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Friday, March 12

A ceiling cat pigeon pair (photo)

Although I haven't been around to check on them much, lately, since, and somewhat because there's no feeding allowed at this pigeon flock hangout (at the Union Station Gold Line Metro), I caught this pigeon being cute, up in their roost and nesting spot, by the benches. It reminded me of the old ceiling cat meme motif.

Saturday, January 16

More of the ostensible fashionable pigeons of lé lyçée Françoise.

Un petit pigeon
Le jeunesse - le Bebe petít un

A classic moment of pigeons' socialization habits - the aggressor warns the young one, given the nurturing environment; or perhaps it is a fight over food. The  ravishment of pigeons in being scared of people will take years of presence as a .instiute founding Director to correct in society.
Lé pigeonne avec le sass pour le jeunesse

Old Ironsides broken-legged pigeon.

Le pigeonne-íl c'est ont téntatíf
Grazing pigeons.

Pretty pigeon, fluffy feathers
Pretty pigeon, fluffy feathers.

Le sass pour le jeunesse.

Lé bébe, uné fruítbat.

Petites pattes! Skeet skeet! - the flattened rat.

Orric (old oak tree), the pig 

Monday, October 14

Back to feeding the pigeons.

The flock underneath the Manchester at Harbor Freeway (110) overpass is doing really well, with some newcomers to the roost, and a cute baby being watched over by its parents. 

Monday, September 2

The notion of "wall-pigeons" had passed through my mind, in fact, recently.

I found the wall-pigeon, of real life to be (in this case), only one such a pigeon. 

Was he hurt? Confused? Somebody's escaped bird?

I stayed with the bird for a while, and I tossed him some soaked bagel, in case he was hungry. 

It turned out that the pigeon was a young one. There are many youngsters out and about this year; apparently the feeding and supplementation efforts have paid off in progeny of the birds along the major locales. 

As it turns out, the wall-pigeon is a young bird, and perhaps he couldn't make it to the cross-border rooftop perch, nearby the location, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, which (I believe), commonly feeds the homeless, in addition to attracting this pigeon flock. 

I hadn't been getting out to the Korea Town-area pigeons in recent weeks, because of the severe heat, and a lack of sufficient resources to feed the birds, on account of a small and limited budget; moreso towards the end of the month, at times. 

This summer had proven to be a significantly hot one, yet good for overnighting, on a jaunt, as I most definitely appeared as such, carrying a clear and large(r) plastic bag, rather than the common large black trash bag sort I would typically have, and be seen collecting recyclables with, in the DTLA and USC areas. 

With the day behind me, and Labor Day ahead of me, I was excited to fund my monthly budget considerations, as General Relief benefits come in on the 2nd of the month, this month happening, also, <superscript>[the 2nd of the month]</superscript>to be Labor Day - a notable partying day for young people; and for shedding off contexts of earlier times (short time-span-perspective, such as in the tradition of no longer wearing white while out and about. 

I found a white shirt. It was of decent quality, although slightly stained by splatters of stuff. Good enough for me; I work with splatters as a basis of work, as a recyclables collector and pigeon feeder - slash ( / ) blogger. 

I went out to the beach, originally; somewhat as a romantic notion; as I felt like I was highly visible and getting too familiar with [perhaps] locals, etc. (perhaps I might be seen as rude, for overachieving in collecting recyclables for too many days in a row) - sort of thing. 

The beach was packed and bangin', as I arrived. Thousands of people packed the several blocks from the Downtown Santa Monica Station out to the pier and the beach. I felt nervous, though; something was a bit fearful of me, as myself. 

Probably my iPad. I definitely have a bit of heat on me for having finally wrought through the challenges of previous months and years by purchasing an iPad. 

Anyways, I left the beach without much glory. Just digging through the trashcans on the beach and finding recyclables to stuff in to my bag. The point of the day (hey, actually beach was... 

... Hmm :-/ well, it was somewhere during the weekend; I still haven't slept.
So, I purchased an Apple Pencil, a transaction which I had arranged over the early hours of the morning on craigslist and on Facebook. It turned out that Facebook sellers were more responsive than craigslist sellers, and the one that responded from CL was really aloof in answering what the price was and one other question. He managed to tell me his name, though, and he never followed up to pursue me as an impulse buyer as a responsive person, within seconds.  

Given all of that, I'm getting old, and perhaps the new generation is more sold on alternative merchant retailing and self-starter initiative outlets like Facebook Marketplace, Google Shopping, Amazon, etc. 

By the way, I started also partnering with Shopify as a Shopify Partner, and I'm really excited over the features they offer and of the dynamic content and client / partner / app development designers and etc.; various tasks and occupations that connect Shopify as a brand to the merchant and as well, the developers and designers of stores. 

I'm set on working towards earning my certifications from Shopify Academy and attending more events. There's no small crimes robbery feeling about that whole aspect of life, as a prospect life persona to fulfill. 

Fwewwwwoooshhhh... That's what I'm dealing with, aside from feeding pigeons. 
Thankfully, I found a rolling luggage bag in Pasadena, and I hit Target's lighting sale, with bravo colors.
Jay Ammon's apartment home's kitchen and lighting, from Target's 2019 Labor Day one-day sale.
My newly cleaned kitchen and associated lighting.
 With all the luxe of the rolling luggage bag, I was able to shop maybe 7-10 times on one outing over the weekend, which totally kicked my endorphin meter wild. 

Anyways, here's some more pigeon photos, and I adjusted my take on how I might go about some future plots as to a standard day's schedule (somewhat). 

To be updated...

Sunday, September 1

The Harbor Transitway (110 freeway) at 37th Street Metro Station pigeons are a charming feature.

Typically, along my recyclables-collection route that I do for some small dollars and change, on most days (that I’m able to; recyclable glass gets heavy), I end my evening from out of downtown Los Angeles, (CA), over through the University of Southern California, where there is plenty of student-pedestrian traffic offering recyclables to the collector. 

Typically, I would make perhaps $5-$10, with $15 being a rare thing. Any more than that would be a most rare day of collection. 

The 37th St. at USC Station [somewhat] marks the bordering end-point corner of the USC campus, although Exposition Park also largely is used for student events. 

The station’s freeway underpass features a long-survived and charming flock of perhaps 2 dozen pigeons.
Pigeons perching on a stairway ledge at the Metro Station at 37th St. at Harbor Transitway.
Here, you can see the pigeons roosting on a ledge. Just another day for these pigeons, although I usually arrive here at night, when they’re seldom out, as a group. 
People who had long-followed my blogging and social media would perhaps recall the night I found a box of pizza here, along with the pigeons fortunately being out and about; as I could not possibly eat the whole pizza myself, by this time of the evening, and at that, I found it a fortuitous and serendipitous moment for a photography composition called “Late night pizza pigeons.” Here’s the photo.

These pigeons got a big and tasty meal that night. Other people tend to this flock regularly, as well; as there is a water bowl for the pigeons at the corner of the station. The pigeons had learned to drink and bathe in the bowl of water. This flock is a well-taken care-of flock, and they breed regularly. The birds are somewhat accustomed to human interaction and attempts to feed them, at this point in time.

Wednesday, August 28

I’ve discovered another pigeons’ roost.

Here, at the 4th St. underpass at Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles. This one fills in some of the blanks as to where and when flocks could be found; importantly, if I or no one else has gotten around to feeding them for more than a day or two, or more.

Once again, I discovered a low-lying ground scout, out and about, pecking around, as a simulation of eating. I had just found some extra food about a half-hour ago, so I was well-prepared to feed the dozens of birds here, nearby the lawn outside of the American University Preparatory School.

Someone was particularly appropriate today in an in-trashcan finding (for the pigeons).

I found this great bag of next-day's doings for the pigeons - 

A bag of white bread, some smoky sausage and hot dogs, and a recyclable bottle of Sprite. Thanks!

I was happy to see this left out for someone. Thanks again!

Friday, August 23

Today was cookie and tortilla day for the pigeons.

I cooked some peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie chunks up in the oven at my apartment early this morning. I couldn't sleep last night, and I definitely didn't want to finish an entire two packs of cookie dough. I found the tortillas out on the street this morning.
The birds identified that cookies are particularly tasty, and they pursued an incensed flurry of feathers flapping to get to the inside of the action forming around where the cookies were tossed.

A baby pigeon flaps its wings, early on in the out-of-nest feeding phase of growing up. A very young pigeon will squeak "Bay!! Bee!!" in an attempt to get fed by its elders.

It's oftentimes a competitive duel between the grownups as to how the food gets to one and each other.

Today was a particularly hot competition for food, given the weather, and that it was cookies being tossed at them.

Here, at the Los Angeles Mall, there is a drinking fountain where the birds have established a mid-afternoon (1:45 p.m.) routine. I figure that I might find them here more regularly, if they're not at the park lawn.

In this next photo, Old Ironsides entrusted the food by me on the ground, as I was sitting on a bench; I, perhaps, might some day be able to adopt him and take him in on a more restful place to roost, rather than that he has to use his one-footed leg, the other one cut off at the knee, giving him a limping hard time walking around, which is important for pigeons in their societally-capable lives.

Tuesday, May 7

Preparing the pigeons' feed for the day - Peanut Butter and Jelly Pidgin Cheese Sandwiches.

Pidgin Cheese? 

One might wonder...

What does pidgin cheese taste like?

This cheese, which I'd been preparing since late Fall, 2018, is a warming, savory, salty and sweet, all-in-one ad-hoc condiment complimentary to grain and dairy dishes, such as plain corn flakes cereal, yogurt and granola, or something similar. 

I became fascinated with the advent of Whole Foods DTLA offering rennet, for cheese; having been a former "cheesez of Europe" aficionado as a consumer in years prior.

Come to think of it, actually, the discovery came in the summer, when I procured the rennet first of all, and I created a pigeon guano moldy butter cheese that smelled fantastically like Cheez-its. This second go-round with cheese came possibly around Halloween, when Ralph's started offering eggnog. I felt it was a good base to start a cheese on, and months later, after letting the culture sit out warm, sealed(-ish), and raw, I decided to turn it in to a custard cheese, to continue.

I added about a dozen egg yolks, (possibly more), and some fresh rolled red peppercorns, yellow and black mustard seeds. Then I boiled the mixture lightly, not yet solidified, but I added red icing topping for cakes to the mixture, and pink Himalayan salt, 8-10 ounces. It turned out a significantly salty cheese concentrate.

The custatd cheese salty-sweet admixture proved to be an excellent topical skin care product, as well as good for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches soaked in milk.

I gave some to the pigeons, as well.

Try it out! 🦉🐔🏆🍽️


A great day for charity for pigeons and people alike.

 With pigeons being noted, yesterday, as "the homeless person's pet, a good and many people showed out in downtown Los Angeles, CA, USA in and around the civic center areas, as well as Pasadena. 

These birds were a hungry bunch, as the day started early, and, as people know of the lovable birds, they are a fat bird, at that. 

There was everything from sandwiches, to sushi, to noodles, and birthday cake!

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