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Thursday, March 17

Remote Sensing Environment User Deprecated Practices - The Freudian Slip of Doing Something as Though It Matters

In remote sensing observation and participatory environments, there may (at this point in time, within the cell that is collectively managed and occupied by myself) be seen to be an undesirable degree of conflict resolution abandonment. 

Details aside, the more fundamental calculations and consequences of the pursuit of adversarial techniques in psychological abuse in socialization through remote sensing, is the higher imperative. Being that the victimizers fail to improve their outlook in life, and aberrant psychological dilemmas of a dark nature persist in the perpetrators’ lives, rather than that joy is found amongst community and society. 

In this day and age of technology, where intelligence can be nurtured and developed upon the extent of resources, with lateral and vertical markets of human collateral in knowledge base and servile utility, much more rational and equitable identities are a more sustainably beneficial and productive ethic to pursue, whereas rewards in technological developments of third parties and oversight committees, such as increased cloud compute attributions and merits, of being afforded the cost of time, energy, and human resources becomes a more viable end and means, in life, in an economy of otherwise uncertain and aspirational “still (at this point in time) context, within the scope of social status attainments, financial wealth, and in many aspects of personal wellbeing, whereas materialism and experiential devotions compete with each other, as a primary theme of much of the conflict that had been observed, up to the present time. 

In to an indefinite future? The question, in and of itself, is a quandary, much to be likened to a long-standing characteristic of the substance abuser, of emotional abuse, to mental health stability’s uncertainty - in a likewise deprecated practice of “promise,” which loses significant worth in a social economy that is not founded upon honest and forthcomingness in humility, whereas people value detrimented and misfortunate superficial gains in life, upon abnormal psychology fixations, such as the pursuit of narcissistic supply - a pleasurable environment to stage upon, yet faulty and superficial, on one hand, cruel and unnecessary, on the other hand. 

With psychology at topic here, I had established, upon reflections and reflexes, of my psychological standard, as much as that these dilemmas; dilemmas and conflict, even, (perhaps), of a fundamental nature, to form a corollary residing trait of literature that reaches back as far as Sigmund Freud’s writings and finding; my experience being drawn up, and designed upon the machine learning environment of “having experienced” being a social psychology observation subject, with psychological abuses towards me being as that the subject is deemed to be a favorite (so to speak) of a persecutory agent [redundant]. All things considered, not all of us had studied university level introductory psychology, which would, of course, mention and assign the works and findings of Dr. Freud, nor had many people gone through conflict resolution courses in life, which would reasonably suit an emotional maturity milestone age demographic tending more towards early teenage years, in society, with “teenage angst” seeming to be an accessibly familiar claim upon this assertion. 

Given that my recent dispersions that had acquired and developed much attention, appreciation, and fascinations, of an excretory “topic” nature about the context, a Freudian claim upon the underlying psychology at issue here is quite apparent. Being that abuses, of a remote sensing tactical nature, lend themselves to a “standoff” type of portrayal and representativeness of itself, I offer the victim’s experience as evidence, to an assertion, for as much as that bathroom duties of simply even “getting up” to use the restroom, as a trait of what is considered common and accessible for people of our society - it leans in to violations of basic human and civil rights.

Thursday, May 3

The rote, relentless driving force of the fundamental influences and rational basis for such iPigeon aficionado institute wherewithal., as if anything were so ostensibly suitably adjourned as such to be obtained, beyond speaking of such, a notable institute of dot something foray, not dick me around about trans-literary-international-discourse of phonetics, hopefully translations will have no to-do about breaking it even, Geiger squaring it away, and in process, learning, of all things, the latest couture of knowledge-base for the most tech-ostensible fletch of 2018, reasonable as it might be, somebody took a note of it, dot institute, iPigeon, of all things, preamble, dot blog, and at that, how bout you?

Smells like a dog.

Trace back to French school:

Look, you eat like a dog! 

How novel it is that you eat like a dog!

  • of pigeons, notably. 
  • Soundex genealogy breakout discourse on lexicography diction ostensible resource of language ought to considerably be a nomenclature of cardinal means about what iPigeon portends as to such, adjourned as alphanumerical ought bring: hard as squares cubed

I don’t like that, at all, how that ended. 

Then I smoked some cigar.

You are such a pregnant woman, Jay, of all things, you better not smoke. For acting like nobody could possibly tell that you smoke, it’s despicable. Stop smoking.

If you can’t act like a pregnant woman ought to, you don’t deserve a girlfriend. 

Okay. For what reasons had I started to smoke again?

For that I went out today, and that I found cigarettes and tobacco to smoke. I was hungry. I bought food. Chocolate milk, a gallon, not whole milk, not my typical buy. 

Whatever it is, stop purchasing stuff you don’t need. You don’t need to architect the whole internet.

(That’s Patricia Kirk)

I do need to, though, GTD:

Get out and feed pigeons
Do so by jogging
Yogurt is a daily thing

Go from there.

Remember to pray and be thankful

Everybody you know smokes, but they don’t tell you. Everybody you don’t know doesn’t smoke. Whenever you smoke, you make people you know smoke. When people find out that you smoke, they avoid you. People act like my son doesn’t know anything about women, and this is how women act. Women act like men do, that’s how some people think. That’s not the way the world works, women are different from men.

Take a look at pigeons, for example. If you notice the fluff pigeons who chase the subordinate ones, it’s ostensibly suitable rote that the dominant ones are the males. The care-taking ones are the mothers in the nest, although the claim-staking fluff pigeons have something to say, as well. They’re trying to get something across to the littler ones, and show them the way of the world. The females try to nurture a warm and caring environment from the nest. The males speak to the little ones of harm’s way of other creatures about them.

(That’s my mother)

This is the reasonable extent of all knowledge. The reasonable extent of all knowledge is what your parents provide for you, then society provides a baseline existence that you live up and into. You pay into an intelligence aesthetic of your choosing, then you have children with a partner. 

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