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Saturday, May 11

Deal on now at Ralph's for pork loin, only $1.99 a pound.

I've got a great collection of spices and ingredients from a move-out trash dive at one of my pidginHub Landings - an alley behind the SB buildings on 6th at Spring.

It's an Indian sub-continent array of flavors; 

I'm going to cook up this pork loin on a slow roast: 200-275 or so, for several hours. 

A delicious large pork loin (spare ribs) from Downtown Los Angeles Ralph's.

The main theme of the flavor will be a coconut milk wasabi sweetened soy sauce, with a slight curry aspect about it.

This dish should prove to be a very delicious mildly sweet meat, good with white rice.


Too soon, but first, too bad. The preheated oven was dialed down upon smelling the dish cook. Then I set the temperature in the oven to near-broil. After about 30 minutes, or so, I have a succulent and tender white meat - placed meat-side down to soak in the liquid broth - it's a good mixture, tasty and healthful, with bone marrow liquids seeping out of the bones and in to the broth.

I cooked the first slab a bit quick, on accident. This pork loin was cooked near broiling for about 30 minutes. The marrow is bloody, still, and it's seeping out. 
Having lifted and inspected what I'd been working on, for the dish, I realized that I would single-handedly be able to finish two racks of pork loin before it goes bad, so I got the second one out of the fridge to cook it.

A vertical view of the bone marrow juices as I throw on another slab of ribs in to the pan

Smouldering (smoke flavor) in ovens - using corn husks.
I lit a corn husk and let it smoulder inside of the oven to give this pork rib recipe some authentic smoke flavor.

Mmm... Nice and juicy pork chops with rice.

Thin slices off of the large rack.

The two racks of ribs stayed well in the fridge, (and still juicy) for 5 days. I just finished the meat, now I have bones for pork marrow soup.

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