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Saturday, April 27

Transitioning off in to partitioning the pieces of Developer Enterprise in to separate (yet still Westside) linguistics and avian-centric blogging form, sorted out, at this point

The Broadway District's Food Banks 

are several and plentiful, from here to Downtown LA, 

for as much as I've traveled from here to there.  

I spent some time on my Google Calendar app today.
Try it on Enterprise!

It takes a hefty box, cart, or a heaping bag-full to carry all of the food back home, make sure to pack accordingly.

Tuesday, April 23

A lifestyle lesson via a second-wind DTLA Valentine's do-over - [a Ralph's thing].

By now, everyone who shops at DTLA Ralph's anytime lately must know about the Lindt's chocolates boxes super deal thing they have. Compared to the boxed (packeted and package-sack'ed) versions, the deal is amazing, at, like - $5.99 a pound of something.

DTLA Ralph's - thanks for the second Valentine's Day treats!

I've been indulging in these adieux-to-autumn-fall weather's changes into springtime here in Los Angeles chocolate deals as a temp-debit-card purchaser, as obviously a welfare-status (General Relief) recycling-bum [recipient] Google app-enterprise domain webmaster would chomp on as to attest to life's sugar-cravings and constant battles with mood disparities as a trawled and stalked Section 8 housing recipient -

Where it is:

To some, it matters.

"Isn't that place a shithole of trawled-AFFminorities n' shit?" [sic]

Well, 😵

To be sincere, who could possibly live that one down? Trawled-AFF minorities identity? That somewhat bodes of the simplistic Wikipedia trawl-AF common weblurker identity needs-to "have-had; has-happened," n' such, so that people could find one a rational-minded literal 'one' to inverse with in a TMZ DTLA of our fine nation, of nonesuch ado as-towards like-minded discrimination, in order to finely attune oneself to the vast sprawl as-reality that it finds itself - the greater Los Angeles area.

Better spoken men have more liberty in their resources of mind. This blog is the actual place to find the freedom, although many (it seems) strive long, strong, and hard at hard-fought battles that had already been determined - at this point, years ago, as far as the general headliner news and edia outlets have been concerned, as accountable.

That being said, there's some things I just won't much tolerate about blatantly un-Christian morals-proliferation [asides ≤_≤ that] some people find aught of themselves - some post (***##@$$) whatever it might be called - we ought to be able to [as literal bums, pigeon'ing] (check-its)... <_<

Checking...sidewalk scrum bwitsies... sometimes. Though commonly.

Sometimes, lately, though, there's been diamonds sitting out on the sidewalk. Thus, the long-time pigeon'ing bum's (though vastly literate and sociable) [...*]℅

I found this, and several other diamonds on the ground recently.
It's been a diamonds kitsch thing lately, for the sidewalks trawler.

A long time coming, perhaps, for many a ground-trawling recycling bum('s) one that we are.

Some people don't buy it though. The trawl, the sprawl, the speed-induced psychosis Wikipedia slight-sociably BWAP of a reality BWAP.

Usually, beyond interrent Catholicism subjective invested egotism and sleights of post-grandeur European-imperial-and Golden-Age fancies - Wikipedia will have been annotated richly (well-enough);

Such that many children [I'd suppose] simply don't really need to go to school all the time anymore, especially with trawled-AFF minorities bwappin' AFF around certain parts of town... <_<

[Sarcastic, obviously. But here, for the iteration, for the literate Founding of knowledge-base casual-discoursing nuclear watershed-localization identity formative-sort self] - it gets that fart bubble co-location trawling stalker identity familiarity sort a more distinct sort-self discrete-lines of delineated domain-app-space developer Enterprise entity Google developer autonomy's discretionary logicelles of partiment, to keep things au français, of locality. A bit.

That being said, to continue on like that produces (I've say - something at minimum [ ... 'distanced' ...] , a bit, from a vast blatant sex-offendee identity, although many of small scope and trawl small of means of men, of other sorts of men -

Considering that were all different. Let's face it. We're different. Unless it's fantasy fetishizable mindset time masturbatory inductive-self of internet radiant source of trawled-AFF convo-salient topic-at-point:

Try as I'd not,

How bout it?


Okay. Just imagine that some people see through the vast fetishization trawled-AFF, and some


Everyone is different.

Let's face it. Imagine, perhaps, that a onversation partner is more into alternate 50% internet (supposed) activities at a different score and threshold attainment aptitude lesser sex offender type than supposed, par convar-say-shitsicles b

Something like that. Just not looking for such outright sociable offense offhandedness. It's supposed to be funny enough, but ...

Eh- I dunno. Whatever. I did the same thing.

[ Of all things... ]

But then the {some shit}...

Just no way. I just never really got off like that, [by far...] Kinds of stuff.

Trawled-AFF minorities Master race shit, I stopped at that point. I couldn't muster the madness about it.

The thing that I've figured is that everybody fancies themselves, or fancies a narcissist - as a certain percentile personality type - only perhaps 1-4% [actual, by stats] of supposed commonality sorts of encountered in life personality types. That's your indulgent sly quip chance at flirtatiousness, yet delving into that somebody (over a spread of time) will appreciate the baby-aff shit, perhaps not. That could be a different alternate discrete logicelle self of the other, the conversational aspirant partner.

Multiply the likely hood that somebody of a 1-4% identity will understand likeness in society (f2f) reality type reality BWAP, and past age 30, the validly schizoohrenic ones have been bwapped schizophrenic to bwapp them into valid adulthood. The ones who BWAPP-AFF bwammmm... A real one...

That's a different type and sort that end up as one of the trite bwipps of sociability - as I'd put it - the interrent vastly improprietous intermittent laugher upon a completely inappropriate moment of serious linear formative sort discourse.

Try that in a stats bwapp-aff machine Deus machina and I'd suppose that you'd probably look like a jokestable sex-offender enough off-handed sort to just have been bwapped-AFF of the 12 steps recovery program, and you could just admit it( (the rhetorical self).

Obviously, it's uncommon to be encountered by that, but I'm the guy who does that 'kinda' thing to people. It's my formative discourse analytical critical mind-self-interrent ad hoc suitable professional ethical mid-senior-post-Csuite-gigjob-daynight-youngmid-professional-aside-academia identity thing just somewhat plays out as. It's objectively good for you (the rhetorical self, as it comes out, doled "...*" as grammatically as by stats that would have of it, on AZERTY, of all things. I fancy AZERTY.

Done. I figure that's good enough for now. Better than I found (encountered) you.

Sunday, April 21

The transliterative word intensive is likened to hearing the sprighteningly sparrow's squabble at morning, or at shop.

It is considerate of recombinate features that sincile a due-to-forth unferstanding of the imperative-ness-aietivity unsecle-supposed, ... Ahem... Of the at-hand.

Its, ...

To attest to -

The at-hand :

- of feeding the sparrows, at minimum, as a stated expectation,

- typically; would follow :


Some pigeons as well.

Some mentioning of the[space] undersranding of what it means to be properly pidgin, in English. (With plenty of emphasis on feeding the birds, as well).

Saturday, April 20 « Made with Google » PidginKit TalkBox Actions Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. User Privacy Policy

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The licensors and open-source development projects I'd been indebted to may (or may not) collect user data in the form of cookies.

It has been the ethos of this .institute web and mobile app and digital accessory production foundry that offering user data, metrics, usage information, system info, and user feedback is a productive manner with which to establish an efficacious development ecology, within the digital foray of the internet, which is the basis of much of our communications today, and from here forth, as well.

Some of the products produced of and umbrella companies will fall under the following additional privacy policy:

This product is intended for academic and scholastic learning environments. As such, and at that, or consideration, the product will be updated along an astute development project architectural fundamental underpinning, aimed at burgeoning a much-standardized threshold of user intelligence based upon Google Mobile Services and Android Open Source Project's code-scripting, libraries, and Multi-Device Management protocols, as the end-user receives them [the user interface and experience through Google Actions developer through « Made with Google » by and supporting cooperative efforts.

As such, the expectations upon the end-user and developer(s) are bound by United States of America Federal Trade Commission by-lines and rules; particularly the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, 15 U.S.C. 6501–6505, pertaining to rules regarding online interactions involving children under the age of 13 years. aims to produce digital products, services, and elsewise (such as hardware) which will be suitable for users of various discrete age groups, while providing a suitable backdrop of learning, lifestyle, and technology that is delivered with an aspiration towards artisanship and hand-crafted authenticity.  

Thanks for using products by

Saturday, April 13

A weekend of trifle, blasphemous drama - the various things of the linear mind date time and identity - to Pasadena and then out of town.

Things have been getting to have been seen as an emergent crisis beyond attestment at my home, and 


in leaving, there were others in various locales to consparige the debacle. 

Although seeming nothing (much) new, there was an alts-jours carnival in establishment of being set up on the foray of my turn street, at home, at Broadway at 90th - stretching to Manchester. It was an unexpected and somewhat beauteous thing to imagine that there was a carnival simply, as such - right outside my front door, just up the street; me with my pigeons carnival blog and app in development. 

I had achieved several of many things that ought have needed to have been done by now - this day being Sunday the 14th, and many of my endeavors having been disparaged of interrent, latent, or otherwise - various debacles of a less merited cause for me to have attached myself to during those times.  

Monday, April 1

mbed'ing the Google Assistant Services (gRPC) Software Development Kit on to your Google AIY Voice Kit 2.0 Raspberry Pi Zero WH board from Target.

curl -sSL https://~`/•^°\=✓*bwip!!.com/installSlædeAeffe.™pac | sudo bash

???? {something like that, maybe}

The point is to develop the single threaded processor as a Complex Instruction Single Compute CISC processor (perhaps ad hoc usage somewhat)

to manage the various duties that the board can field and relay as far as sensory I/O and for the voltage required to push or throttle the calibration of the compressor/envelope signals in some notion of that the Google Assistant API - which is a massive undertaking of interfacing capabilities in libs and process-scripting of requiring all of Google's API repositories in being suited on-hand for the controller device as a « self-hosted » full server interface.

Important: this librarybwipp/>∆ is known as « gRPC » on GitHub or similar Unix / Linux architecture sort repository.

This sort of purpose in enterprise développent is otherwise known as a .icu (colloquially), of general Top Level Domain web app development.

=>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =<> =>< =0/*6

  # Perhaps, 1st of all, port scan (ioctl?) [Check]
      # the mbed board; perhaps at (best
          # site for embedded device platforming, frameworks
         # and as a lib / script / proc - subtype
       # « customizing » (tryna) purpose about IoT device board
     # purchases in slædd'nAeFFé™ multivariate distributions
   # to bwipp pigeon around, see what's bwi-bwippsies
                   /`~/•^°\==✓°`* bwippzsi*'ieezz<_ span="">

Cooooooo- wu-WuWU wroooóoooooóoo....

=>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =><% •°√~\•^°/=~'* bwi√p¶sie$*:-/

    # « | »
« %7c »

  tcp/udp ipv4/v6 in the address line.
  # # in case your browser features a command-address line as for the
Straight Line | | delineator separator thing, as for UTF-8


At some point, it's back to the instructions for doing the development board mbed thing of getting it working or better.

=>< =>< , =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =><

Creating a Virtual Environment

Python 3.3(+) 

The 'venv' module.

Invoking the virtual environment is important to previz the middle ground between scripting code and commands (libs / firmware flashing) in to the embedded device.

# # you'll need to know the path to your desired destination device, which isn't an off-hand easy thing to simply stated or claim, and as well pull it off like bwipp-si*ezzz.

=>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =>< =

Okay, perhaps not, though. Not Python, I'd decide - for this one. I find some of the syntax in Python to be contrary to some of my efforts at understanding scripting and coding, as a musician at heart. I'm planning on going with a Java embedded platform.

Update: May 6th, 2019:

Instead of continuing to try to SSH in to the Voice Kit 2.0 as a first-off consideration, I purchased a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable at Fry's Electronics; a warehouse electronics specialty store. I was pleased to see the results when I plugged it in and booted up the system - a complete Linux operating system contained within the small Google Cardboard Voice Kit.

The home screen of the Google AIY Voice Kit 2.0 - a complete Linux operating system in and of itself

Check out my newer blog posts to see progress I've made on a concept for the AIY Voice Kit 2.0 embedded platform based on Dialogflow - a conversational interface for Google Cloud Developers.

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