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Thursday, September 19

I'm being involuntarily hospitalized - possible foul play due to stalking and malpractice.

I think that my doctor's team is psychotic for some kind of bounty. I've been being stalked by my neighbors, who have kids, and they abuse them, and I feel like my social worker at The People Concern, Sarah Huizenga, is somewhat in the middle of a messy situation, with

Alexis Orens
600 S. St. Paul, 90017

and some guy named Lionel « Jackson », (sounds shifty), who looks like a Muslim, twisting her arm, perhaps. I have appointments with Sarah on Thursdays and I ended up being upended for no particular reason. I got taken in to LAC/USC. It's the Telecare doctor's school or attendance; perhaps relevant, and they complain about me being on social media and speaking out about the oppressions being lodged at me. 

Please help if you can, send me your prayers, and speak on my behalf, if possible. The last time I got taken in, my entire months and months worth of laboring work was ransacked from my apartment; an insult and injury I have still not financially recovered from. I feel like my apartment is at risk for a significant robbery. Fat people are at issue, here, as the possible and | or probable culprits; "Alexis" has been complaining in my head, as a stalker, as well as simply falsely-claimant social worker, from what I had heard of her, in that she claims that I "probably think that she's just a fat bitch," (sic).

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