's a startup valuation of as for me, I paid $20 for my .institute TLD. It's supposed to be an austerity homesteading self-take-it upon-as-towards modern frontiers of what's supposedly, yet probably, as an arrete, constitutionally valid inclusive one-off like it's dawn and for some, it's white paper mockup iscourse; for some - for the search engine robots (okay); first of all, I use a valid process composition one-off as-if ... ? ADHD diversion
  2. no. (I would say). it's a variable scrum-up as-per-valuation, and versus pharmacy, I paid a squares of quarternary and quincintinille - percentage basis of, in data-scrubbing stats-people arrete, perhaps contingently-consiquentlt boring stats to scrub over, as far as numerological deconstruction Derrida as perhaps i'd better aught not speak on the topic of Derrida, because I didn't ever validly read his discourse, as grad-school material assigned to me. but it was assigned to me, and the professor did get paid. Anything beyond that, and I don't do logical fallacies as a basis. i'm operant on an as per AA conditionally arrete; and as-used, in this instance, second-of-all basis more consecrated in being residual compositionally 

a nods-of the hat compositional process that vets the valid prowess of a gentle giant of Apple Developer Team at Corporate: the Accessibility iOS, lately.

- For a musician, sometimes I simply take down dictation, sometimes at accessible scale.
- For a stub - 2 out of 7 disabled - accessible tech highlights will do, and perhaps 20 to 70 would be a vast depravity.

Thursday, June 14

New Have-at: top cute iOS apps from [cross out] for an iPad-Photographer's-to-Illustration-Analog-to-Digital-Aficionado's Dream-Workflow-Status Array

  1. imaengine
  2. SVG Unlimited
  3. Adobe Draw
  4. Creative Cloud
  5. iColorama
  6. Adobe Concept
  7. Google Drive
  8. Hydra
  9. Facebook
  10. Twitter
  11. Tumblr
  12. AUM
  13. AudioCopy
  14. SoundCloud
  15. Apple iOS Photos
  16. iOS Accessibility
  17. TweetRoot
  18. Acoustic Picture Transmit
  19. Virtual ANS
  20. Euclid's Book of the Elements I + III
  21. Pret a Template
  22. Logotastic
  23. Molecule Design
  24. Fractals
  25. Kaleidoscopic
  26. Hyperspektiv
  27. Virtual Room 3D AU Audio Unit
  28. Domainr
  29. Google Maps
  30. Apple Maps
  31. Ads and Analytics - YES! On! All of them okay!
  32. Significant Locations
  33. Adobe Captivate
  34. Qleedo
  35. Agile Tortoise - Phraseology
  36. Meme-maker for iconic memes
  37. Wells Fargo Bank
  38. Wikipedia
  39. Map Area Calculator
  40. Arc-GIS
  41. Ibru
  42. Squeak!
  43. Concentric
  44. Gradient
  45. Meta + Exif photos
  46. Pro Shot + Perspective Fix
  47. Cross DJ Pro
  48. Licensed iTunes singles of your favicon songs! Perhaps futurebass mix 2 * and chill trap - YouTube for beats. Mission Statement have-ats: new.

The official Apple iPigeon concept release is perhaps decades away, at this point. For now, racing pigeons husbandry fans and tech's dreamers and doers of the modern day have srsly right-now-and age way-Bold-as-the-Yukon .developer scrum tactics of multiple task-bearing loads to thereof Herculean repute; regression TD for the GTD iOS standard corporation buyer's model fits-in post-yet-as-of hoc therapy (* back) multiple-attention what's it nomenclature of cutting-edge development of the iOS iTunes App Store Standardized model needs-to of GTD iPad: Bold as the Yukon.


For now, tech's dreamers and doers of the GTD iGeneration .developer recursive...

For now, the dreamers and doers of the Apple iGeneration have web app .developer core Apple Design technologies iPad modern tech diet breadcrumbs... breadcrumbs... wings, wings, beak! beak! beak! on the al fresco [yet intelligentsia] for the iDoIt aesthetics-arrete class status elite...

For now, tech's dreamers and doers of the iGeneration .developer @ aesthetics arrete new words

For now, tech's dreamers and doers and .developer @ design aficionados can take solace in .institute of iPigeon, to speak of.

For now, the STRF#cker jot niche generation can haz sh!tburgers blog called pop magically delicious Taschen boutique aesthetics arrete.

For now, the .do it iCan haz pop-magic restitute Taschen boutique et cie finery aesthetics arrete have srsly GTD needs-to ADHD multi-tasking regressive therapy blog.

For now, the iGeneration's aesthetics-arrete have a visionary tech lifestyle blog

For now, the tech lifestyle blog slash pigeon-racing heartfelt affections-as-towards 12-steps meetings

For now, the tech lifestyle blog iGeneration's

For now, the tech lifestyle blog of the as-of to speak of, as if *quotation marks regression recursive post hoc .developer scrum slight niche status-bearing have an internet 1.0 can haz blog

For now, the ambitious one-stop

For the aesthetics arrete of the...


- Several individuals, some of them serious, some of them not; the theme, throughout, though, was that it was a keynote speech-to-speak-of coffee-table banter-type stuff.

Recent iPad illustrative ink brush renderings and great scene photography of pigeons out by the California African American Museum by Exposition Park, USC, and the [Science Foundation] (I guess; off-hand guess). Great Overexposure Southwestern Thematic-type LUTs, for photogs, colorists.

Wednesday, June 13

Possibly important news; lots went on since last post.

I believe that I started writing this following information some time around the past weekend's beginning, or so. The writings are factual as experienced by me, Jay Ammon.

-I'm being stalked by Brian Michaud early a.m. David Yang stayed up all night to lead him on in being profiled by me (forensically profiled for intelligence).

- Micah Goldberg / Electric of 9Electric is claiming to be a military leader. He's seeking violent assistance help from one of my nearby neighbors, conjecturally.

- That person spoke to me; ( possibly) he's somewhat of a hands-off of involving him on Micah's basis, he's generally very stable and I don't believe I offended him much.

- These guys are claiming that they "go to" the aforementioned guy, and, that being a posteriori knowledge and somewhat in suggestive notion that my life would be plotted out to get involved with the guy/home which deals in methamphetamine. There seems to be a stark divide between blakcs and whites there. The operation seems run fairly with heart on it's sleeve; I don't assume that there were specific problems with me, in particular, but the problems around me are apparently dragging him in to it, according to discussions from last night.  Some conversation as towards that they are involved in assisting a variety of people but perhaps simply as knee-jerk anecdotal semiotics that slight to appeal me *(sic).

- I'm being script-framed in writing, somewhat.

- The guy told me to never come back. I was a bit thought-pondering about on the subject, but within minutes I decided that I can't possibly be a false person towards an establishment's behind-closed-doors, personable and well treatment.

- There was a guy who came over the other day as a homosexual, then he returned, he ended up stealing my iPad Air.

There's some threats of looming civilian raid violence; I'm of disbelief as towards being fearful, regardless. (later on, on Saturday, this past week, I had come outside as a fearful Christian).

- Jaclyn Freckmann is stalking me.

- The young lady Lindsay who brought me to my home is being targeted by stalkers; all this is happening possibly concomitantly as updates that I get, as well as she.

- I hear voices outdoors as well as various other ambiance, at times; my take is that it's via discrete channels as ad hoc per relevance or selectivity.

- I established an early a.m. virtuous persona as a Christian, and as an honest person. The oppositional individuals promised a limitless future of torment.

- There's a huge debacle about me getting my place clean; this being after 5 complete months here.

- Some of my script framing had been broadcast as fodder for depraved individuals, for the aspect of sadistic pleasure as towards causing stress for a person who is trying to be well and drug free.

- The sky here has changed to a high exposure nuclear wavelength and gravitational magnetic (sometimes) notably so. There are a lot of acutely strange traffic incidences and flows. (They) sic claim that West Hollywood had been flooded with traffic; the sheriff's station was being held up, and it's my fault or responsibility. Somewhat suggestibly Navy rail gun.

- People claiming to be marines are stalking me. Russell Duncan, Vincent Viramontes, Chris Viramontes.

- Solomon Leyva came into my apartment and now claims to be XV3 and I recognized his writing *scriptframe in one of the graffiti tags in my grid technical art notebook; I didn't off-hand, prior to this, feel that racist-bias should be a considerable thing to deal with, but it's happening a lot over here; they're sometimes particularly staged incidents around the CMHP building and a social work basis.

- Brian Michaud claimed that I couldn't be acceptable in society as a fashionable and had-been, as complimented, considered handsome in a couple of cases.

- My brother possibly infiltrated my parents' home and they demand torture on video. My mother had claimed that the stalkers are all child-molester-willing and admittedly depraved subjects.

- Yesterday, some acute intrigue as twoards "ballsack on blast" as a basis for establishing depravity. I was honest about it; it's framed to suit obviously unwanted and uncharacteristic regressive themes. The social work establishment is largely using me, figuratively, and literally, as a kiosk-stalking walk-up subject. I'm ad hoc, as needed, pro-sociable; perhaps sometimes not maliciously targeted, but framing of timing decrees perhaps "I ought to." Second-person impersonation imitation from a concurrent or prior years and generations of lifestyle/lifetime personas dating back to K-12.

- As of early a.m., I have no affectionate or reciprocally supported drug dealers; my mental health provider had ... (something) ... not sure, yet (okay) I decided that they are not doing ethical work; I need to file grievances. They claim, and as well other oppositional individuals, that I lived a life too well to be appreciable meanwhile, I was a pre-age-30 schizophrenic being stalked by people involved.

Friday, June 8

Nuclear evolutionary establishments abound in pigeons underneath the jet stream

Can these sidewalk pigeons smell better now? It seems like they sniff around like dogs. The dark German Shepherd-like dog was out prolifically last night; he checked on me so constituently faithfully as the narrative in my head told thereof. It was so exciting, somewhat frightening; to be at the center of some happening in establishment; and the consequences were inexplicable in scale, for a pigeon lover. On some hand, finding a huge box and bag full of bright ladies' stylistic-aesthetics-clothing stuff was amazing, but wearing it out while risking my balls on blast way beyond valid scope that I'd accustomed to; as towards balls on blast discussion, it was getting old. I'm off hand a bit serious whereas most people seem to take it as a joke. It was, in a real sense; a frightfully toyed-about concept. It baffles my mind, absolutely.

I'm trying to maintain my straight vision and sensible-bounds-keep-self aptitude about me, as a complete amateur in what exactly I was doing; I wasn't sure about it much at all, to begin with, to be honest. Turns out that I had inadvertently established some sort of ionic mineral water content that is valuable in nuclear jet stream physics. As the narrative developed, I nervously followed orders and it was kinda sorta whoa, okay, that's a lot of uhh, uncommon stress and purported responsibility to pull it off properly. As a concomitant comprehensive hindsight exercise, it was, in effect, some yellowish, urine-like, yet tasteless fluid. "They" told me that it was kerosene developing, and then there was a drama involving some guys I had been hanging out with previously, and I had to arrange a bag to assist in someone's escape route. I added Tide Fresh and Clean. Popped up on a Hispanic TV Novelas / Vanidades magazine cover as a doppelganger, they said I was using cocaine. I was trying to do better, I would explain; all the time. I'm not an unfeeling person. The silliness of the drama is affecting my performance, and I'm generally one of the top minds in discussion, as far as people I've known. I'm not really trying to help out; I'm trying to get my place clean already, it's been 5 complete months, and there's dirt all over the floor. My spiritual mentor as a physical being-representative person-in life; I dunno. I don't even really talk to him, in a sense; there's a chance I might get some strange takes on stuff I consider standard, for me.

I hope I did alright; I'm a bit scared as towards fitting in and doing things alright. I am dressed like a girl, and that in and of itself could be a seriously knee-jerk basis to take on popping up unexpectedly on late night way new stuff going on, like they caught me acting childish. In general, though, no. I've been pretty hop-to-it with the trying-to-get serious, and then my iPad got taken, and then I found out I'm dragged in to part of this drama of other nations-as-well sorts of stuff.

They tell me I'm aught to take off on a plane; perhaps it'll be so. I've got to pack. Maybe just as a perhaps, though. I might be getting "punked" like they expected better of the standard. There was some talk up of Taco Bell having had some strange basis in my life; such that I am CEO of the company - quotables. I did find a Taco Bell Women's shirt, but that was with the rest of the clothes. I'm not considering that end, on any reasonable basis I can talk up some viable sustainable support mechanism as towards.

Phew. Time's up at the Mark Twain Library in South LA for this session.

Saturday, June 2

Cute iOS App Crushes for The Professionally Considerate iPad ❤️’ers Graphic Design GFX Mock-up « Whatever » Gig-pay Artisan of iPad au jour Denizenry [Draft]

Cute iOS App Crushes for The Professionally Considerate iPad ❤️’ers Graphic Design GFX 
Mock-up « Whatever » 
Gig-pay Artisan of iPad au jour Denizenry

an Enterprise Grandiosity Psychologically-post-Freudian Public Persona Facial Wherewithal Astute Typology; Sex-Offender Jaunt Trifles None-wha-huh-who?
None Whatsoever Typology.

Nuclear-Identity Periphery Proximity Marketing Radiation-Gamma-Sustainable Watershed Persona Development Cycle Persona - Standard Boundaries, for Aesthetics Finery of the Humanities. 

That being said, this article is the hand-over-hand-in-hand true iPad blog-lifestyle of tech-dieter crash-food craze asifever... 🙄 then, (perhaps, over time, etc. exigencies of outcomes, given valid jaunted buntiglios of shitsicles, various counting schemes; definite facie-selfie « check-its » valid sober stance mirror moments - for heterosexuality, at the forefront of the jaunt-stated purpose. 

That being said, this content has been cleared by the most already-watershed graphics-design-of-iOS iPad srsly non-fuckin’ aficionados stance of valid prêt-pelletier no-ass glance back at y’a sideways about letting a fart out, this one’s definitely tissue-stuffed fart-leisurely passable recreation for both genders.

That being the case, as it were, I worry much less about « if I’m offensive » about fletching my ass-happenstance in valid Christian shamefulness, unh-uhh, now I am free to do about iOS App Store perusal as a valid supporter of the corporate capitalist trifling-jibs one-off marketing outpost that is as is such: the iOS iTunes App Store, of such happenstance-also recursive exigent drama; yet some people jaunt pigeons, and that’s where I lay my clutch: the lil’ darling aficionado love-cycling relationship of the validly iPad-as-stated aficionado lore culture: it’s valid, without yet as much as I did that okay happenstance wherewithal of a perhaps had-had-to « needs-be » non-concomitant avec les offrent d’leurs sexualities, to be as so much French as have-happenstance wherewithal:

All government organization ligature psychological babble aside: what more could they do to stop people from jaunting no « fingernails no more » jaunt shitzi-tiglios way more jaunted than frostbite lately; it’s June 2nd already in some places, according to as-happened to be Cupertino Time Zone mock-up map-mapping AR-arbitrary-of mapping augmented-reality have-happenstance wherewithal: continuing among the classical traditions of humanities and science; mathematics, etc. 

[Euclid’s 13 Books of the Elements gave way to hundreds upon dozens, at least; of proper taskmanship artisan roles for academically-inclined finery] or constructively somewhat « at least » valid basis foundations for the algorithmic ML and Data Visualization Aesthetics establishments that some of the more handiwork-vested infographies of naturally sustainable recursive developments, to speak of, etcetera. 

Orthographic projections of engineering industries planar views and proportional dynamic dimensional physics rendering is still in development as a macro and micro science in art aesthetics, to this day. 

The app production development teams on these curated selections of a project of open-source common stance; buy from the App Store; get superior choice and capabilities in iOS mobile graphic design, in comparison to jailbreaking personas that are so commonly a « stated jaunt Tweaker trifle », in French brackets for quotations, as according to the AZERTY standard; for me, it’s an iPad thing. 

Get a good 2013 or later model iPad Air or better, big screen is good; and 128 GB of storage. That’s what I’m running, for $175 off of craigslist, from the computers and tech section. I live in Los Angeles; I’m perhaps somewhat fortunate, comparatively. 

Make it a jaunt athleisurely lifestyle-destination vacation and wash up here as a gutter dump transvestite drug-seeking demographic from out where you came from. (I’ll leave my door open and a pair of good-‘nough panties in a pile of crap in my closet for when I’m out jaunting: about town...) for the hapless street-dwelling serious needs-for-an-iPad « of blog lifestyle » aficionado stated stance: you can check my latest facile-selfie - it’s clear. 


Just don’t let me catch you smoking drugs in my place: there’s families around, and I’m running a pigeon institute, here. The closet check-status persona hamster wheel mock-up au jour is to die for: just a 90 block walk from DTLA. No franchise or co-location network PrimeTime mockery of a valid shortcoming: a jaunted ass panties-aficionado-stated ass gutta-ass lifestyle, you find yourself; have at it, just no weird shit, and no noise. No smoking the drugs, either; some people don’t believe it when they hear it, but trust me: I totally did one-off trifling entrepreneurial mock-up narcissistic outstanding achiever; perhaps as such as « I do my own 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico » establishment finery coterie au jour (somewhat of the belief that that’s about fine cuts of meat: and that’s what you get here - a jaunt trifling « more than you asked for, better than you could expect » as far as psychologically forensics talk-of-the-Town, slight celebrities, they’ll make you, for a jaunted-AF valid corner Olde English 800 stance on the subject - with valid oversight from professionals, distanced somewhat and enough (sic). 

That being said, all things aside: I assume all things Christian and good-natured in mankind; you might deny a valid pantries-aficionado stance-stated jaunted needs-to-have-besides drug-abuse recovery stance, but some people think that I just talk up a pigeon carnival wherewithal iPigeon finery talk; I’ve got some ionic minerals and M! Scaling at the Computer iOS App Store aficionado iTunes welfare-recipient chipping-away-at-it: yet even more iPad validly development scrum 2nd glance have-you on technology diet: eating pronz off the hibachi ain’t goin’ down like that all the time. A mock-up tranny to-speak-of hamster wheel persona theme park is have-at-it: 

The 3 hour video is coming: the mixes etc. need to be attenuated, and then, in measures: reintroduced as valid semantics for fodder iPigeon Carnival app enterprise institute speak-of you find me: I was mumbling, true; but this is my breakout on-camera persona, and, oh - the visuals! I almost forgot about the representation of a valid tech diet basis jaunt-level depravity standards development narcissist stance on development: blog. Dot dot dot... how bout you? The ever-sociable « just-good » dog, as Jim used to say. He’s just a good dog.

Now: we do I. 

Now, we do pigeons. Me, as in I, as of we. Validly précédent in the .com of iPigeon branding ad marketing; it’s got all the valid makings of a serious adulting-validly stance on a life’s formative aspects: orthographically sound; we do leans, do fletch, do jaunted AF trifling through the gutters for some just perhaps findings, to-do.

Regardless of all that, some people will simply just not do anything at all, by standards and measures, and thus take on a valid sexual identity depravity personality disorder mock-up water cooler « as-if » this is post coffee-shop beverage patron status du jour iPigeon linguistics fan: if anything, make it a caramel Frappuccino, extra caramel. Mmm... 

That being the basis of a jaunt mock-up persona campaign, all kinds of jaunt-oppositional demographics: for antériorité French momentous-of-novelties « finds-you » or others; I don’t get into that kind of nomenclature discussion to cast dispersions thereafter; I also so many things about life everything, in fact; yet some people - constituently sex offender, aside from all that, simply Freudian identity shortcoming happenstance mock-up speak-of, as a once-off, for some people. 

For some people, it passes. For others, it’s butterknifes out the grocery store for a pigeon-waffles young-enterprise carnival institute aesthetics auteur - as if it wasn’t also of valid armed forces to-speak-of folk nomenclature finery establishment talk-up, of caretakers, nonetheless, of the finery establishment such as iPigeon institute. 

All sorts of folklore nomenclature talk up of pigeons, to speak of. Some people take it differently.

Needless to say; I felt that the pigeons deserved an au jour grandiose des les française petit ecouterie Jean-blanc mock-up peasantry faire take on aesthetics of pigeons, as illustrative subjects, thus leading towards all sorts of thousands of words as towards non-Freudian shortcomings personalities typos and oppositional lean-to’s; as if the jaunted buntiglios lean status-stance knees-crumbling take on the subject was poor happenstance strange now enemy combatant black militant site - developing around me validly; and it’s public relations - I do talk-ups dès leurs, and I dunno 🤷‍♂️ 🤷🏾‍♀️ emojis of linguistic forthright bonjour-ing locality Apple proximity protocol networking also, how brand-marketing psychological... 


But seriously, cut it out on the Freudian slips. I wear females’ clothes, and it’s sometimes an issue, but I do validly 12 steps recovery. All things in substantiation to fletch, if you will: a pigeon racing-birds specialist

First off;

Second of all,

First of all. Some people change the subject from pigeons. Without any aficionado or love for the birds. It’s stated-as the biggest mistake of any man’s life, time in, and time again. 

Whereas some people...

Is this departure into a moment way more summer breeze casuals pussy of finery jaunt-buntiglios undoing of American standards: cleanliness, and then bleh... some people speak of strange and un-Christianly things. 🤷‍♂️ then I see such things in such plain sober view. Etc.

That being said, the affinity for an avid graphics-design artisan stewardship young jaunted as-classic as-Folger’s: how standard American AF is a kidney disorder? Trite shitsicles for the have-bits of coffee-STRf#ckerstry, I do Frappuccinos, grande, extra caramel, by the way, and you can find me in adult themes if necessary, as well. All within standards-ordinance of wow: someday soon, I’ll post the 3 hour video: 

Of a pigeon-fletch jaunt demographic; all sorts of Euclidean arrêter aesthetics are rawr-rawr-rawr-rawr... some people disparage the cute.

That being said: here’s the breakdown of several of my workflow aspirational attainments and tools of des leurs: the ones who do graphic design aesthetically « okay, I’m a narcissist » stance on some things, then they make it even worse, etc. Lifestyle blog tech diet aficionado relationships folklorist valid « blog ». I do blog valid leisure writing gigs-free: for tech-diet non-smoker demographics of tech diet aesthete, then I talk up a pigeon carnival institute enterprise, over waffles: standard as the liturgy - waffles, ... ehhh, I spoke of them already. The pigeon waffles.


Okay. The list.

Jay is a demographic for valid web standards arrête aux jours of a mock-up European Early Modern Period Aesthetic and Forensics watershed establishment in civilian society: he do’s why we have tables and anti-psychotic medications prescribed to us, as « standards committees. »

UI/UX design-standards-depravity model aesthetics, yet this one’s about iconic app icon vectorization workflow and novel endowments as towards highly beyond-aficionado STRf#cker TMZ mock-ups of tabloïds réputé: thèse are valid needs-to French-stated basis aesthetics about it: an aux jours des leurs: the home exhibition re-artisanship process, in digital form, in various aptitudes as of to speak of, such as to not become -as irrelevant. So many wordplay and valid ulterior motivés to an iOS love relationship debacle for the « athleisure », yet Nikes regardless and sometimes - the jaunt gets way speculative about body aesthetic OTG like, you know - carefully aromatherapeutics applied constituent happenstance speak of, that I do.

Some serious jaunt mobile-device athleisure-stated purpose; a stub -in-development WebApp UI StetsonAF mock-up of what’s to come. Some praise in tech-dieting lifestyle of Apple Developer iOS 11.3.1 hidden gems of Buffing-up the Core iOS features.

just really quick because m’huh 
fu Fuh Fuh Fu Fu
$ck boy boy tas tic 
cla cla cla classic 

Okay. But for real ass-fashionable real Los Angeles digs into fu fuh boy oy as tastic srsly gutter-searching shameless slütél, « awwr-r8í-rawr-rãwr » supposing the finest of fu fuh #ck boy tah ahh tastic Las Los Angeles finery suppositious like I’m on an iPad with it, too (of all things); then: you’d be pretty jaunted a hey-hole rawrr blarney of all Ireland Switzerland:beyond - the swooping valleys of the such-as mock-up French « awr-rawrr-rawrr...? » regions? 

Fu fu#ck yeah ... ?

We di they do they slütél, awr-wrií-ihh-wrawr-rawr-rawrr... like a doggy, but a real Trixie golden poodle dog pony homie-like - 

Just searching for jaunt-buntiglio-trifling shitsicles upon the gutter alley maybe something awr-rawr-rawrr...

Somebody threw something interesting in the gutter away just to has none, he don’t need it, or she.. ?

Kinda ...

The real meat to the purpose of life’s jaunted-slight-finery mock-up jibs of travelüst au jour, bwhaa whaa (muted trumpets aux plungers) sound effects lifestyles so blazin’ night life: like a cigarette butt on the floor - a menthol, some hits left; fresh one. Stuff like that separates many men from the animals: a jaunt trifling novel muses of trash land:Los Angeles, or even more uptight,

« you want it » 

- bitchazzness about it, 

s’il vous plaît 


Uhh, cuz I’m on iPad? 


For the already adopting now-5th Generation pretty good deal iPads, of even standard rebuke - 

of a such slight slütél triste aficionado jaunted mock-up slight demographic: for aesthetics, like a night owl - valid slütél, like it’s « exotic » and then I fuckin’ shit... but it’s just clear liquid warmth buntiglios-trïstés ooppsie? WGAF...? ... kinda aesthetics? It doesn’t smell, it’s just trïstè bistek au jus trifle, it’s shitsicles, but not even, like « it’s not fuckin’ » au tripe bbq Texas doin’ it big, goin’ down barbecue shit up in this one...? 

Enough to not get the shit beat out yourself as that much to talk about...? 

Ho’ kay, that’s a validly cla cla cla Classic Los Angeles jaunt, for the folklore establishment how he wherewithal establishment trifling tiglios shitzipunzappios tristicles tri-tips aficionados, as such, yet this one not no suckin’ dick unh-uhh, only the buntiglioshitipanzappos discarded tobacco of finery mock-up trifling scrum jaunted aficionados-of 

-« jibs » 

discarded tobacco trifling mock-up suppositions personas-aux-Jücé, like it’s Silicon Valley Beach bon-bon-bon-Tuesday... gonna jaunt triste aux Täschen pop-organizational physique mock-aesthetics auteur, like I don’t know no any better; sah’ flëéqué, par auy tantôt, dès les chambrés, et cíe, mon amís, et je frais, dans l’ecouter rumpûs, fweeqy schqueaky clean, fuh-uh fuxit? Can haz? But no, not valid slütél, like the classical era, « Early Modern Period », of heritage mock-ups, to speak of. 

You think you would know, but the Freudian slips just come ass-ass-as-how-has-you...?

Fu fuh #ck boy tas tastic cla cla cla cla Classic...

For a jaunt...?

Like that and the even the guys will get ‘spicious of how come how do he concomitant wherewithal, such mock-ups of luxuries, by trifles, he’s jaunting AF on buntiglios...? 

Like, for realz...

But the valid point, is the concomitant constituting mock-ups of trifles-of-jibs: the fletch post-cathartic suppositious fuckboy-cath-leisure of the « almost », but don’t trifle my dick it’s already good enough, kinda but, uh, okay... kinda fucksicles about the dick-situations as have you, some people. 

But I just silly fuck-them-all, 

valid slütél

on a lean,


Fu fuh #ck boy tas tastic cla cla cla cla Classic ass gentleman’s jaunt, for trifles...? That’s way on barbecue ribs supposedly dinner...

Yet, pigeon waffles...? 

For a frenchman’ suppositiously apostrophe fletcher du jour, out the arboles d’arboretum, all classical lineage patrons aux jour, 

Yet for some demographics, 

It’s end of the month jibs in the gutter, for jaunt buntiglios trifles of shiny-things wherewithal lore, of early a.m. repute.

But first of all 
Second of all

The visual happenstance coteries-finesses of such a pigeons-chez carnivaleure, du jour, mock-ups of trifles:

It’s gotta look as good as it sucks it sounds -

That’s a Freudian slip around me, ugh-unh. None of that actin’off bell-curve deep-breaths about « it’s playing it off », {not me}, but no, 

I don’t jaunt ass-buntigliopanzo-bunshitzipazowwowahzhitzicopernicov, no, you’d have me slightly mistaken for a valid whore. 

The visuals charcuterie wherewithal rawr-rawr...? Slight; of finery: stance on what much it to’s happened to coming-upon: of valid iOS 11.3.1 tech diet aficionados athleisure of coffee shop writer boy-tastic... or a girl, if need be, I suppose, as also well ‘posedly. 

Suppose le lycée français is for validly only Century City denizens, and then « only maybe »

Such au jour freudien slip-ups just never pass by myself, commonly, so mock-up trifling yet:

The mock-up personas -

How could you? Of memes, now emojis: 

So of iOS 2 years ago 2015 heraldry developer-frenzy-which fuckboy which...? 

Why yes, I think I might, wherewithal happenstance fu fu#c’ boy tas tastic cla cla cla cla classic - jaunt...

Just a bit in ex-girlfriend’s clothing-curated 

« -of-trash-dumps, »

It’s so such as of ohh-kay, valid lifestyle blog about feminism valid happenstance visibly mock-up the d’entente - dès-entendres...? Amidst a Germany of classically wherewithal early modern period mock-ups of finery, and nothing but that...? That’s how dry my asshole is, for any good for the forthcoming: it’s status has have had had happened, cuz: 

That’s the mock-up persona; jaunt, as if in valid exigency definery international phonetics buntiglios- « shappos »

That’s the life: the hidden accessibility features for the as-such trifling aficionado of all wherewithal lamplight - by lamplight trifling gutter scrum fletch pigeon aficionados-as-happenstance mock-up to-be? 

For a finery jaunted athleisure-ficionado of the tech diet modern personas-of-trifles aesthetes, à tête à tête...? 

It’s not all mocked-up « just shit myself tryna » validly French estudierie bon soir, 

But for as French of Los Angeles you might be, regardless of how shitsicles find-you you find you pass shitsicles and it passes, 

That’s just rare... for a guy like me. Don’t get me wrong. I piss in the streets like a fletch dumpster-trash-eating bum. It’s so au jour, like the pigeons-videos; I try to capture them candid, in their frenzies-of-waffles-lore, with valid butter and syrup - and now: eve with marshmallow crème out the tub, and peanut butter, just like George Washington Carver, and you can bet, I’m not the one who starved her, the daughter: it’s all French peasantry gallon-of-milk countryside mock-up persona adulthood valid « stance », no bullshit about how dick my bigness, whatever. It’s dick. 

Don’t wanna ice it, I’ll handle my darn self - like I said: I’m a valid Christian. 

But sometimes, the jaunted buntiglios-happenstance mock-ups of former molesters of homosexual fare, as of parity... 

How could you...?


That’s all sorts of self-sustainable enterprising aesthetic propositional cultivar of finery, et cie: the valid top-level domain happenstance Fred {Melrose, on Broadway; now something else I can’t remember any more}; the nomenclature of ligature suppositious jaunt: aux ho-ho-jours the trifling-be-jaunt.

But the hidden iOS 11.3.1 accessibility newbies of way-more valid stance: this one - for mental health prosciutto-stivery coterie-pop-magic boutique, but that was last week. 

This week? It’s making do with the valid propositional stance that « I am we, we are big boys, jaunted AF buntiglios shitsicles trifles, of late night aux jour, and we need to make amends of ourselves: the iPad was not meant for porn; you remember the heraldry of valid golden-age aesthetics-developer that produced {some} valid graphic design professionals of the iOS age-era » 

The validly post-Freudian stoicism, of classicism lineage graphic-design mock-up personas, to has have you had happened was people, of « no fucking everyone in sight, and how come...? » 

Post Freudian era conversationalists. Some people talk up an O.J. footballer’s aficionado, à slight one. I, of one person alone, did that as well, just the other week, to valid of suppositious depravities prior to shitsicles mock-up « whatever » persona; even Elon Musk, who famously decried, no « whatever » in enterprise modern mind attitude talk-up persona... 💁🏻‍♂️🧐🤔

That was then... of whatever. This is a validly new age, of constituency mock-up app-enterprise iOS jaunting of valid trefoil finery shinery wah-wah-wah-wahhh... and not like it’s chafing and lotioned-up 3 days now 

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