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Monday, May 14

May 13th 2018 Happy Mother’s Day! + 8 hour writing about recent stuff of the past week

A much needed task to make progress on, as for the digital fortitude, consistency of presence and content delivery to burgeoning audiences who have been linked as potential organic followers and supporters of the cause and aesthetic underlying the foundational underpinnings of overcoming the first month of “stated-as” such development and the periphery; roadmap: horizons ahead for what the heraldry of the vision entails.

Hot on the toes of an institutional wherewithal spot-check scan of the “talked-up supposedly” institute, for what may it be, if any at all thing to consider, yet .institute, being rare, and perhaps a relatively new and let it not be precocious aims of top-level domain (TLD) of such needs-be considerably as such would be found in various common distinctions of “since-beginning of internet” addressing .com, .net, .org., .gov., .co.[locality/state/nation], etc. 

In short, I was caught in mid-post-slash-interim theme park had-talked it up about valid institute parameters (yet, “...”) there was, as of this latest outing’s takeaway home bound unpacking special delivery a particular development in the “had-to” support group constraints of suitable self-expression-as-institute-founder (and admittedly made-man-material, here; of the common fare happenstance heraldry sur le lycée français. In this instance, the development saw to particularly knee-jerk “as can had be” miming á la je suis un homme de français, “had-to support group” of “had-talked about” 

#scrum #pigeons #aesthetics 🤷🏾‍♀️💁🏻‍♂️🧐

in the context of an “dot” institute top-level domain registry with at least techno-audio-professional ad-campaign marketing delivery 📦 box of official needs-to-check on it [scrum] with several “had-to,” “can’t help it” [#scrum] various diagnostic checks on the wherewithal of a person indebted to an already post-burgeoning one-off Vegas conference idea, for whatever purpose it might be, it could be: 

done improperly, if it was perhaps laid-waste to do about an institute dot (asterisk) insert implementation such as would merit a various metrics scrum hash push of the app enterprise carnival “pigeons du jour” particular aficionado development, to the ML semantics push of Top Level Domain name signifiers to the effect of some clever and also, (a month in, after the purchase of the .institute iPigeon brand name title site-to-visit thing; some not insignificant twitter impressions of [his] (sic); “my” mostly “can’t, had-to, {ont} (sic) help-it” the hopeless rants and outreach efforts of a mostly ostracized in small, attendue particulars-slight moments (come to consider) that social media is actually a vast foray of potential sociability, and Jay Ammon is a guy of various mock-up trifles of personal has “needs-to”be seen digging gutters-scrum “corners, and walls” type of particular identity trade-off, (or is it...? 🤔 or is he simply a real aficionado’s aficionado of hunting for trinket precious trifles in the gutter?

Nobody much complains about the guy who actually does that, and DTLA is a vast expanse of all kinds of people to be seen. Any one particular person acting out in eccentricity is such common fare as to be a folklorist’s aptitude of making new trifle explanations for the all questions abound and (at some point), some valid .institute auditors of quality research development boundaries must be brought in to verify, with remote sensing capabilities, ...”supposedly, as the story is delivered to me.” 

A false burgeoning .institute ass-wad ‘un-had’ -on a sweaty-assed scrum-gutter aficionado scrum-faring the common pavement of the civic center locality? That’s un-tasteless new definitions and nomenclature unheard-of rare-enough to need to check - if he’s just perhaps acting official organizational institute .webloc pigeons aficionado: beyond distractability - he hadn’t been feeding pigeons recently; wtf?

Such and such, so on, and various unthought-of to heard-about (actual) scrum common usage in commerce - “all things aside;” he talks up a mock-up scrum English pound # “hash,” he will mock up a scrum-definition aficionado stated ‘winner,’ by visuals. The back room “can’t help it” sorry scrum-dive aficionado’s theme park of endless trifles “human hamster 🐹 wheel” is so shameless kitsch carnival mock-up enterprise-runner’s marketing slew, they had to bring in some older folks to make sure that he doesn’t outperform his age and date itself. 

They verified that I’m not the most singularly amusing thing, in and towards and from of in without myself about me; something like that, when they did the voice actor’s remake of something I thought was trifling dick-silly when it was just a partial notion twice twice two times over a bit, like it was supposed to not silly but two times it’s better than, like it was supposed to have happen in the otherwise unspoken discourse of conversation: but for the person who actually says that “thing?” 

Endless trifling cutting-edge humor persona. There were so many moments when they scrum-hash-checked if the starch-bio-cellulose .pharmacy TLD was a cause perhaps funding-worth [check-it-out], and but yet, I pulled off some pretty valid mock-up concrete slab-leisure mimes-of-muses-posing-postings-aside from all that:

(All things aside),

I believe, on a concomitant no-needs to [check it] morbidity of executive diligence scrum fortitude in foundational leadership hap-jobs moral-ethical spot-checks and batteries-intelligence battered-self “hopeless” fruitful persona jibs-semantic blessed-one ☝️ etc. “he does tech, finery, classics, aesthetics, rote” somewhat package concessions of “perhaps,” yet who could possibly care by this point?

All sorts of complications in communicating the circumstances, but the point of getting him out was to see if the institute is upheld by a valid competent wherewithal, by the owner. 

I did what I would consider to be endless hours of, 


It was discourse, as have you: it was discussion-based:

Astute, aesthete, arrête, à tête à tête fletch pigeon scrum muses posings as such that a mime might do, in attempts to take over the carnival pigeons app enterprise wherewithal, or perhaps it was simply as such; a recursive scrum of valid hoc-post-app-enterprise .institute had-‘did-that,’ - the launch of blog, by Google Blogger, with a new (to me) Google platform - of upon a slew of such web-app slash nômenclature hash aficionados, perhaps various of breeds they come about, but this one - for recursive réitérant recombinant starch pigeon aficionados near-field shortwave frequency walk up pigeon aficionados, of marketing post-fin- tête à tête bizous scrum-pigeon-ficionados - and I concurrently relevant, yet relationally probably whatever: it’s a bootstraps all latest data-tech breakfast-est shitburgers bon déjeuner, only I get the best of my shitburgers tech-relay mock-ups trifle cardinalizations-pon-azimuth ré-global-positionniez a les systems satellites 🛰 for a ... »... » 

Second time one-off has have you on a one-off fletch scrum diagnostic battery French Canadian dot institute de rigueur of a serious ‘-of French: anything’ and it will commonly be seen: trying to do it without practicing will so commonly be to failure, as have you. The fact that it was done, and the heraldry; that was recursive data scrum fletch of far reaches of common aficionados of standard nomenclature, all vulgarities aside; that was better than having simple bread; the pigeons that eat waffles, butter, syrup. 

Lé lycée française, l’cirque du soleil, valid « i » c’est l’aficionado que trombe signifiée, « iPid » dot .ge Top Level Domain? Something about linguistics scrum semiotics valuation enterprise via pigeons scrape hash avec un n’est pas une; mais seule avec donnée « r » suggestive of a lean, and a tight chomp aesthetic, come to think of it, considering Domainr-as-enterprise, and variant other ones-enterprise multiply, that’s a stated-non-constituent somewhat Freudian via Kantian first Philosophy 1 how bout I dicks inside fuck me plz TMJ off-color so unfizzles yet no, it did. 

I did it, to myself: the « fuck » palm to the forehead thing.

What would a French Canadian think? 

A waffles, butter, syrup continental breakfast du jour? 

This carnival app enterprise could definitely go touring into the cold regions, and still have a valid touring aficionado recursion réitérant recycling bum stated concergiant concomitant band-man-band: concertina iPigeon « iPad Air » valid aficionado blue ribbon leader, perhaps no one else would give a shit enough to srsly carnival pigeons-as-enterprise founding .institute cardinal azimuth-as-placement seriously consider: a fuckboytastastic - claclaclaclaclasic: seriously sustainable enterprise web app development .institute brand marketing foray of iPigeon dot. 

Then, an « iPid » dot .ge? Like country of Georgia 🇬🇪 ? iPid/duh/gee - iPidgy - a pidgy-chicken, that’s what I called the first wounded pigeon I found, in the rain. That one got away. Maybe someone was cruel to that one. It takes a lot to break a bone. But the scrum APIs developer foray of finery of tech’s data-viz specialists since 2015 pop-data-tech people followers? Totally possibly in cursive on the strange rare yet incalculables-yet as-via doable: strange as can haz shitburgers, yet I: I did shitburgers, but not as can haz as could can’t not help it; I was decidedly for crystal meth, coming up on it, into the DTLA of pigeons, so many. And: I meant to feed them; as always. So loaded with shoulder bags with bread stuffs and waffles, the whole fuckboyclassic déjeuner for pigeons in DTLA Broadway, but maybe here and there, the off-Broadway pigeons: for real aficionados, « perhaps. » 

I get so distracted. Somehow, a person would have to remember from last thing stated til beginning of sentence; first of all: « something ad s’equipe non concomitant par données  l’oeufs; the waffles. Then, real butter, and: ... a maple syrup. Maple Butter is totally worth it; once in a lifetime, from Whole Foods, for sure. I recall that I sent some to my mother and father once; they said it was too luxuriant to be appreciable, to have had it have come from my wherewithal happenstance delivery notion of what I should do in life; and then I don’t know, but my ex-wife  »something » status I don’t know, Etsy ad-marketing branded mock-up, most-blowoff take on the as-stated enterprising identity constituent article persona write up; then: bam. You find me an enterprising transvestite, during a time of un-heraldry assertive conjecture bams, while meanwhile, first of all, I’m doing a sustainable enterprise thing. 

First of all, there’s valid scrum. Then seeing me do it, as scrum, is potentially a can haz of identity shitburgers dot giveafuck enterprise fitting just good as can haz, whereas recursive trifling aficionados scrum pigeon fletch is a notable distraction, yet it’s sustainable, as well, by the public’s can haz you « i » -of-husbandry équine notable aesthetics pursuits: some say, for what? « drugs things aside, all things to consider » 

Yet here, of this month of May 2018 heraldry recourse constituent concomitant aptitude write-up, you would recursively just rely on the scrum foray of materials fletch breadcrumbs: breadcrmbs - wings, wings, beak beak beak! 

You’d have to just consider that, as variant mythology folklore makes for uncomfortable relationship linear conscious engagement, sigh others concerned; I’m constituently happenstance also such now using a French azerty keyboard, as fletch parametric con-haptitude stated-as some vernal-Acrobat number hash « i «  also Eddystone beacon named - here; relevant project developer, as a Google developer, and they do valid work: obviously. I would do well to do a grounds-up bootstrap aficionado enterprise from their branding Google Domains mock-up pop-wash up boutique couturier French Etsy finery trifling search demographic-towards monetize-pro monetize aficionado demographic: if in integral stages, no less, no less. Somehow, French works suitably linguistic foray, of at least some years, or « something ». It’s a novel take, and iOS autocorrect is all sorts of variant aficionados about recombinant ML hash, like they do corned beef and starch peasantry boiled famille de broccolis, maybe a celeriac, then boiled then fry: both of them; potatoes and broccoli-relationally root vegetable starch - as a hash brown; obviously with whatever means are available as well, as far as seasoning goes.

Aside from that, frozen packaged waffles, salted butter, and syrup; even corn syrup diluted maple syrup any brand of maple syrup is delicious. 

That being said, did I mention that I paid my library dues finally? It was $135 for an array of aesthetic contributors to this .institute heraldry; had have been they drawn upon Olde English 800 Malt Liquor; I dunno: I do Malt-o-Meal - 3 tbsps. per cup of water or milk (and parenthetical asterisk) (s).

At the library, though, that’s one place where this kind of self-esteem is not so unique, as of has have you: some how fuck you come why not? 

All things at the foray, I’ve already stated the had had-to can’t help-it’s, and that subsistent as re-collectivisant constituently obv. subjectively relevant to me, and I don’t literally suppose they do me as one-off by dailies production company like recursive and recalcitrant are viable others as dynamic even-suppose such as rare atmospheric phenomena composite as-bottlenecks, I’m sure, to consider. All things French provençale aficionado « mostly-probably » okay enough okay, to have pass, and still scrum dynamics affects of a valid iPigeon carnival via web app enterprise dot institute spot check, he’s a valid pet of human vast considérables: here - amongst some real pigeon aficionados as have you: bams even pigeon cardinal aesthetic rote destination bams, but this one: the dot institute iPigeon blog aesthetics persona jibs trifling du jour bams octo-fletch scrum for waffles continental standard breakfast: need nobody say nothing no more: I’m all for it: pigeons sustainable monetize for showing faces demographics: that’s all sorts of one-off identity persona put down as scratch, what’s the point of anything?

Obviously, some people have gotten serious have-had-to-c’mons... come on... fabout how leisurely they take it: a semantically « all-things » .institute funding-inspirîng cohabitant checks-on this enterprise - 🙎🏻‍♀️ « how could you? » he asks for sustainable garbage recyclables and that pigeons be fed waffles, butter, syrup, no less. It does appear: he does believe...

He believes in things, for certain; he’s reliving as-yet-contentious fuck boy t’as t’as tic cla cla cla classic trifling valid scrum childhood-robbed-of-him can’t do better young heroics mock-ups: some of it as constituently fletch linguistic scrum as the exigent how bout all-nations aficionado foray towards linguistics as have you: an asshole’s 

No. Yet that’s how ostensibly some people validly fletch scrum Freudian concessions à postériori: emojis be - fixed it, as nomenclature common foray. 

This one does not believe the as-only: « perhaps » as conjecture; he fluffs off insults as perhaps people had have-to fu-fuck you as the story of how some people perceive him, yet he’s through and through a raised in a Christian Church Baptist setting: not swayed by disingenuous people. We all live in a come-concomitant face-it: come 2066 A.D., that’ll be a serious aficionado bleed-out of all bleeding heart aficionados, for Normandie, beach of Los Angeles Broadway District, all the way up down the wind corridor boulevard, the jet stream, the jaunt, all sorts of pigeon landings from here to there.

For scrum fletch iPigeon organic sustainable autonomous development outpost .institute? 

I’d say, « no considerable vulgar periphery abute this man’s forensic profiling mock-up » -definitely not as if it should go without speaking it up to, as such. 

The pigeons get fed, regardless of his wherewithal; and they’re cozying up to the front gate for waffles, no doubt. He’s capable enough for waffles at the front gate, of at all anything, if need be: « he’s jaunted AF ». Perhaps.

Paid library fines at the central library: 


19:29 was the time, in 24 hour format.

Register #04; he plugged in his iPigeon to the wall outlet. 

Ticket Receipt # 237714


Article Name / Title
Introducing to...(sic)
What is Art?
Axiomatic Geometry

Fine Cost per item, extended

Processing fee (non-refundable), per item

Total fines and dues paid

Form receipt document no.


Received from:
Jay W. Ammon


Payment method

Currently reading:
The Essential Element 
John S. Rigden

All of that being said, I paid my library fines and dues, the receipt says City of Los Angeles Receipt, as a stamp; I suppose that’s just how things are; I don’t disparage the city for what it’s good for and for what it’s made as, for all that it is, a tiny universe of a city. I’m relatively: the personas mock-up trifles scrum fletch pigeon aficionado; ideally as a jogger. Now recently as had been seen, notably: performing ostensible .institute push one-off affect-relatable concrete slab-dweller trifles, two days athleisure récréation power-outlet squatting at the off-hours hotspot al fresco provision for various demographics, nightlife, and the daytime Los Angeles Superior Court, Civic Process Server, Justice Department, and Music Center pedestrians. (Mostly). There are several, some regulars: transient various types, as common overnighters. 

On this occasion, I was beset, sigh: with the prospect of a quarrying « perhaps » constructionist active assertively self-esteem obstinate métal grinding tools as a « yet » perhaps not-to-their-disparagement fletch wherewithal concomitant parameters bright side organization of noisy tool-working; yet considerably the noise had a jaunted, perhaps not of iPigeon astute arrête as post hoc aficionado undoubtedly of heraldry as yet of learned had happened-upon, yet all within « maybe ». 

Actually, upon some deep recursion, momentarily, I can say that I had encountered this demographic in person; and I can attest to their slight feats of engineering, as individual constituents, of the « as much as » materials engineering aficionado fletch scrum trifles aficionados as homeless transient influx; there are over a good handful of azimuth crane treasured engineering destinations of construction in current and recent DTLA. It’s all sorts of construction workman sorts, and I’ve met a few of them. 

That being said, perhaps, in intervals, they’re upset about a male demographic out there not for the sake of a workday’s production, and they’re also perhaps materials resonance tuning and quantum constituent demographic trifles as azimuth have happenstance « colocation » incursion forays or faux-semblants dés leurs, as holographie. It’s not nearly beyond fêlé tellière for such ad marketing enterprise constituent sciences to cover as an iPigeon brand-titled wrap-my-head-around the boundaries and constraints of the .institute Top Level Domain attraction-self purpose dynamic, as could be defined, fletched, jaunted, pursuit: about town 


I purchased it for a simple $19.95, or perhaps an even $20.00. Absent from some scrum deconstructive as post-exterior styling in-digs parameters of srsly trend hash octocat ceiling cat télémètre positionné iSIGMEt new tech stance on getting a mesh on how why iPigeon?🤷‍♀️🧐 and then: Domainr says that the .pharmacy scrum valuation of the obv. scrum fletch advertising user metrics of the constituent real aficionados of iPigeon dot [fletch, scrum, et.cie] etc. jaunted valid gutter pigeons enterprise carnival-of-pigeons de rigueur, they’ll go through all sorts of rigorous pigeon tryouts and husbandries to make the real pigeon aficionado flock-du-carnavalesque comme ça web app enterprise mock-up talks and write ups, had talked about a waffles and butter syrup breakfast for all pigeons, to all ends of the sustainable enterprise means.

Mock-up everything, it sounds good as tech-breakfast, all throughout workday: and it is « will check and verify » also a time-sensitive goods preservative culture. I’ll test the milk gallon: 60 hours, no; maybe 72 hours, or 48 hours, or so. I think it’s not gone bad yet, this specimen gallon jug.

The milk did go somewhat bad. It’s possibly something that could be redone and 

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