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Saturday, March 27

A cute noodling | nesting materials-preparation pigeon. (Photoblog)

 As it's springtime in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) | South | Central Los Angeles, and neighboring urban locales, it's time for the seasonal reawakening of life, from out of many concerns and troubles over survivability of the young, given that they are featherless, save for some scant downy fuzz feathers. Many types of birds whom have not been farmed nearly as much, to a standard, as chickens, for example, have chicks that emerge from the egg, bearing feathers. Perhaps in the future, we could work towards a project goal of seeing the birds lay babies that emerge from the egg: feathered; for being more well nourished, over generations. 

Here, I spotted a cute one; this pigeon is showing off it's interests in the things laying around, of interest. 

Tuesday, April 7

A squirrel's lark's call is one of the fun heralds of spring.

Being taken for one's goods by a playful lark, though costly, is part of the process in caring for wild animals and birds. While staying over in Santa Monica, CA, this past week, I observed a family of squirrels, as I stopped on a bench at Palisades Park to feed the pigeons.

The call of a squirrel lark is similar to that of a bird, with a beacon effect. I was unable to capture photos of the family of squirrels because I had no batteries for my phone. 

Today, though, back over at Garfield Park, in South Pasadena, I caught some examples of a similarly playful lark of a squirrel. 

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