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Thursday, April 14

Product Review: Biscoff Crunchy Cookie Butter.

People always wonder what they should feed their pigeons, in order to improve their behavior, boost their health, and to engender courteous behaviors between themselves, within a flock. 

Since pigeons will eat nearly anything their beaks can manage, there is a huge amount of variety in foods that will delight a pigeon flock. Some caveats that I’ve encountered, however, are that they do not particularly like large items, items put in human receptacles (with some variance; I’ve seen wild pigeon flocks that are trained on bowls of water), and some colorful items, such as artificially-colored cereals will turn them off. In general, their natural diet would be comprised of seeds, and perhaps bugs, but in this day and age, pigeons are largely intrinsically intertwined with their human caretakers, and their diets are largely determined by what people choose to offer them. 

That being the case, pigeons are always hungry. They’re capable of eating three meals a day, even, in some instances. Choosing a variety of delectable foods for a flock of pigeons helps out in many ways: I’ve observed less bickering and chasing around of the younger and less dominant birds, upon providing flocks with better food, more consistently. Peace and harmony in a pigeon flock is largely something that can be created by design, as caretakers of the flock, and the foundation of a genetically competitive and diverse flock is ensured by keeping them trained upon their finest caretakers; sometimes, I see scraps of bread that other people had tried to feed flocks of pigeons that I care for, personally, and it appears that the meal had been disregarded, perhaps for the fact that I make sure to moisten their bread meals with sweet, syrupy milk, with added flavors. 

What about even more variety than milk and sweets on their bread? One of my personal favorite treats (for myself) is Biscoff Crunchy Cookie Butter - it literally is cookies, made in to a peanut butter-like consistency. It’s a wondrous delight to taste, and it’ll keep a person company at night, for midnight-snacking searches around the home. There are varieties of Biscoff Cookie Butter, but I like the crunchy version, because it has little bits of cookies in it. Try some out, and why not treat your local pigeon flock to a tasty snack? They’ll adore you for it.

Thursday, June 27

The pigeons of Wilshire at Western Ralph's are a flock to behold.

As a recyclables collector, I've commonly come in to homed flocks of pigeons concentrated in a certain area.

Wilshire at Western Ralph's Grocery Store.

Here, at Wilshire at Western in Wilshire Center (of Los Angeles, CA USA), the locals must have been kind and considerate towards birds as a concentrated demographic of people in the area. 

The pigeons of the Ralph's parking lot are a heartwarming feature of the store that merits a visit, for bird lovers.

Monday, June 3

Some days are rough, keeping the pigeons fed.

Alright, I can own it: the bugs only home are not going to be particularly anything special just because I'm living here.

I had been of the belief that they could or might be; on account of the nuclear watershed environment about the place.

Sometimes the folklorist assertions from the voices in my head catch me suggestible, and not that nurturing environment doesn't count; indeed - particularly for a narcissistic and grandiose mind.

That being said, I've largely overcome many of my histrionics in of grandiosity par narcissisme. It's a difficult road to navigate; looking as I do, with a neuroticism behind the glamour. I wasn't brought up this way. I sometimes fancy the belongings of others, and, as we all know, it is a sin to covet what is rightfully someone else's. 

Sometimes the stories in my head turn me spiraling downwards in to a depressive mood, and I go outside, seeking stimulants for a fix; lately they just haven't been doing the job all that well.

All of that aside, I've realized that, along with my clothing haul from a few days ago, I brought home some ticks, as well. It's the beginning of the month now, and General Relief welfare has come through. I purchased a box of Raid Max concentrated fogger. I tried out staying inside while and after I sprayed, and it definitely works. I was choking on the fumes.

A box of Raid Max spray. I got some for myself, and I realized that the pigeons' roosts likely harbor ticks, as well.
I determined, from last year's iPigeon efforts, that the feces of the pigeons is a mineral-rich substance that attracts parasites. I figure I ought to spray the area nearby my home that features some freeway pigeons, and I'll give them some food, while I'm at it, for the morning, as well. Perhaps milk and cereal?

A 5 minute walk to the pigeons' roost, where I'm sure some ticks have gathered, to mangle the pigeons with Lyme disease.

Wednesday, August 1

I got some real pigeons; a fantail and an Arabian.

They're a breeding pair,

I walked them most of the way home, to ensure their stability and safety during rush hour traffic. I was notably stalked by at least some individual, who keeps pulling over on the street and talking to me, and meanwhile, the presence of police activity as they showed up, was significantly up and down my specific beat, the windy corridor.

They did fairly well, coming home. I think that they are going to be faced with a significant burden on their stability, being that there's a local roost of pigeons nearby and I've collected their dry poop as guano, which has been curing here, and it has a significant attractive of molecular energies quality to it, as the wild pigeon roost poop is raw materials and wild birds don't notably have a source of water to drink, that I know about, around here; I believe that there will be some significant strain on domestic pigeons such that I've purchased, for the fact that perhaps simple osmosis of energies will take place between this pair and the wild population, outside.

Aside from that, I hope that the birds will herald an opportunity for creating a nice home here, and many pigeon homesteading adventures as a process of learning.

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