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Thursday, January 30

The Suorin Drop flavored nicotine salts and juices inhaler. Versus [comparison] Fuchai 200W | Puff Bar e-cigarettes.

The Suorin Drop nicotine inhaler is an attractive rechargeable nicotine inhaler.

The Suorin Drop Nicotine juice inhaler by Shenzen Bluemark Technology comes with a USB cable, package inserts, quality certification, and, of course, the Suorin Drop 2-piece body: one piece is the battery, USB port, and I/O juice charger; the other is the juice receptacle with a wick for the juices, an airhole, and the other end of the I/O charge pins 
The Suorin Drop hits pretty smoothly with a puff-puff sort of suction intake. I went to several stores around the DTLA area after I became fascinated, once again, with nicotine inhalers after I had found and lost one over the previous several days at the beginning of the month; and, as well, while undergoing midsummer shopping-haul shipping mania; whereas I think that shops had been doing an alternate Black Friday set of deals for faithful customers. 

I also (luckily) received an in-line (while checking out; that is), of a genuine Apple iPad Smart Cover from a very nice lady who noticed that I was having some trouble with getting my PIN number to work during the transaction. 

The lady who offered (and succeeded in offering), to extend a helping hand in my Target purchase paid only $11.00 plus tax for this iPad Smart Cover case. It was $39.99 originally.

I stayed the night in Pasadena (ostensibly probably Blogging, as well), and the next morning I came across a Targus tough shell iPad case, as well.

It was going down, at Target, on this Sunday night (July 26th, 2019), as far as spectacular sales prices on Apple products. The deals weren't listed online, and they weren't taking rain checks. 

That being said, I've still to unravel the debacle of not having my ID to pick up the next weeks' deal, which was an iPad for $249.99; down from $329.99 MSRP. 

Short of that, I don't quite look too young to purchase a nicotine inhaler; the Suorin Drop, which I had found, previously, around the USC area during some of my trash dive hauls in fortunate times of luck, or by considerate design, [as, it turns out, oftentimes, it seems], in that it feels like people leave out considerate trash dive "hauls" of cool stuff, such as a trial previous Suorin Drop and juice container (separately, though). Persistence and perseverance had paid off in finding a new favorite nicotine inhaler solution. 

I got juices and the Suorin Drop for $50 in Skid Row's tobacco and smoke shop specialty district around 3rd at San Pedro. I'll have to find the name of the store. The man was nice enough to accommodate my budget.

Cirque du Salt Strawberry-flavored nicotine salts juice.

Updates: regarding trash-dove’n gained nicotine (e-cigarette) inhalers. [It's about time]. 

The latest craze around the University of Southern California | discarded e-cigarette | trash-diving context is the über-stylish and compact Puff Bar, which is obviously any one of the four rectangular e-cigs pictured above. These nicotine inhalers really haven't been beat, in my experience, as far as flavor. Their "ice" flavored varieties, such as Banana Ice, Peach Ice, and the Cool Mint one, for that matter, are truly icy-cold puffs of flavored nicotine. My favorite, so far, has been Lychee Ice. 

 The big-hitting Fuchai-200W variable wattage nicotine inhaler. Many people have seen them. The guys who effortly blow massive clouds of nicotine juice vape outside, while non-partakers figure that they could blow a cloud that big, if they only but tried. 

I found this one on a trash dive today, out in Silverlake. It was perhaps intentionally discarded, as I checked out the internals and I/Os about it, and it's a non-recharchagable, special battery-powered unit. I was determined to find some batteries for it, the same night, and see it working, despite the fact that it had been dropped in water, and the batteries inside it had become rusted (not corroded, though). I trekked out to Hollywood Blvd., since the stores around Skid Row are 9-5 type shops, wholesale, that kind of thing, for the most part. Thankfully, I happen to look like a guy who can finagle a mark-down, just on account of my apparent visual poverty. The first guy who had the batteries was trying to do them for $15 a piece - an unfair attempt at markup, based on the prices I'd seen online for the batteries. I managed to wrangle the second vendor in on the notion that I was making him a sale, of perhaps "just sitting there" inventory. He had a lower starting price to begin with, - $20 for two (the thing requires two batteries), and I had $14. It was a done deal. He told me not to push the button and try it, before I got any juice in it, but when I got home and tried the thing out, it was a blessed power-hitting, cloud-blowing massive one, just like imaginably. A person could probably be gross and stick alternative choice materials in the juice container, but I'd think that that would become objectively distasteful. I'll stick with the nicotine juice. 

Monday, January 6

Product Review - naztech 75W Ultra-Thin USB-C PD Laptop Power Bank

The naztech Ultra-Thin USB-C PD Laptop Power Bank is an ideal solution for powering an iPad Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, Microsoft Surface, Chromebook, or Google Pixelbook.

Not only does the power bank charge devices faster, with the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 standard (green USB outlet); here, the device charges up to 3 devices at once, through two standard USB ports and a USB-C port, while also being able to charge the charger itself.

I decided to purchase this laptop power bank, in preparation for my pickup at Target of my new 2019 iPad 7th Generation. Having had a standard hand-sized mobile device charger previously (several various ones, actually), I decided to up my standards in mobile device charging against the 1% [barely there] charging that the smaller devices produced on my 6th generation iPad (now gone and traded, for my iMac 2010 model). The naztech Laptop Power Bank will power a USB-C port'ed phone of about 15% power bank battery to 30% phone charging. While it's not the most dense battery pack out there, it does it's job well, of working with efficiency if I'm able to stick nearby to where there's power outlets supplied, out and about, around town.
The naztech Ultra-Thin USB-C PD Laptop Power Bank is reasonably larger than a phone, by a fair amount, and thicker than a phone, at that. Despite having other cheaper options (I purchased it at Fry's Electronics for about $75, including sales tax), I'm counting on plotting out a lifestyle trekking habit of making sure I get home earlier and keep my charger plugged in, when I can, while also making sure that I get a more efficient charge, while I'm out and about. This way, I'll be more focused on working quickly, staying available with my devices, and not running out of juice when the time is important - a most unfortunate scenario, when I'm inspired in writing, photography, graphic design, illustration, studying, and research, etc.

The 45-watt wall charger charges the Laptop Power Bank very quickly; just minutes to get it up 10% or so. It's a bit of tricky psychology; while I'm not used to devices charging so quickly, it also makes me forget (somewhat), that it's just a battery, and my mobile production and development devices are constructed to use power efficiently, not as quickly as possible. I determined that the upgrade to a laptop-charging standard is a good idea; the smartphones of today have the capabilities (processor and RAM-wise) of computers such as my 2010 iMac have - a 3.2 GHz quad core processor and 512MB of VRAM; 2-3 GB of RAM on a recent release iPad or cheap Android phone, such as my ZTE Z971. The naztech charger promises 250% quicker charging than standard charging devices (running at 5W x 2.1-2.4 volts).

Friday, August 23

Target has yet another Apple iPad Sale Event going on this week.

I finally sealed the deal for my own new Apple Wi-Fi only 32 GB device through using

To have some credit extended to me for the purchase of the device has been a huge boon, I'm sure. I feel like I'll responsibly (and easily) handle the amount loaned to me (about $128 total).

Using is easy enough. 

Affirm takes a miniature credit check stance; apparently it doesn't affect the consumer's credit rating. Although I did get some notices the last time around I tried to use Affirm, in the beginning of this month, to make the same purchase, this time the process went very smoothly; I was able to alter the amount I needed lended to me several times as I was changing Target in-store pickup locations. The amount owed to Affirm as a down payment varied from pennies to several dollars, depending on where I wanted to pick up the device in-store. 

A deal like this is a rare find. had the same deal happening early in the month, and through not having my CA ID, I wasn't able to pick up my item from the store the first time I made this order for the same iPad model.
Now I have my ID, thankfully.
Although it looks like I have a mullet, I don't, in fact, have a mullet.

Monday, October 29

Planning my next-month's income from CA state General Relief money ($221) , I came across an iPad Air 2 on craigslist

I was super excited to find an iPad 128 within my specs in a craigslist search

After discovering that the "iPad 128" search query on craigslist (without quotes, though), has been, and is, apparently, still being spammed with tons of bulk iPad buyer ads.

Ostensibly, it's keeping some people busy and we'll go do, enough, to get by like that, aside from doing development work in establishing their own discoverability and merit in putting out content as far as advertising goes. That's just my take on it, after having done craigslist stuff for about 10 years before everything gave out as far as willing clients in the tech and sys and computers section, now finding myself doing well enough with a Google Domains Blogger site, an AdSense account that will earn me some money, over time:

I sent the seller a long email explaining my predicament of how I've ended up out here, as a homeless person again, and how the iPad Air I had previously was my iPigeon, to begin with. 

Hopefully the seller will get back to me and hold off on selling the iPad Air 2 that's listed until I get money on the 2nd, and hopefully I'll see a reply in my email before then, or a call or text, or something. 

If not, I was somewhat already set on perhaps just continuing on with another device from SafeLink / TracFone and T-Mobile, 

Which, I had just happened to have noticed, aside from doing any significant research into the board-level programming and circuitry soldering that finds itself on any part device:

in any case, they are [the microprocessors of our mobile devices and IoT small computers; physical web products, etc.:  

all programmed on the same low-level hardware and firmware circuitry end of provisioning the worth and product of the device it ends up on, (Apple or not), I noticed, 

by ARM {numerical} as far as I'd discovered, curiously, by noticing that the Alcatel devices listed on the SafeLink site had a Cortex A7 designation, obviously a familiar thing to correlate with Apple "A" series processors. 

From a preliminary look over some of the abstracts, it would seem that some of the notions of a faster processor, being released year by year, are actually achievements of the programmers at the device manufacturing companies and at the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Perhaps there's some dispute over who does what and where it might go; the credit and designation of which particular job [that's how it's playing out in my mind, anyhow].

I suppose that, however the beginning of the month plays out, and from now until then, I'll definitely need to do something about my broken screen on this one, that I'm writing from, the Alcatel A574BL, which, as it turns out, has not been a poor device for me, and it's purported to be running at Quad-Core A7 processor make at 1.4 GHz, with unlimited data on the Government-provisioned welfare SafeLink TracFone program, which, for me, is being served through T-Mobile, who, just yesterday, know fact, had a local and regional merger with Metro PCS; 

hopefully, they won't disparage their locality presence in the Los Angeles area, by disparaging clients and customers of the slight discrete notions of "free" phones, as is advertised in ghe large text of their marketing serve, whereas the small text of it proves that it would end up a tricky thing to plan and budget for, for the strange numbers of number variables that are being thrown around in offering 4 phones for "free," as is stated.

I had trouble with some notion similar to something like this in dealing with T-Mobile, and then, in department 95 in Metropolitan DTLA court, I saw a reasonable doppelganger, at least of his looks, of the T-Mobile CEO of Twitter showing up "stuff," whereas I haven't seen him placed in front of my dashboard 'first off,' for getting on to the Twitter tab on Chrome, and then Me. Branson, on the other hand, has been showing up more regularly. 

I feel like it was a totally drug-infukgent courtroom ostensible about it; the mental health department 95. Me too, but I just happened to show up as a recycler of cans and bottles who didn't hop the bus, so I showed up late, and then I got remanded. 

I'm gonna go off and do some photography. 

Thursday, June 14

New Have-at: top cute iOS apps from [cross out] for an iPad-Photographer's-to-Illustration-Analog-to-Digital-Aficionado's Dream-Workflow-Status Array

  1. imaengine
  2. SVG Unlimited
  3. Adobe Draw
  4. Creative Cloud
  5. iColorama
  6. Adobe Concept
  7. Google Drive
  8. Hydra
  9. Facebook
  10. Twitter
  11. Tumblr
  12. AUM
  13. AudioCopy
  14. SoundCloud
  15. Apple iOS Photos
  16. iOS Accessibility
  17. TweetRoot
  18. Acoustic Picture Transmit
  19. Virtual ANS
  20. Euclid's Book of the Elements I + III
  21. Pret a Template
  22. Logotastic
  23. Molecule Design
  24. Fractals
  25. Kaleidoscopic
  26. Hyperspektiv
  27. Virtual Room 3D AU Audio Unit
  28. Domainr
  29. Google Maps
  30. Apple Maps
  31. Ads and Analytics - YES! On! All of them okay!
  32. Significant Locations
  33. Adobe Captivate
  34. Qleedo
  35. Agile Tortoise - Phraseology
  36. Meme-maker for iconic memes
  37. Wells Fargo Bank
  38. Wikipedia
  39. Map Area Calculator
  40. Arc-GIS
  41. Ibru
  42. Squeak!
  43. Concentric
  44. Gradient
  45. Meta + Exif photos
  46. Pro Shot + Perspective Fix
  47. Cross DJ Pro
  48. Licensed iTunes singles of your favicon songs! Perhaps futurebass mix 2 * and chill trap - YouTube for beats.

Recent iPad illustrative ink brush renderings and great scene photography of pigeons out by the California African American Museum by Exposition Park, USC, and the [Science Foundation] (I guess; off-hand guess). Great Overexposure Southwestern Thematic-type LUTs, for photogs, colorists.

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