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Sunday, November 17

I missed inkTober this year, but I'm still good for the brush art.

I've been digging heavily in to the resource downloads and documentation of iPadOS and related Apple Developer topics since I purchased my iPad. 

It's been a tough transition in to the Autumn season, as the stuff going on aside from my work, of unrelated personal strife [long story 🙄] due to unforeseen circumstances, {... <_ blockquote="" etc.="">
I hadn't made it on to Tumblr recently, anyhow, so I'm not exactly sure if it was largely a big 2017 thing, or what, but I did seem to notice that 2018 was a bit less celebratory about inkTober, 

- which is a Tumblr thing.

I had my own concurrent developments in to ink brush illustration work, on paper, completely autonomously of any awareness that an inkTober celebration of ink illustrative works was in the making, behind the scenes, but I definitely didn't miss it, as Tumblr, at the time, was my preferred blogging platform, and they had some good obscure cultural finery of literary and otherwise digital publication stuff going on, as well.

I use #hashtags on my social media accounts when I'm starting out an account that I'm trying to send some feelers out as for my potential reach and affections that I might get for my compositional offerings, at least of my visual works. My written works tend to get me hits, but not really much feedback, otherwise. I suppose that's typical of a solitary writer | blogger enterprise of "just some guy." 

As I'd been working on I/O next 20¹9-ing my iPigeonPad development device enterprise applications and services [self-]modules out, over several thousands of pages of documentation and hundreds of gigabytes of downloads, amidst trying to catalog and annotate some of it, in my cloud storage configurations, I'd obviously have had been doing the .icu internationalizations, transliterations, and localizations thing to the best of my Google- and Apple-glot babbel configurative and formative written-works (behind-the-scenes) studies 

[Intel and IBM also play significantly in to these sorts of efforts, as well as some other establishments, which I'm sure I'll cover later on, as well, as I go over the material again; and the licensing documentation and agreements, as my research and implementation roadmap gets laid out in the SoC and embedded | IoT field delves deeper in to a realization of the goals I'd had set out for me; as well as that I'd have done for myself, at some point, for doing this development | tech thing, like I do]. 

: To the current day's work, and back to the device and development story, ad-hoc via ink brush illustrative works on organic and digital media. 

Adobe does a nice article piece on the ostensible attractive features of the ink medium in their online documentation discussing their software platform offerings' latest release (Adobe Fresco, which is like Adobe Draw; an earlier vector illustration App Store and Google Play offering) for mobile devices, as well as techniques and concepts for delivering organic analog compositional features to the viewer through digitizing traditional hand-drawn - on paper (or similar medium), through other intermediate workflow apps such as Adobe Capture.

[Currently, (November 2019) Adobe Fresco is available only on the App Store]

The .icu framework, repositories, and libs (libraries) for development are based on the internationalization of a standardized Unicode text and symbolic character codex form, which becomes a complex topic when it comes to implementing a universal single coding language for representing all of the world's languages in their native written source native representation. 

The Unicode releases index page, which features the icu source code as one of the significant resource offerings of the organization's consortium. 
Flipping through the documentation of the Unicode standards offered on the Unicode web site reveals a highly complex programming and development context that had passed through various legacies and entities over the years, dating back decades, in to the earlier stages of computer console device manufacturing. 

These sorts of topics come in to play when it comes to displaying characters and fonts in the user interface, as well as in documents and in logging of information produced by the front and back end of what goes in to the human interaction element of device and hardware - otherwise known as the Hardware Abstraction Layer, or HAL.

Currently, I'm trying to bolster my skills in internationalization skills, as well as in sustainable development practices, so I've taken to adding dictation and device languages on my iPad, as well as accompanying keyboards. 
My iPigeonPad device, here; configured with Traditional Cantonese (Hong Kong) language as the device language. 
Although I have only the most trivial understanding of Cantonese, I felt that it was an important venture to pursue, for various reasons that have to do with Unicode and development sustainability concepts, as well as ink brush illustrative activities that would ostensibly suit some screen time away from a device, in learning a new and somewhat familiar language convention, given that I had grown up amongst regular encounters with the Cantonese language from attending Church with my mother when I was young (she grew up in Hong Kong, before migrating here, to the United States of America).

I'll update with more detail in how my research and development work, in this thread of capacity goes, as things progress.

Monday, July 9

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Anecdote of MFT truthing of drugs and truth of drug abuse; accuracy thereof.
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  • nous - novel nous v'elle we to her -- we (new) to her
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Jeanne d'arc - constititularuent prototypical French sainted figure: break down and out semantics and folklore to fluff demographics deviance

- park folklore, part trieste, part fluff - when did it happen?
- off - hand, not sure, but France, as it stands, is autiguinomously farced with living down its such-tosuppose peasantry finery aux-d'estates that it were; being a center of enlightenment and colonialism, did, at times, find the French establishment lacking in resources with which to fend off notable jaunts as towards a new, more flex recontre coup d'etait il coutrements that France had been reputable for, in neighboring imperial and sociopolitical upheavals. In essence, in being the progenitor of many an early modern period cultural heritage namesake t uphold, various geographical considerations of jaunting same old pigeons-feeding territory would come to laid-waste-to, and a Frenchman, many a pigeon fletch scrum jaunteded-AF buntiglios searching the nooks and the sidewalks or corners, inevitably pursued the next, most bold-AF jaunt: somewhere else.


Monday, May 14

The most outstanding chairsmatic moment statement; of earlier in the day. A panorama perspective about me, also in pictorial form.

 caught the moment in some notion in a few various takes, to detract from my stated purpose and reasonable attainment over the course of the day was that I would be occupied with my work in getting the blog posting, and more long-standing arcs of becoming a developer at task, from easier platforms of web and app enterprise that seem to be provisioned as perhaps various and pre-packaged  takes on what most commonly defines the user experience and interactivity with the technology software offerings by many developers and corporations across the globe, and currently, with particular focus on establishing newer and more meaningful experiences in which the technology aspect of it seems to fade, by notable distinction of a dynamic “other,” whereas people are most significantly drawn in to compelling human native interpersonal societal interaction, as sociable, face-to-face beings, as far as my most vast understanding of how and etc. - I have a by-and-large very simple and youthful, unassuming longstanding “had to,” supporting take on the undying longing to be amongst people who love us, as one of the cardinal destinations and homing instincts of any of life’s outcomes, over the very long course of our lives, of that I’m most sure, we are all similar in that common need.

As I’d commonly be known to discuss, as one of the first topics of order, to speak of, whether I encounter someone as new to me, or as a take on some very many meticulous courses of stressful psychology as for why and hey ought we consider each other, as socially-made and defined-as by the various common measures and discourse as to revisiting that cardinal needful self for relations with others, as far as they were concerned; in some cases those nurtured and cared-for needful things, as selves that we had of ourselves, or of about and around others, perhaps for decidedly poor reasons, as many types of people, as needful beings in life of various magnitudes, in so many variations on life, as commonly - young ones are, by all means, hardly ever co spiders it seen as to be thoroughly proper  in social etiquette, wherewithal, and resource to successfully manage healthful progressive social relationships of all people and personalities the modern global-national citizen of our age will reasonably encounter, and to healthful betterment through social engagement with society and individuals, alike.

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