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Thursday, June 25

What's there to be had of Google's latest (mid-June, 2020) SEO reorganization?

It's a significant topic news drop moment, when Google shifts their algorithms for the sake of establishing more meaningful and worthwhile results.

Here's what I've noticed, or drawn inferences on:

For example:
 Well, okay. Here's a peek at my personal account's web browsing stats, here and now, on the 25th of June, 2020 (evening):

I've been keeping up with the most-est on deez webz.

Saturday, February 29

Some predating corroboration that others had found their iDevice, given pigeons, comparatively a fond marriage of affections. (a reblog from Digiday)


Given that I happened upon (was well-paired, of personal traits, in affinities, thereof [of]), the branding establishment of “iPigeon” that was effected, of my personal happenstance, in seeking a blog publishing domain, for the sake of various developments to be worked out, and worked at, over the formative underlying basis of that the ideas would have website domain statistics and analytics to be measured, of viable popular themes of imaginative endeavor, or of intellectual foundations of new research, through public offering of these ideas and aspirations in article form, I was confronted, upon enthusiasm for happening upon custom domains under the oversight entity of Google’s stability in reputable product delivery of their commonly used applications and services - with coming to terms of that there was a first-off, prior establishment of such similarly organic originality in conceptual branding that had been established of the .com of the iPigeon brand company title; yet the variant flexibility in marketable branding persona was still rich, for the sake of many dozens of viable enterprise pursuits of a disparity contrast of respectable space, such that these contexts would not conceivably violate common ground, and enterprise, given expectations of soundness in decency and competitive ethics. 

Given that, I stalked my branding identity, the other night, and I happened upon another predating occurrence of the origin sightings of the digital iPigeon creature having sprung into existence, on some other Apple mobile device aficionado’s contingently particular quirk of that the individual was obviously fond of birds, on a personal level, as well.

Tuesday, August 20

The Shopify LA event spotlight - Kirsty Godso

I'm attending the Shopify LA event spotlight series' first meeting (this year); this one hosted by Kirsty Godso.

Shopify LA event spotlight. Come meet and network with successful Shopify Masters and hear their stories on how to launch successful brands.
AUGUST 20, 2019, 6:30 youPM

Merchant Mentor Session: Kirsty Godso

In this edition of our Merchant Mentor Session series, Nike Master Trainer, Kirsty Godso, will be here to chat about the commerce of cardio and what it means to be in the 'business of bodies".
The event space itself is gorgeous - a modern E-commerce brick and mortar retail and services shop aimed at helping aspiring and established Internet entrepreneurs establish a Shopify presence; set amongst the significant new development for entrepreneurial enterprises in Row DTLA, located where the old American Apparel factory was located during it's heyday.

Sunday, April 21

The transliterative word intensive is likened to hearing the sprighteningly sparrow's squabble at morning, or at shop.

It is considerate of recombinate features that sincile a due-to-forth unferstanding of the imperative-ness-aietivity unsecle-supposed, ... Ahem... Of the at-hand.

Its, ...

To attest to -

The at-hand :

- of feeding the sparrows, at minimum, as a stated expectation,

- typically; would follow :


Some pigeons as well.

Some mentioning of the[space] undersranding of what it means to be properly pidgin, in English. (With plenty of emphasis on feeding the birds, as well).

Tuesday, December 4

Early December, 2ⁿ18. The Broadway windy Corridor at Manchester .farm nursery seedlings from Armstrong's Nursery Center in Pasadena.

As an .institute Founding Director of a - purchased web property purpose(ing), today {-esque} I've reinforced the notion that slakingAF trawl-mining is bisque, to a reasonably-chowder reasonably pork-shoulder slow-roasted oven night; for the sake of the fact that trawlin' webAfFs never ends, yet milling crête materials-resources into slakenAF trawlin' feed is unfashionable; the notably fux*swquif-⅝fwa-BAMM! af : most world-class-trendy Renegade Craft Fair Nº of ChinatownDTLA 8-9th

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