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Thursday, July 30

Product Review: the Hot Pepper Poblano phone, by | for Kroger Wireless, hosted by Sprint.

The splash logo animation (pretty snazzy) of the Hot Pepper Poblano phone, by XiaoLaJiao Technology Co, Ltd., for Kroger Wireless.

Things had become increasingly scurry, with the mobile phone debacle. As a minimal welfare benefits General Relief cash payments and SNAP food stamp monthly allotments demographic, my budget is significantly constrained and, well, for speaking of my sake: budgeted, for the month that I plan to live out. I've got two credit card bills, 2 Gsuite accounts to manage, revolving annual website registration renewal deadlines, an outperform status quo to compete with, for my Concentrace liquid ionic minerals, a prepaid phone bill, now that the free phone economy is tightening up, due to a series of conjectural underpinnings (I'd suppose I could fwopp context about [... but I won't]), and on top of that, an ongoing vulnerability and subsequent victimization profile about myself, as a various sorts type of person, and enterprise founder, of an aspirationally sustainable pitch. 

That being said, fitting the food in to a $194 budget is well enough, and manageable, within a transitional living home environment profile of non-hostility; strictly per se.

The next most important aspect of life, for the modern day literate and replete personality that I « also » aspire to be, as an Astute aspirationally (of various forms); [check out their YouTube video workflows!]

Okay... some people.
So, the coming and passing of a month's duration, for myself, and undoubtedly countless other welfare minimally (amounts) financially benefitted people, of a span of spectritude, is a significant delineator in time, and of constraints, and woe to the misfortunate and short-fallen ones who had their phone stolen, or who sold it for a dime, on the street, in desperation.

So, the Poblano Hot Pepper phone, 

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