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Friday, June 7

Golden hour at Los Angeles State Historic Park (a photo-blog)

The golden hour, as it is known, is a fortuitous place and time with triangulation in mind, in regards to photography. 

It would appear, and I heard it so, that I just happened to hit upon the golden hour here at Los Angeles State Historic Park, nearby the southernmost building as a photographer, with my new TCL Alcatel LX phone, with an 8 megapixel rear camera. 

I'm definitely pleased with the results. The slim crescent moon is just overhead, around 6:45 pm as I face a tree off to the side of the western edge of DTLA. The sun is 20°-30° over on my right hand side, and it's a mildly warm summer day that started with thick haze, nearly precipitation, but only some barely sprinkles in the air, this morning.  

In imagining how I might [or what I might] like to have within the frame, there ended up being three types of photographs. The first, I had imagined, ought to be a panorama, as a survey of the grounds of the park, with the towering high rise buildings as a focus; the foreground - young trees, lawn and hills, grit dirt winding walking path. Instead, however, I accidentally hit the time lapse button, so I've got a first-off Impressionist rendition a la Claude Monét or Vincent Van Gogh.

A photographic Impressionist image, if I might say so, myself.

The contrast of the setting sun over the hills, with the palm trees, Elysian Park, and some institutional buildings of Chinatown frame the monochromatic

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