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Friday, January 17

The decay of literary and illustrative artifacts of on on släbed’en jaunted AF of most of of on of Hibachi AF of on släde.

These artifact, from my earlier blogging years on Tumblr, are from Spring 2017, I believe. They’d been living in my backpack, mostly, since that time, or on the wall, or within a stack of papers. The decay and damage from handling highlights the need for astute development in digitizing significant works of dharmic dictaphone transcription when artistic merit has been ignited, within a user base of a common kitsch.

Oftentimes, the original impetus behind a work is wrought, time and again, in efforts to recapture the inspiration that spun an original work, of a timely and well-attuned gesture, or motive, as it’s known in music theory. In ink brush illustration, as well as in au jour dictaphone renderings of speaking in tongues, or highly-insightful and effectively delivered speech of intelligentsia nature, the stakes at hand are such the same, as they are incidentally (at times) made beautifully (and rarely so) as singular works of spiritually enlightened works. 
I happen to not be significantly creatively and technically skilled, of an offhand consideration, well enough to render, by hand and by memory, much of any of a classical sort of work,  that would be considered, as such; much, lately. I don’t practice either. Not often, that is, although I do spend a lot of time poring over aesthetically valuable works and various other sorts of offerings of technical, impact marketing, symbolic, or artistic efforts in my studies for the sake of furthering my endeavors of app and enterprise development, and to create gestural finery when I might be able to (very commonly due to stimulation). [I am constantly reminded, by means of my lifestyle, of my relative and humble position in communing and portraying these works]. On some level, there’s stages of threshold glass ceiling in what I could aught be able to achieve, for any foreseeable given span of time. 
Hmm. I’ve been working, now, about 5-6 straight shifts, but I’ve made sure to [this morning] take my medications, turn off the hot pot {heater ad hoc}, and attend to all reasonable demands and | or expectations I’d be best suited for, in that the suggestions had been laid in at me like that, for various reasons. At some point, - . . . is always happening, during this course of work scheduling. It’s been an effective mode of productivity. Blog hits are at a sustainably moderate level of ‘more than before,’ and things ‘seem’ sustainable, as long as I remember to keep a well-composed trail of things that reliably portray ‘fluff,’ valuated content, or finery, depending on one’s disposition distinctiveness of perspective, on the portrayal of things. So, some things are simply works of upkeep, such as maintaining my ionic periphery catalysm salts and digitizing works of analogue creation, or re-analogizing digital re-creations of originally digital works by the various means offered, through handmade means. In the digital world, everything is a step-by-step process. 
I suppose that’s enough. Here are the artifacts; this is what they look like, and are left as, after the artistic and development process has laid in through them, of my enterprise.

On the other hand, looking forward, very quick, here - I have two works of inspirational ad hoc discovery: what appears, to me, to be a near-3D rendering of my existing round logo [something more to follow up on;  potentially after rest, in a day, or so: and the baby hummingbird in hand, which I handed over to a parentally [directly a parent of a child, already] responsible individual, whereas I was heavy-laden with physical burdens. Hopefully the bird survived the trauma of leaving the nest just fine, in the end, but it is a beautiful thing of folkloric epiphany and inspiration - the bird in the hand, as it makes it way in to line art form.

Trying to figure out which one is better?

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