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Sunday, January 10

Mic'ing for Personal and Enterprise Preeminence - Public Relations from the Mobile Device Tech and Lifestyle Perspective.

I don't care how you ended up becoming a bleeding-edge topic celebrity, of a grandiose ego and an eloquent charm, befitting of some "other place," where we're not, in general. Although if you're from somewhere else, that's kind of exotic, I suppose. Maybe I'm a fan, off-hand. 

But, on the other hand, I don't want to be insulting if you're corn-fed, standard. I could make you in to something better, I'd imagine. But this is text. It's got to cut to the grit of on: for real squirrels. 


Here, (January 10th, 2021) Google hadn't quite gotten through their latest big search algorithm endeavor of "Passage Indexing,"

Wednesday, March 25

Enabling Talk-as-you-type accessibility functioning on Android devices.

This is perhaps a useful set of features to discover, if [perhaps, to reiterate], it might seem as if brute Force disturbances are affecting your Android device, and, as well - functions as a suitable intelligence feedback partnering mechanism as text is typed out, delivering interactive feedback. 

At the outset of initiating the feature, there seems to be an intermittent barrage of claims of "Alternatives are dismissed," "Alternatives are available." Perhaps the device will learn intelligently to not do this, over time. On further inspection, it appears to lay out a backlog of enumerated menu options. Hmm. I'll get back to this blog, at some point, after shutting down. I'm going to have a bologna sandwich with cheese. 

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