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Thursday, January 30

Puff Bars are my favs in e-cig flavors.

Just Puff Bars, for Pinterest.

Check out my more fully-featured product comparison article here.

The Suorin Drop flavored nicotine salts and juices inhaler. Versus [comparison] Fuchai 200W | Puff Bar e-cigarettes.

The Suorin Drop nicotine inhaler is an attractive rechargeable nicotine inhaler.

The Suorin Drop Nicotine juice inhaler by Shenzen Bluemark Technology comes with a USB cable, package inserts, quality certification, and, of course, the Suorin Drop 2-piece body: one piece is the battery, USB port, and I/O juice charger; the other is the juice receptacle with a wick for the juices, an airhole, and the other end of the I/O charge pins 
The Suorin Drop hits pretty smoothly with a puff-puff sort of suction intake. I went to several stores around the DTLA area after I became fascinated, once again, with nicotine inhalers after I had found and lost one over the previous several days at the beginning of the month; and, as well, while undergoing midsummer shopping-haul shipping mania; whereas I think that shops had been doing an alternate Black Friday set of deals for faithful customers. 

I also (luckily) received an in-line (while checking out; that is), of a genuine Apple iPad Smart Cover from a very nice lady who noticed that I was having some trouble with getting my PIN number to work during the transaction. 

The lady who offered (and succeeded in offering), to extend a helping hand in my Target purchase paid only $11.00 plus tax for this iPad Smart Cover case. It was $39.99 originally.

I stayed the night in Pasadena (ostensibly probably Blogging, as well), and the next morning I came across a Targus tough shell iPad case, as well.

It was going down, at Target, on this Sunday night (July 26th, 2019), as far as spectacular sales prices on Apple products. The deals weren't listed online, and they weren't taking rain checks. 

That being said, I've still to unravel the debacle of not having my ID to pick up the next weeks' deal, which was an iPad for $249.99; down from $329.99 MSRP. 

Short of that, I don't quite look too young to purchase a nicotine inhaler; the Suorin Drop, which I had found, previously, around the USC area during some of my trash dive hauls in fortunate times of luck, or by considerate design, [as, it turns out, oftentimes, it seems], in that it feels like people leave out considerate trash dive "hauls" of cool stuff, such as a trial previous Suorin Drop and juice container (separately, though). Persistence and perseverance had paid off in finding a new favorite nicotine inhaler solution. 

I got juices and the Suorin Drop for $50 in Skid Row's tobacco and smoke shop specialty district around 3rd at San Pedro. I'll have to find the name of the store. The man was nice enough to accommodate my budget.

Cirque du Salt Strawberry-flavored nicotine salts juice.

Updates: regarding trash-dove’n gained nicotine (e-cigarette) inhalers. [It's about time]. 

The latest craze around the University of Southern California | discarded e-cigarette | trash-diving context is the über-stylish and compact Puff Bar, which is obviously any one of the four rectangular e-cigs pictured above. These nicotine inhalers really haven't been beat, in my experience, as far as flavor. Their "ice" flavored varieties, such as Banana Ice, Peach Ice, and the Cool Mint one, for that matter, are truly icy-cold puffs of flavored nicotine. My favorite, so far, has been Lychee Ice. 

 The big-hitting Fuchai-200W variable wattage nicotine inhaler. Many people have seen them. The guys who effortly blow massive clouds of nicotine juice vape outside, while non-partakers figure that they could blow a cloud that big, if they only but tried. 

I found this one on a trash dive today, out in Silverlake. It was perhaps intentionally discarded, as I checked out the internals and I/Os about it, and it's a non-recharchagable, special battery-powered unit. I was determined to find some batteries for it, the same night, and see it working, despite the fact that it had been dropped in water, and the batteries inside it had become rusted (not corroded, though). I trekked out to Hollywood Blvd., since the stores around Skid Row are 9-5 type shops, wholesale, that kind of thing, for the most part. Thankfully, I happen to look like a guy who can finagle a mark-down, just on account of my apparent visual poverty. The first guy who had the batteries was trying to do them for $15 a piece - an unfair attempt at markup, based on the prices I'd seen online for the batteries. I managed to wrangle the second vendor in on the notion that I was making him a sale, of perhaps "just sitting there" inventory. He had a lower starting price to begin with, - $20 for two (the thing requires two batteries), and I had $14. It was a done deal. He told me not to push the button and try it, before I got any juice in it, but when I got home and tried the thing out, it was a blessed power-hitting, cloud-blowing massive one, just like imaginably. A person could probably be gross and stick alternative choice materials in the juice container, but I'd think that that would become objectively distasteful. I'll stick with the nicotine juice. 

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