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Friday, August 12

Fresh, healthy meals for on the go lifestyles (or delivery) by Everytable. (Product Review)

Being out and about, on the go, in metropolitan Los Angeles, 

I’m always on the lookout for a great deal on food, as well as nice establishments offering food, so I couldn’t refuse the offer I saw, this morning, as an Everytable van passed me by - there was a promo code on the van for 4 free meals (via Everytable’s meal subscription service). It’s essentially an offer for 4 free meals, over the course of a month. At a quick glance, Everytable does freshly-prepared meals that are made with delicious and good-tasting ingredients. I chose their “trap chicken curry” meal. 

The meal itself is fairly tasty. There’s many more options available, on Everytable’s online ordering menu, as well as in-store.

I made it a point to try out the offer, and I headed out to the Los Feliz Everytable store. The store features nice accommodations, such as some indoor and outdoor tables and seating, power outlets, a restroom, friendly service for pickup orders, microwaves, for heating up ordered meals, and a nice, clean, minimal aesthetic. It’s simply good food, with a good social purpose about the company, as well - their current policy is to donate food orders that have been ignored, for pickup, or orders otherwise abandoned, after one day, of not being picked up. It’s a courageous and enterprising thing to achieve at, for Everytable, given that some people are flaky or hostile, at times, about needing this or that, here in Los Angeles. Please make sure to check them out, if there’s a local Everytable store in your neighborhood. 👍🏻

Friday, August 23

Target has yet another Apple iPad Sale Event going on this week.

I finally sealed the deal for my own new Apple Wi-Fi only 32 GB device through using

To have some credit extended to me for the purchase of the device has been a huge boon, I'm sure. I feel like I'll responsibly (and easily) handle the amount loaned to me (about $128 total).

Using is easy enough. 

Affirm takes a miniature credit check stance; apparently it doesn't affect the consumer's credit rating. Although I did get some notices the last time around I tried to use Affirm, in the beginning of this month, to make the same purchase, this time the process went very smoothly; I was able to alter the amount I needed lended to me several times as I was changing Target in-store pickup locations. The amount owed to Affirm as a down payment varied from pennies to several dollars, depending on where I wanted to pick up the device in-store. 

A deal like this is a rare find. had the same deal happening early in the month, and through not having my CA ID, I wasn't able to pick up my item from the store the first time I made this order for the same iPad model.
Now I have my ID, thankfully.
Although it looks like I have a mullet, I don't, in fact, have a mullet.

Saturday, April 20 « Made with Google » PidginKit TalkBox Actions Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. User Privacy Policy

The mobile app, web app, and scripting actions, and content of products produced of the organisation fall under several to many various licensing agreements at the time of this writing, May 2019. Given such circumstances, and on account of scaled delivery timelines in mind, a conservative user privacy policy is requisite in order.

The licensors and open-source development projects I'd been indebted to may (or may not) collect user data in the form of cookies.

It has been the ethos of this .institute web and mobile app and digital accessory production foundry that offering user data, metrics, usage information, system info, and user feedback is a productive manner with which to establish an efficacious development ecology, within the digital foray of the internet, which is the basis of much of our communications today, and from here forth, as well.

Some of the products produced of and umbrella companies will fall under the following additional privacy policy:

This product is intended for academic and scholastic learning environments. As such, and at that, or consideration, the product will be updated along an astute development project architectural fundamental underpinning, aimed at burgeoning a much-standardized threshold of user intelligence based upon Google Mobile Services and Android Open Source Project's code-scripting, libraries, and Multi-Device Management protocols, as the end-user receives them [the user interface and experience through Google Actions developer through « Made with Google » by and supporting cooperative efforts.

As such, the expectations upon the end-user and developer(s) are bound by United States of America Federal Trade Commission by-lines and rules; particularly the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, 15 U.S.C. 6501–6505, pertaining to rules regarding online interactions involving children under the age of 13 years. aims to produce digital products, services, and elsewise (such as hardware) which will be suitable for users of various discrete age groups, while providing a suitable backdrop of learning, lifestyle, and technology that is delivered with an aspiration towards artisanship and hand-crafted authenticity.  

Thanks for using products by

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