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Wednesday, May 4

How to compose a proper personals and classifieds ad for success.

Last night, I wound up nearly accepting a “hang out” offer, from some guy that sat near me on the train home from Santa Monica. 

The first premise, at issue, here, is that I generally take issue with “guys” and “hanging out,” somewhat as a flat-out decree, being that people who pay attention to me, personally, and as a person - generally, (post-university years, especially) are the types of people who failed at school, they have nothing to do except bet on that I’d be an unrelenting gay hooker, and they sit around, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, laughing amongst themselves with a notion as trivially slight as that, and some forces of networking and psychology get put out, on the loose, and eventually - the victim of such intentions having played out, in life, become the rhetoric upon which demographic typologies are forged, and a litany of followers ensue - as casual stalkers, out on the streets, somehow - “just” how, I’ve never bothered to figure out, but people wound up treating me a little bit differently, today; some guys, for example, and they greeted me, whereas more commonly, it’s typical for people to ignore me, out on the streets. It hadn’t always been like this, I can recall. Here and there, I recall a time, yet not the place, off-hand, where people would greet each other,, much more commonly than we do, in these times. On one hand, Covid-19 caused us to be conditioned for social distancing to have become the standard. The anarchists rebelled against this sort of premise, and they proceeded onward with assaults upon people’s personal and private spaces alike, and even more people than ever started finding ways in which they could keep to themselves, or gather in more exclusive circles than ever - I, for one, being particularly isolated; introverted, by nature, that is, to say, couldn’t possibly suit the sort of personality type discussed in articles that featured accounts of discrete Covid-19 circles being established - I’m a bum; a pigeon-feeding bum, as my most prominent sort of bum, and it’s generally taboo for people of the middle or upper classes to associate with a bum, by and large, although here and there, small tokens of acknowledgment are witnessed, such as considerate food or drink offerings are left out, and, in many cases - recyclables are left out. It’s suggestive of that people would like to see a working person, as well as a hungry person, out of the sort of people who have wound up at the end of their rope, in life - so to speak, and who else, but an otherwise unhoused person would have to seek out novel accommodations of food and general interests? For one, a stalking victim would have to, a knave, a mentally I’ll person, here and there - a few, or several types, that is to say. People who were observing me, earlier today, noticed that I was acting out imprints of having been a bum, whereas I had just secured confirmation of that I had a promising serendipitous moment happen for me, in finding a client for my gardening services offer, which I’d put up on craigslist, the other day. My budget is tight, but it’s only $5 for a services ad, and I figure that craigslist features a rich trawl of both interested, as well as valid - employers, for jobs, big and small, as well as clients of all sorts - I’ve personally landed several thousand craigslist gigs, to be sure.

Historically, craigslist had been acknowledged as one of the Big 5, of the internet - inclusive of Google, Apple, Microsoft, hmm… I don’t remember the other one, but craigslist had been notably mentioned, in my encounters with content, on the internet, of having that distinction. Today, it apparently stands in the top 20 - not bad.

Thursday, February 18

How to Actively Leverage your Money and Investments using the International Currency Exchange (Forex).

Having some extra money, as a windfall of this stimulus economy, here in America, suits a conservative financial outlook for us, as beneficiaries of the stimulus packages which have been made available to us, of which our primary budgeting aspirations and material needs have been met, despite some hardships incurred, in the interim.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has seen significant fallout, with major and upstart news media up in arms, as we attempt to grasp the totality and extents of this global disaster. Now that vaccinations are largely underway, there is a sign of a light at the end of the tunnel; one which will see us through to the new normal, in society, whereas much has shifted, it seems, as far as political milestones have been met, after some upheavals and dramatics, of the foray of things, as they were. 

Many of us had fallen to some of our most financially destitute lows, with employment prospects, although viably within visibility, for the sake of local and online communities such as craigslist, which I hold as one of my standing favorites, as a go-to, for gig work, of the technical and creative job industries, as well as for quick sales or purchases of extraneous electronics and tech devices, of which a person can make a quick cash or electronic funds transfer sale, while closing the sale within hours of posting an ad, all within the local community at large; here, within the craigslist context, the site is arranged by counties, of the states in which we reside. 

As such that craigslist is an online community, of the purpose of trading hard goods, procuring services, listing housing want ads, or offerings, etc., each transaction is ostensibly said and done, once the agreement has been met, and the transaction completed. The limitations of economy, as per se, that a transaction « can » be completed, are set forth in simple terms - a person either does or does not succeed in engaging in commerce, service, or trade, as a buyer, seller, worker, or employer, and the viability of the commerce, at the point of staging the transaction, is something that is leveraged upon the durability of the slight contract, at hand: a sale of an Apple product, which is perhaps the most popular sort of "computers and tech" or "electronics" section, and particularly if the item is sold for below fair and reasonable market price, is sure to attract quick commerce and exchange. Gigs posted in the various sections of the site will attract easily 10 candidates, with a posting cost of $5.00, I believe. As far as jobs and housing, I haven't personally posted in these sections in craigslist, so I won't speculate on the successes or metrics involved in engaging with customers or consumers, in those facets of the website. 

The point is, is that there's a limitation to the extents of commerce possible in dealing with and in developing any sort of ongoing cottage industry, which, (although), would be a quite lucrative and exciting self-employment job commodity to land and stage production and work execution deployments of small scale. All of this is possible, on a local classifieds listing site basis such that is seen on craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. A more entrepreneurially marketable mid-to-long term investment of skill sets and dedication to a cause, along these measures, would suppose that a dedicated e-commerce brand be established and purpose-led products and services be offered on a social entrepreneurship site, such as Etsy, or social media marketing slant of account basis in a site such as Instagram or Pinterest. The world of small business and startup marketing is a vast pitch, out to the ocean of the internet, at large, or social media, as it were, as for a more targeted approach. Here, on, for example, I have a brand that's stood, in establishment, on the web, going on since April of 2018, nearly three complete years, at this point. I've got a steady readership, yet distribution is largely contingent upon advertising the site's content publications on other social media sites, such as Twitter (with content publishing monetization through Google's AdSense, as the financial basis, at this point). Selling products is a tough sell, with readership loyalty and fan basis largely unknown, and not ventured much, as far as my expertise; although the tools do exist, with Google's Marketing Platform. 

All of this aside,

At times, I delve in to the world of day trading and international currency markets (forex) trading. I won't get in to stock trading, here; I'm a sort of trader that delves in to the inferential (or actual, geo-political) semiotics involved in forex trading, with minimal debriefing on the topic (a close friend, and mentor of mine took me to a seminar on forex, where a $4,000 software platform and $100 monthly feed fee was being offered, as an open-ended investment opportunity. [Incedentally, I'd met this friend and mentor through craigslist, and I devoted some years of services to, over a decade or so, ago. The social class strata inherent in a craigslist transaction could suppose, and enact great leveraged in opportunities in life; think local, dedicate the time and services one has to offer, and play the gig job economy game, for its expansive extents in social currency afforded to the gig jobber « would be ». For a skilled young professional, the opportunities in self-marketing are scalable and compartmentalized, to suit one's specialty]). 

In any case, as for the short story, the practice version of the forex marketer's software platform offer allowed a user to test out the package by investing in the $100 a month feed fee, with a practice account of $5,000. Within the first week, I had secured an overnight investment with this practice account that had netted me $35,000 (I believe)... something along those lines. The margin basis of investment leverage in foreign exchange currency markets is vast. The extents to which the money is leveraged is dependent upon various global market conditions, of which I'm not quite adept in, well enough to enumerate analytical theory upon, at this point. I simply use semiotics and casual inferential know-how and applied readership, of the blogosphere, of my own varying sort - of which « sort » of trading style I can expound upon, for anything's sake (contextually). 

In forex trading, I'd say that there are perhaps 3 major fundamental sorts of trading theory upon which one could establish a day trader's suit, about. The first would be that one is knowledgeable as for the ins and outs, and goings-on, of the international global currency markets, and international economies, which plays upon the notion of that the currency and day trading commodities, of a nation play out according [largely] to the time zone and standard work day constituent to the place on earth, where the nation resides, as well as that the political, social, and economic news foundry and "day's work" basis of the nation's economy are invested upon the standard work day. Since this (forex trading) concerns trading the nation's currency against a single currency, as a "currency pair," per se, the time zones invested upon any given currency pair may (theoretically) be more viably fruitful to engage in trades, thereupon, or speculation of valuation extentd (volatility), based upon analytics dependent upon the time of day that the nation's markets open, political news, and economic news that may be of insight, in to the inherent and global market's valuation and potential for the nation's currency, placed against another nation's currency, as "pair." These sorts of investments can run from anywhere such as minutes or less, to weeks and months, or years, even, for more conservative investors who invest based on emerging and developing political and economic news of a nation. 

The second sort of trading style and theory I have, at mind, is a semiotics and signals sort of trading analysis, of the development of trends, based on chart information. Let it be known; this professional seminar I had attended, perhaps 12 years ago, or so, was groundbreaking information to me, by all means - the forex market itself was an unknown to me, and software development had not reached the extent of popularity and expanse of means, in development and competitive economy, such that is afforded today, with apps being developed and deployed, of all sorts, reaching consumers. In this case, as far as forex is concerned, much time in software development had passed, and competition has led software development establishments to offer such things as free forex feeds, in free apps, for example. I'm using OANDA, which is available on the App Store, and on Google Play. It offers users dozens of currency pairs to trade upon, with a 24/7 feed for each pair, news feed, and open-ended investment basis. I opened an account with $100, to start with. I'm using simple signs, and simple-basis "trending" sorts of analytics, such as the previous highs or lows, of the time of day, and with forecasting insights, based on casual news media astute readership upkeep, or for casual political affinities and insights, I cast an investment. For example, here, in this chart, showing the EUR/USD currency pair, I might cast an investment, based on the day-to-day highs and lows, of a buy-in basis of that the currency pair would gain or lose money, perhaps reliably, simply for the fact of that prior day's trends and establishments of valuation had predicated that the currency pair has an ongoing trend, of some viable: static, or dynamic - story behind it, perhaps; in addition to any number of valuation variability attributes upon the currency pair.

 The more informed and concurrency-based the investment insight is, the more viable the percentages are, in investing here; in this case, the volatility plays largely in to assuming future valuations, based on prior trends and establishments, as far as buying and selling, within this short-to-mid-term investment basis is concerned - anywhere from 15-30 minute trades, hours, or days forecast, as for procuring worth upon valuation is concerned. 

The third sort of trading: at this point, I'm forgetful, to be honest. Perhaps I'll come back and update this article. 

The greater the pips involved, in the purchase (or sale, as it were, perhaps) inherent within each momentary offer of a price for a currency pair - a trader can invest money on the gain, or the loss, of value, for one side of any currency pair, in a purchase. The feed is free, although "don't forget the worth of our cookies," as people who follow my social media and blogging would perhaps casually attest to: the worth of each one of us, in our interrent internet identities, as it were, and should it be the case, is at hand, and also at stake, with this global trading platform being offered as a free service. Here, I run an intelligence content publishing basis platform, so I infer that I'm obligated to throw in an introductory article, for the purpose, and develop upon this basis, over time, with gains in intelligence, and onboarding of an ethical, objective, and informative basis for interested new users of the platform of which I'm publicizing and using, on my own. 

Now get OANDA on to your device, and start trading! One thing - you wouldn't stand, off hand, to lose much money, and we learn as we go. I'll update, to come, with more sound and viable actual theory and analytical practices, as well as invested nomenclature and slights at expertise upon the topic of forex trading.

Monday, December 9

Trekking out to Santa Monica on a craigslist hardware barter.

A photo of DTLA at dusk, down Figueroa Blvd.
Leaving Los Angeles on the Metro Expo E Live towards Santa Monica,  from off the 550 to Exposition Park from Manchester at Harbor Freeway (110).

I found a great deal while browsing craigslist on the notion that I'd been hitting a wall with my iPad (iPigeonPad) development efforts under my annual term I'd purchased with the Apple Developer Program.  Only $150.

In order to do some essential tasks, render services,  issue certificates; that sort of thing,  for my mock-up conceptual Apple iPadOS,  iOS,  tvOS,  and watchOS, I'd need a dedicated Xcode Apple development machine. I found a great deal on a 2010 21-inch iMac i3 with a 2TB upgraded hard drive,  and 12 GB of RAM. I figure I could get in to some serious repository local serve development aspirations and Android NDK and SDK for my Google and Android developments,  as well. 
The seller, upon working out some details on my own end,  as to how I could find this transaction, was very accommodating of my ostensible needs for this machine (in that I could OK longer return the iPad to Target, and he agreed to take up my offer of an even trade for his iMac, with my iPad). 

A craigslist post; desktop view
The craigslist post for my new iMac. 

I decided to jump the gun and settle for a trade,  for a well-equipped and upgraded older device,  in this instance,  for the fact that I figured that people were pushing for Christmas deals, and Christmas devices,  this month, moreso than they might be next month. 

Tuesday, November 26

Finding a date on Thanksgiving weekend in Los Angeles, CA.

Everybody goes through it.

Well, okay. Maybe not everyone, but it seems like it's a commonly recurrent theme, whereas the chances of actually finding a workable spot or locale to find a date in from amidst the various street scenes, here in Los Angeles, are many, while it's become woefully obvious to me that many people I know, personally, have let their dating game wither at the cusp of middle-young adulthood - (It seems to me, that this age-era in life features several sorts of people who are still latching on to their youth, in terms of relating to people; that's why I'd still include the disclaimer of youthfulness here).

A person ought to know, by Thanksgiving's Eve, of what they intend to do and where to go, out here in Silicon City (Los Angeles). So what are the major options? Let me run through my memories, as a homeless person, of Thanksgiving holidays past. 


First of all, don't go to the beach. That would be the equivalent of having a Wikipedia romp on a topic subject of something of viable academic merit. It's going to be raining, and people at the beach are typically formed of cliques and groups of people. Being a loner amongst such vast amounts of people walking by leaves little room or opportunity for sparking a conversation through some organic and viable means. I've spent several to many Thanksgiving holidays out in Venice, as a beach bum, and the older I get, the less tolerant I am for hanging out with random bums; many of them had turned homosexual, at this age, and with me commonly dressing myself like a woman, I find that here and there, I'd simply have opened up an uncomfortable can of worms, in regards to discovering that some guy is now interested in me for unexpected reasons. I really do intend not to be cast-typed and set off for another year as an HIV risk, for the sake of a night of shameless pleasure and lingering regrets. As if. 

       Second of all,

Don't start checking craigslist for a date. It's lost the Long Term Relationships section, as far as personals, while the remaining one dating section, out of the formerly four sections dating lists is Missed Connections, which has turned succinctly in to a vast trawl of guys in search of someone to smoke meth with and become sexually active, without much long-standing potential to boost one's public status persona. I've known these kinds of people. They do the most inordinate sorts of things to a person, post-date night, as far as aftershocks. There's no... none at all, to little, (just some) chance of securing any type of viable romance on a chance encounter over craigslist. 


Downtown LA will likely be banging, except that it's going to rain on Thanksgiving Day,

Update location
Los Angeles, CA 90003
Precip: 90%
Humidity: 79%
Wind: 7 mph
2 AM
7 AM
12 PM
5 PM
10 PM
Mostly Sunny
Mostly Sunny
Mostly Cloudy
Scattered Showers
Scattered Showers

 and the street scene  / bum population out there is largely guys who are leaning some-to-big-lots creepy. Whereas I wouldn't just outright disrespect a person's hard-life circumstances, it ends up amounting to that I myself become targeted and mobbed (sometimes) by some strange and unsociable demographic of people out in downtown LA. Regardless, the most common scenario is to not find a date on an outing in DTLA, at least for a guy like myself, who doesn't go and hit the bar scene. I'm covering the {actual} streets and sidewalks "street scenes" localities of Los Angeles where somebody with a budget as lean as mine could viably find something fun and worthwhile to do, considering that scraping up a date off the street could conceivably happen here, although with vastly short-term prospects.


Echo Park is one of the richest cultural nightlife hot spots, running along Sunset Boulevard, near Chinatown. The streets are vibrant with bar and restaurant patrons spilling out in to the streets, a fair amount of homeless people, and miles of this sort of thing, at that. 

I'll keep this blog updated with what becomes of my Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, hopefully with some positive news! 

Monday, October 29

Planning my next-month's income from CA state General Relief money ($221) , I came across an iPad Air 2 on craigslist

I was super excited to find an iPad 128 within my specs in a craigslist search

After discovering that the "iPad 128" search query on craigslist (without quotes, though), has been, and is, apparently, still being spammed with tons of bulk iPad buyer ads.

Ostensibly, it's keeping some people busy and we'll go do, enough, to get by like that, aside from doing development work in establishing their own discoverability and merit in putting out content as far as advertising goes. That's just my take on it, after having done craigslist stuff for about 10 years before everything gave out as far as willing clients in the tech and sys and computers section, now finding myself doing well enough with a Google Domains Blogger site, an AdSense account that will earn me some money, over time:

I sent the seller a long email explaining my predicament of how I've ended up out here, as a homeless person again, and how the iPad Air I had previously was my iPigeon, to begin with. 

Hopefully the seller will get back to me and hold off on selling the iPad Air 2 that's listed until I get money on the 2nd, and hopefully I'll see a reply in my email before then, or a call or text, or something. 

If not, I was somewhat already set on perhaps just continuing on with another device from SafeLink / TracFone and T-Mobile, 

Which, I had just happened to have noticed, aside from doing any significant research into the board-level programming and circuitry soldering that finds itself on any part device:

in any case, they are [the microprocessors of our mobile devices and IoT small computers; physical web products, etc.:  

all programmed on the same low-level hardware and firmware circuitry end of provisioning the worth and product of the device it ends up on, (Apple or not), I noticed, 

by ARM {numerical} as far as I'd discovered, curiously, by noticing that the Alcatel devices listed on the SafeLink site had a Cortex A7 designation, obviously a familiar thing to correlate with Apple "A" series processors. 

From a preliminary look over some of the abstracts, it would seem that some of the notions of a faster processor, being released year by year, are actually achievements of the programmers at the device manufacturing companies and at the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Perhaps there's some dispute over who does what and where it might go; the credit and designation of which particular job [that's how it's playing out in my mind, anyhow].

I suppose that, however the beginning of the month plays out, and from now until then, I'll definitely need to do something about my broken screen on this one, that I'm writing from, the Alcatel A574BL, which, as it turns out, has not been a poor device for me, and it's purported to be running at Quad-Core A7 processor make at 1.4 GHz, with unlimited data on the Government-provisioned welfare SafeLink TracFone program, which, for me, is being served through T-Mobile, who, just yesterday, know fact, had a local and regional merger with Metro PCS; 

hopefully, they won't disparage their locality presence in the Los Angeles area, by disparaging clients and customers of the slight discrete notions of "free" phones, as is advertised in ghe large text of their marketing serve, whereas the small text of it proves that it would end up a tricky thing to plan and budget for, for the strange numbers of number variables that are being thrown around in offering 4 phones for "free," as is stated.

I had trouble with some notion similar to something like this in dealing with T-Mobile, and then, in department 95 in Metropolitan DTLA court, I saw a reasonable doppelganger, at least of his looks, of the T-Mobile CEO of Twitter showing up "stuff," whereas I haven't seen him placed in front of my dashboard 'first off,' for getting on to the Twitter tab on Chrome, and then Me. Branson, on the other hand, has been showing up more regularly. 

I feel like it was a totally drug-infukgent courtroom ostensible about it; the mental health department 95. Me too, but I just happened to show up as a recycler of cans and bottles who didn't hop the bus, so I showed up late, and then I got remanded. 

I'm gonna go off and do some photography. 

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