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Tuesday, May 7

Preparing the pigeons' feed for the day - Peanut Butter and Jelly Pidgin Cheese Sandwiches.

Pidgin Cheese? 

One might wonder...

What does pidgin cheese taste like?

This cheese, which I'd been preparing since late Fall, 2018, is a warming, savory, salty and sweet, all-in-one ad-hoc condiment complimentary to grain and dairy dishes, such as plain corn flakes cereal, yogurt and granola, or something similar. 

I became fascinated with the advent of Whole Foods DTLA offering rennet, for cheese; having been a former "cheesez of Europe" aficionado as a consumer in years prior.

Come to think of it, actually, the discovery came in the summer, when I procured the rennet first of all, and I created a pigeon guano moldy butter cheese that smelled fantastically like Cheez-its. This second go-round with cheese came possibly around Halloween, when Ralph's started offering eggnog. I felt it was a good base to start a cheese on, and months later, after letting the culture sit out warm, sealed(-ish), and raw, I decided to turn it in to a custard cheese, to continue.

I added about a dozen egg yolks, (possibly more), and some fresh rolled red peppercorns, yellow and black mustard seeds. Then I boiled the mixture lightly, not yet solidified, but I added red icing topping for cakes to the mixture, and pink Himalayan salt, 8-10 ounces. It turned out a significantly salty cheese concentrate.

The custatd cheese salty-sweet admixture proved to be an excellent topical skin care product, as well as good for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches soaked in milk.

I gave some to the pigeons, as well.

Try it out! 🦉🐔🏆🍽️


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