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Sunday, July 12

July 11th in Los Angeles, CA - Civil Unrest on the Streets Leads to Near Rioting Effects.

Now, granted - I don't particularly know or believe [completely] what truthfully transpires in a location outside of my sensory perception; stark and vigilant that I may be, at times. 

I trust the news organizations and subsequent articles that get fed to me, through articles and media outlets, 

at least as much as they fulfill my inherent fearful primordial mind.

That being said, I couldn't deny the truths: of the significance of the dailies of an actual "about town" trot through the locales, as various as I might, for as fortuitous as my strength and aptitude compels me to: typically, for the duty of feeding the birds, gathering their food supplies from the grocery store, collecting recyclables, and the breadth of how weary and road-worn I've become, leading up to the day that I face. I try to take it one day at a time; for all that it construes and that might be inferred from that saying. I've been trying to form my scheduling around the Grand Central and API 23 Intel crosswalk accessibility standards, be it that I am, commonly, colloquially construed of a multi-threaded and novel suite of minds, about me, as I manage my self as my vehicle - keeping the risk liability factors of scrumming up a misfortunate encounter that would lead to my arrest, for a warrant, for example. Trying to keep up the look of the upright recycling bum; as a minimum.

I couldn't deny that police officers and law enforcement have it rough in Los Angeles, in general rhetorical imaginations of what they face, in opposition; and so much of it mobilized and willingly militant, of the various terrorist cells that they are, in and of: essentially, that they fare brutality and innocent casualties as their modus d'operandi, however generally lacking in intellectual merit and statutory form of reasoning, that it stands to be, given a talking to, nowadays (even still), and for what they sacrifice in public relations for taking such short-sighted approach to their public relations vehicles.

Now, on that note, I sometimes find myself talked in to a vigilant cautious modality of transporting my self, and my carriage, of which, in my most-latest refactoring of consideration (of what I might be, and appear as such, to the public's eye, for scrutiny - this is DTLA and greater Los Angeles, California; that being said. There are sensitive tastes and finicky appetites at stake, on the much-as-for-the-(largely)-unsupposed side of the schtick, for many of us, young ones - particularly as that we had grown up in imperfect settings, and had been subjected to nurturing environmental sleights and abuses, rendering many a sort, out there, predisposed to a mutiny, so to speak, on this ship that is the vehicle of our lives - rhetorically speaking: we live in America. We've known it, from our upbringing, or from hearsay, or propaganda - be it as depravity's siren call, that it might, in becoming - on deeper considerations - some people do take advantage, of a slight and subjective bias foundation, ignoring the bigger picture, of consequences - sometimes: I'd say that sometimes, people simply choose to injure the lesser formidable primitivistic victims, of an opportunistic | misfortunate circumspect in dynamic relation to each other.

  1. wary and unwilling to take risks.
    "the officials were very circumspect in their statements"
    on one's guard
That being said, it was the word that had transpired, of the moment that it was. That each one, as the dictaphone transcription had turned out, takes the circumspect outcome, put under duress, and the news media reports on it. 

That's about the degree of viable credibility that could be construed, out of organics in form and foundation, given a spread of days, given months, that the COVID-19 situations and underpinnings have been going on, largely underneath the watchful eye of « someone », I'll acknowledge at minimum that much: I do have to live up to a reputable aspiration seen through to fulfilling [at minimum] admirable deeds and sober words and affect that transpire, of me; improprieties that they might be, of various constraints, given ethics: I do try for at least API 23 accessibility and crosswalk Grand Central in time-threading. Sometimes, the timing is done for me. 

This past outing, however, I jaunted my carriage through and up out of Santa Monica, by night. The drops in barometer seemed like trivial concerns, compared to conceit, that I might typically have of myself (I get abused, commonly, in my internalized mind. Autonomy; none, that I expect, of my mind and my framework, most typical, that it turns out, in being). Novelty-ridden bum, as the latest contention of what might and had been construed of me, being the topic consideration, of some, that it had come to pass, to have been laid down, upon me, as the significant delimiting factor in judgment that was being tossed about, in some remote-[unprofessional]-working environment: much of to woes, given tides of the days, as they'd come, recently. This COVID-19 stuff has been going on for months, now. Out in DTLA, things are at a serious pitch, at a whim. 


(as it turns out)

Although, yesterday, in truthful actuality 

I had just stayed up all night. Now it's the morning. I'm blogging the report, for the insider prospectus replete and formidable news drop sequester - the final word, on the street, somewhat, as far as the scrum of last night.
That being said, the night went on late, and people had been particularly « nearly » at a rioting whimsical, of my pigeons-carnival [other] as dynamics, in the situation. I tried to, and - 

on some level, okay.

I did do the actually, of an actual day and night in passing.

Typically, I'd have fared worse. But I did take my medication, and I did fall asleep. 

Thursday, September 19

I'm being involuntarily hospitalized - possible foul play due to stalking and malpractice.

I think that my doctor's team is psychotic for some kind of bounty. I've been being stalked by my neighbors, who have kids, and they abuse them, and I feel like my social worker at The People Concern, Sarah Huizenga, is somewhat in the middle of a messy situation, with

Alexis Orens
600 S. St. Paul, 90017

and some guy named Lionel « Jackson », (sounds shifty), who looks like a Muslim, twisting her arm, perhaps. I have appointments with Sarah on Thursdays and I ended up being upended for no particular reason. I got taken in to LAC/USC. It's the Telecare doctor's school or attendance; perhaps relevant, and they complain about me being on social media and speaking out about the oppressions being lodged at me. 

Please help if you can, send me your prayers, and speak on my behalf, if possible. The last time I got taken in, my entire months and months worth of laboring work was ransacked from my apartment; an insult and injury I have still not financially recovered from. I feel like my apartment is at risk for a significant robbery. Fat people are at issue, here, as the possible and | or probable culprits; "Alexis" has been complaining in my head, as a stalker, as well as simply falsely-claimant social worker, from what I had heard of her, in that she claims that I "probably think that she's just a fat bitch," (sic).

Monday, August 26

A common day’s routine of morning pigeon feeding in DTLA. (A photoblog).

Pigeons, in an urban locale, have many various micro-localities and behaviorisms, to be seen, of expositional formations of a flock in garnering a meal, hopefully, from the public.

This sole avian creature, I might imagine as the “scout.” This is the first seeker, or perhaps he was left out of sufficient food enough, from the previous day. Other birds loom and perch nearby as they keep an obvious eye on this one.

After observing the fortunes of this one, having been tossed some breadcrumbs, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, broken up into pieces, (pigeons, at this stage in cross-species socialization with humans, [late August, 2019] are tentative about eating from ‘particularly’ human food resources.

A tentative pigeon?

Upper left.
The tentative pigeon, as one of the ostensible pigeons that might be encountered in attempts to feed or tame the birds, as feral pigeons. 

A tentative pigeon.
Perhaps the flock had been roused or rough-housed by some passersby, prior to this (most ostensibly, this type of thing does happen in Los Angeles). The tentative pigeon sometimes serves as the scout for the rest of the flock.

I hadn't fed the popular (and large) Broadway, between 5th and 6th, in a week or more, partly because of cost concerns, and also because I was keen on making gains in taming the smaller flock of pigeons and sparrows by the Grand Park Children's Playground; also to be found at the LAPD Central Division Park on some afternoons, this time, on account of there being music, dance, and performance events for the summer, at the park.

The LAPD DTLA Central Headquarters, next to City Hall and Grand Park, and Little Tokyo and the Arts District, (on the other side), features a popular dog park; potentially pigeons and sparrows like it also, after events at Grand Park, where I had become accustomed to feeding them in recent weeks.

Here's the LAPD lawn and popular dog park, where I spotted the pigeons and sparrows of Grand Park, after they fled, due to a series of evening and daytime events for DTLA revelers and partiers.

There's a pretty white-feathered pigeon; a mottled pigeon, and plenty of feral pigeons and sparrows that follow them around, as a dual-species flock in the area and neighboring locales. 

Back to the Broadway on South 500-600 (mostly there, anyhow).

I noticed that there was a great deal of bird physical size variance here; most obviously due to age, as it was perhaps breeding season recently, and this large flock would inevitably feature the new young birds in town. It's grown to what might appear to be nearly a hundred birds, or so. A daunting task for keeping them all fed. Thankfully, the nuns at the Sisters Disciples of the Divine Master and some of the shop owners where the pigeons flock and roost toss the birds seeds. At this point in time, it seems like the birds don't prefer or differentiate between one sort of food, or another. The other feeders must be keeping them well fed, at a sustainable pace.

The pigeons here on 500-600 S. Broadway eat their meal, then, with a powerful flutter, fly away in formation, a theatrical move to complement their considerate societal behavior.

One tentative pigeon remains, perhaps he just hasn't learned, as the rest of the flock has.

Wednesday, August 1

I got some real pigeons; a fantail and an Arabian.

They're a breeding pair,

I walked them most of the way home, to ensure their stability and safety during rush hour traffic. I was notably stalked by at least some individual, who keeps pulling over on the street and talking to me, and meanwhile, the presence of police activity as they showed up, was significantly up and down my specific beat, the windy corridor.

They did fairly well, coming home. I think that they are going to be faced with a significant burden on their stability, being that there's a local roost of pigeons nearby and I've collected their dry poop as guano, which has been curing here, and it has a significant attractive of molecular energies quality to it, as the wild pigeon roost poop is raw materials and wild birds don't notably have a source of water to drink, that I know about, around here; I believe that there will be some significant strain on domestic pigeons such that I've purchased, for the fact that perhaps simple osmosis of energies will take place between this pair and the wild population, outside.

Aside from that, I hope that the birds will herald an opportunity for creating a nice home here, and many pigeon homesteading adventures as a process of learning.

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