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Thursday, August 25 City Business Tax works project - Plik-plok slabs of Greater Los Angeles, CA, USA.

An updating and follow-up astute job project profile, hosted on Google My Maps.

The project is supported by private corporate sponsorship “potential” (somewhat; I’d rather not disclose details). Much, or “potentially” all of the ongoing and updating job site materials are and or will be provided at’s burden of paying fair market value-basis locality (ZIP Code) use tax, which is equivalent to the sales tax rate (currently 9.50% [2022]), which I report and pay quarterly (try to, although I’ve been running behind, because of extraneous distractions). 

The project’s basis is founded upon the concept of supporting accessibility, within public spaces, and sometimes gray-area private property, when necessary - it seems to go over alright, when it’s me showing up and doing the work, on my own. 

Plik-plok slabs are an unfortunate consequence of various possible origins, sometimes they seem to arise out of public dissent and activism displays, such as uncommon traffic flows, both on streets, and on the sidewalks - showing up as fault lines, cracks, and hoisted slabs - for unknown reasons, they simply don’t all get tended to. In a .eco sense, it’s an unkind and exclusionary social ecology, where manufacturing and industrial verticals, as institutions that we all live in, and depend on - coming to a point of failure; many times, these visible markers of instability and troubled minds, perhaps, show up, disappointingly, at the outset of major work projects just within days, having been completed. 👀

In any case, for a pigeon-made man, that I am, on most days, I do a lot of pigeon-checking of the grounds, and, from recently having done cart-life, for a few weeks, or so, I can attest that these cracks are both hazardous fall risks, and the circumstances lend themselves to exclusions of disabled or otherwise burdened individuals, as well as the general public - who could deny that sometimes, even standard pedestrians fall victim to slight uneven surfaces in the pavement of the sidewalk, or for hoisted slabs, etc., causing an uneven grade to persist. 

Being that some of my internalized dramas that I receive as communications, of “some” sort (I at least perceive these things), I reasonably could stand to be the person to fix the faults within the spirit of my .eco umbrella, or within one of’s other arms of workflow concepts and formative design (really, this project could be a project, somewhat categorically proper, would that have been the case, but I can’t currently afford to run email addresses and enterprise features on each of my four websites that I currently (August 2022) manage and administer.

Have a look at some of the various job sites that I’ve caught sight of, and can attend to, and check back for news of the job sites having been satisfactorily repaired, as well as ongoing updates as to how long the repairs persist, as well as some on-the-ground corroboration and analysis as to why the repairs could have possibly failed or have had been thwarted.

For example, just “current moment,” a man with a high-pitched, tense yelling rant profile, commenting on “government” and “mother fuckers,” as red flag signals of someone having come to believe that they’re in control of something, or suitably reaching someone…

Even so, I sometimes try to step in, if I can figure out if there’s some way I could possibly stop the person, in moments like these, yet I’ve commonly fallen short, for the fact of that the person’s type of neurological disorder is conceivably beyond the sufferer’s capable mind’s resource, in accessing rationality, to calm themselves down. 

For now, I’m working on these plik-plok slab job sites - numerous that they are, as people would obviously notice, for the fact that much nicer parts of town feature better slabs, more consistent grading, and newer-looking materials on the sidewalks. I’m not suitable to fix most street-types of problems, so I’m focusing on the sidewalks, just to keep things simple, and since these things seem to have not had any update, and for the fact that I’m capable of doing this stuff. Sometimes, fun things happen along the way.

Saturday, August 15

Product Review - CCR Specialty Chemicals, LLC - 6-Methyl Coumarin | Benzyl Benzoate - via Who would have thought that the retail giant would emerge as a men's hair product and cosmetics source material chemicals supplier, at an appetizing scale, and with unexpectedly obscure reaches in to esoteric substances?

On one hand, news of Wal-Mart becoming a broad-economy merchant host of eCommerce had reached me, of some formerly dismissed news article publication sorts; or, perhaps, that I'd come across them in a web search while looking up product prices on Google.

Saturday, May 30

A methodology of choice in movement patterns within the context of collecting recyclables.

A simple photo-aided workflow of how I « most effectively » "could" establish a search inquiry in to the trash cans around a formative establishment of a recycler's good fortune: a well-traveled and well-patronized gas station establishment, such as the Shell station at Olympic at Grand, in downtown Los Angeles. 

The gas station is placed at an impeccable location - right up the street from the Staples Center, where sporting and entertainment events are common. I'd commonly discover rich caches of discarded recyclables in the trash, for example. Sometimes food. On a couple of occasions, a patron of the gas station would offer me charity. A man, who called himself Baba, had chatted me up, one time. He told me that I seemed like a good person, as I dug through the trash at the gas station. He offered me some change. The Indian Subcontinent people can be endearing, at times, as this man was, in his persona about me. He related to me in a spiritually enlightened sense. 

Here, I had left the gas station, and I set out to do a full survey of the « recyclables » area, as I was intent on seeking out, and discovering - all the recyclables that I might find, and collect, on my outing, for the night. Perhaps I had an endeavor to pursue; a bill to pay, an aspiration for the coming morning, perhaps. 

The next block over is Olive, I believe. This slight locale features an up-and-coming corporate identity and persona establishment, with the Oakwood corporate housing complex seated next to a Starbucks. The height of developing adults' expression of self-esteem in the confidence of their burgeoning professionalism careers. Here, in this trash can, I'd typically discover nearly-to-wholly-eaten meal packaging, drinks from Starbucks, and hard Seltzer's, which are common recyclables to encounter in the trash, for the fact that drinking alcohol in public is illegal. Do the patrons of the trash can |slight| locality conscientiously disburse of their cans, after drinking them inside? [the car? ... perhaps?]. 

Maybe. I, as a recyclables collector, would hope so. On one hand, for my own benefit, but also to engender the notion that such recycling jaunts are a venture establishment of the overseers of the Grand-Central-|ing| of the schedule rotation of who the up-and-coming aspirational homeless ones are, of the recyclables-collecting sort. It's a semaphore development locality, in this neighborhood; somewhat bordering South Park, and just up the street, on this one, some eclectic and clichey small cottage establishments that made it out of the garage, or apartment complex - in to the relatively walking-distance-capable campus identity that a dedicated walker could suit, for the sake of establishing a local guides locality and persona marketing identity suitable for accommodating some leisure time, of the tech and lifestyle establishment afforded by the Google Maps and Contribute arms of the Google umbrella of companies and entities afforded by Google. Doing local guide "stuff" around town will definitely work the walking muscle, for the square mileage that DTLA is; although I say that it's all walking distance. I figure that I can check this trash can out, on some nights, and in the interim, establish some publishing merit towards a « perhaps » readership and participatory contingency of "people who talk to the Cloud Platform identities - the overseers and administrators of the City Quadrants: in a civic center where 1 or 2 streets "over" could be a completely different vibe, it's important to timely acknowledge and homestead the locale that one lives in, in a place like DTLA. I feel that the USC-large presence that's been establishing itself, through the Keck Medical Center, and the USC-labeled former AT&T highrise, is a demographic that's largely included in the Cloud Platform civic and governmental development prospectuses of the overseeing city controllers, whom a fond former acquaintance had related to me as a significantly impressive technological operation, behind the office doors, somewhere. 

Then, across the street, there's another trash can. This place, next to it, is a kitschy dive bar, or something. It's kind of a dog-poop trash can, but I checked it, on this night, and I was duly rewarded, for my efforts, even in spite of the fact that it's typically a dump and poop trash can. 

There's four trash cans at this intersection. One on each corner. The one at the corner outside this [seeming] city administrative building is largely likely the same story as the last trash can, as far as poop goes. I checked it, and I believe that I found some more riches of recyclables here. 

This is the last trash can, seen for the conquering of the intersection, by the recycling bum, [also a mobility-lifestyle techie-trekker]. This trash can had some wealth of some discarded stuff in it, for sure. 

The point is, is that, in Grand-Central-|ing| the semaphore of the slight locale, here; somewhat subdued, within the context of the recycling bum persona; yet rich, behind the scenes, of the stories of the people who patronize the trash cans of the intersection here - which is a fortunate one to « hotspot » for recycling's sake, in that it's conceivably trying and difficult to search out every trash can of all of DTLA for recyclables, yet it's a reasonably good jump off point of an outset and basis of a recycling bum identity, which reaps the rewards as such, miniscule in fiduciary scale ad it might be - it endows the partaker in a more rugged and well-heeled, more sustainable and pervasive identity of homesteading one's way in to appearing to be a valid local, which is an enviable pursuit to succeed in, in the high-threshold rental basis of the apartment lofts and condos of South Park, DTLA, as well as the furnished corporate housing establishment that is Oakwood (I believe that they are the primary corporate housing establishment, nationwide, last I heard). They do furnished and short-term leasing, on a more choicey budget scale than a well-situated budget, of establishing locale identity in a persona of young-life professionalism, as I'd formerly discovered, and lived out, as a renter of the Marina Del Rey Oakwood apartment complex branch of the company's several offerings throughout the greater Los Angeles area. 

Maid service, too. 

The point is that, in proper methodology, in data-scrumming; here, recyclables from the trash cans, context, basis, intent, and Grand Central semaphore development contingencies, such as seen in more refined establishments, such as cloud computing, are portrayed, in the scope of the trash cans, for the recyclables - for what it's worth, the seeker who goes the distance: here, it's only four corners of an intersection - gets the rewards, at least sometimes. 

In executive and administrative functioning, it's important to viably monetize every moment and movement about and around completing a task. The developers of civic establishment and zoning do the ground work, and corporate enterprise provides the visionary paths through which people live out the meaningful pursuit and outlook of their lives, meanwhile also having the potential to affect others within the locale. 

Neglecting suitable and viable monetizable facets of an archetypal city quadrant, or data set, of a subject-contingency, is sure to suit all of the unlikable facets of neglect, in the first place. 

The recyclables aren't going to collect themselves, after all. 

Wednesday, March 25

Enabling Talk-as-you-type accessibility functioning on Android devices.

This is perhaps a useful set of features to discover, if [perhaps, to reiterate], it might seem as if brute Force disturbances are affecting your Android device, and, as well - functions as a suitable intelligence feedback partnering mechanism as text is typed out, delivering interactive feedback. 

At the outset of initiating the feature, there seems to be an intermittent barrage of claims of "Alternatives are dismissed," "Alternatives are available." Perhaps the device will learn intelligently to not do this, over time. On further inspection, it appears to lay out a backlog of enumerated menu options. Hmm. I'll get back to this blog, at some point, after shutting down. I'm going to have a bologna sandwich with cheese. 

Wednesday, December 18

How to casually jaunt-AF bwa-bwaio your jaunt in to the holidays (if you've been stuck out of luck).

Call it bold-AF of on of bwa-bwaio bold as the tundra, but some people like it simple when it comes to making casual acquaintances.

Such is the early morning rush-hour atmosphere at 5th at Maple, where locals and visitors alike congregate for a daily hosting to suit the most dire production and development schedules. These guys (and ladies) don't joke around much, and for the price of a Starbucks Frappucino, you can dump your year-end charitable contributions on a sponsorship of a young person, out on the streets, trying to make ends meet.

Although it may seem strange, I feel that this is the place where so many of us, struggling (holiday season or not) to find our place in life, are destined to end up - finding comradeship and brotherhood through helping out the less fortunate. 

Some tips for the locale - 
  • Make it a suitable DTLA outing, and do as the locals do - get out on foot and make your way through the various locales, (if desired), of the area - the Toy District has great deals on Winston (just one street over) of mobile device cables. You can find cheap device protectors, new lightning-USB cables, iPhone cases, iPad glass covers, and more, for a fraction of the price you'd get from retail store shopping at places such as Target. The Flower District is also a great morning go-to of DTLA. I recommend curly willow cuttings in water pots with smooth river stones, underneath a well-lit office-desk space environment - for an easy greenery setting in-home or at your workplace. 
  • If it seems a bit hectic at this intersection - don't worry. There are 5 porte-potties at San Julian Park, (just up at the heading of the photo), as well as a civic installation proper toilet at 5th at Los Angeles. It's good civic disposition to greet the street-dwellers, here. Many of them are regulars, and sometimes they put on small acts for the other patrons of the area, and for pedestrians. The park is also a nice cultural civic installation to check out. A lot of the times, they'll be passing out food and playing music.
  • (Try not to) use the restroom on the streets. People have to live here.
  • Bring some PB+J sandwiches for the pigeons! I don't get out here every day, but when I do, I always make sure to have some bread and fixings for the birds.

Sunday, November 17

I missed inkTober this year, but I'm still good for the brush art.

I've been digging heavily in to the resource downloads and documentation of iPadOS and related Apple Developer topics since I purchased my iPad. 

It's been a tough transition in to the Autumn season, as the stuff going on aside from my work, of unrelated personal strife [long story 🙄] due to unforeseen circumstances, {... <_ blockquote="" etc.="">
I hadn't made it on to Tumblr recently, anyhow, so I'm not exactly sure if it was largely a big 2017 thing, or what, but I did seem to notice that 2018 was a bit less celebratory about inkTober, 

- which is a Tumblr thing.

I had my own concurrent developments in to ink brush illustration work, on paper, completely autonomously of any awareness that an inkTober celebration of ink illustrative works was in the making, behind the scenes, but I definitely didn't miss it, as Tumblr, at the time, was my preferred blogging platform, and they had some good obscure cultural finery of literary and otherwise digital publication stuff going on, as well.

I use #hashtags on my social media accounts when I'm starting out an account that I'm trying to send some feelers out as for my potential reach and affections that I might get for my compositional offerings, at least of my visual works. My written works tend to get me hits, but not really much feedback, otherwise. I suppose that's typical of a solitary writer | blogger enterprise of "just some guy." 

As I'd been working on I/O next 20¹9-ing my iPigeonPad development device enterprise applications and services [self-]modules out, over several thousands of pages of documentation and hundreds of gigabytes of downloads, amidst trying to catalog and annotate some of it, in my cloud storage configurations, I'd obviously have had been doing the .icu internationalizations, transliterations, and localizations thing to the best of my Google- and Apple-glot babbel configurative and formative written-works (behind-the-scenes) studies 

[Intel and IBM also play significantly in to these sorts of efforts, as well as some other establishments, which I'm sure I'll cover later on, as well, as I go over the material again; and the licensing documentation and agreements, as my research and implementation roadmap gets laid out in the SoC and embedded | IoT field delves deeper in to a realization of the goals I'd had set out for me; as well as that I'd have done for myself, at some point, for doing this development | tech thing, like I do]. 

: To the current day's work, and back to the device and development story, ad-hoc via ink brush illustrative works on organic and digital media. 

Adobe does a nice article piece on the ostensible attractive features of the ink medium in their online documentation discussing their software platform offerings' latest release (Adobe Fresco, which is like Adobe Draw; an earlier vector illustration App Store and Google Play offering) for mobile devices, as well as techniques and concepts for delivering organic analog compositional features to the viewer through digitizing traditional hand-drawn - on paper (or similar medium), through other intermediate workflow apps such as Adobe Capture.

[Currently, (November 2019) Adobe Fresco is available only on the App Store]

The .icu framework, repositories, and libs (libraries) for development are based on the internationalization of a standardized Unicode text and symbolic character codex form, which becomes a complex topic when it comes to implementing a universal single coding language for representing all of the world's languages in their native written source native representation. 

The Unicode releases index page, which features the icu source code as one of the significant resource offerings of the organization's consortium. 
Flipping through the documentation of the Unicode standards offered on the Unicode web site reveals a highly complex programming and development context that had passed through various legacies and entities over the years, dating back decades, in to the earlier stages of computer console device manufacturing. 

These sorts of topics come in to play when it comes to displaying characters and fonts in the user interface, as well as in documents and in logging of information produced by the front and back end of what goes in to the human interaction element of device and hardware - otherwise known as the Hardware Abstraction Layer, or HAL.

Currently, I'm trying to bolster my skills in internationalization skills, as well as in sustainable development practices, so I've taken to adding dictation and device languages on my iPad, as well as accompanying keyboards. 
My iPigeonPad device, here; configured with Traditional Cantonese (Hong Kong) language as the device language. 
Although I have only the most trivial understanding of Cantonese, I felt that it was an important venture to pursue, for various reasons that have to do with Unicode and development sustainability concepts, as well as ink brush illustrative activities that would ostensibly suit some screen time away from a device, in learning a new and somewhat familiar language convention, given that I had grown up amongst regular encounters with the Cantonese language from attending Church with my mother when I was young (she grew up in Hong Kong, before migrating here, to the United States of America).

I'll update with more detail in how my research and development work, in this thread of capacity goes, as things progress.

Saturday, September 29

iPigeonKit iOS Apple iTunes App Store offerings for iPad that work well in developing an advertiser marketing persona content producer iBeacon [or aurally Beacon-esque imaginative takes on a tech and lifestyle arrête kit confīte; plus some discourse on associated technologies and ad hoc development possibilities, based on experience] : localized {remote sensing} (listening; speaking: environmental awareness identity development best practices)

All top cute list stuff aside, some people establish less than corporatism standard effective discourse in doing such things.

The considerably unprecedented lean, though, merits being discoursed in considerate relevant form; here: it goes down in written word form.

The issue in context, and some merits to its discussion: 

There's this guy, amongst a variant typology establishment of some limited scope basis of men; commonly, in spoken word, I'd say something like "all sorts of guys," but I've told this story before, and no one really squats on doing a valid dis-service to the standard masculinity expectations of common and standard men of stereotypical imaginative takes of at least: just about most everyone I grew up with has these stereotypical underpinnings; perhaps nothing: yet one time I fancied I smelled my lean on the floorboards so lean that I smelled smoke and I thought it had happened: I leaned that AF jaunteded on some development scrum process that merited my full-on and all for it attention, yet obviously, I would not lean quite so much to the detriment of my ionic liquid minerals heraldries supplementation regimen: to jaunt standard stereotypical admirable bum persona takes on that I'm a bum, most commonly, and I never used to lean like this, I'm sure, but this time [just once], I leaned so hard on the floorboards while I was doing an ad hoc USC dumpster trash-diving year-end for student apartments move-out special take on what might have otherwise been a standard bum recyclables dumpster dive take on "it's summer, it's hot;" various distractions from that I was simply collecting recyclables and then, there were especially finery dumpster leave-outs: [obviously, people moved out for the school year and they were trashing stuff in the dumpsters]. 

I've noted the Chinese medications previously here on blog article publications, and my coconut composting efforts with ionic minerals. 

That being said, I've worked out some various marketing slew speakership iconic-bumtastic classic bum jaunt persona basis stylizations of some of bums' lifestyle personas finest " [«  »] " quotables bums I could muster, while being at least one who could live to burgeon the blog as article write-up on top iOS App Store purchases for the audio side of what merits Apple's significant works and achievements in development: CoreAudio and some related technologies of the iOS mobile device platform potential: here, in field work ethnography and self-anthropological studies that I've done; ostensibly, if I was about wasting time more than development and establishing basis of what all this means, I'd ostensibly already addressed all of these issues, and this being in social media format: obviously, the lean so unprecedentedly smells like smoke somehow - might, in some form of naivete as could possibly play out, simply be somebody's insider Folklore to pass me through the story of just one more, whereas I'd be establishing an unserious typology basis of Top Level Domain website development of a .institute Blogger site.

I did that once, perhaps just last week or so.

That being said, I seemed to at least potentially also un-mic'ed, ad hoc, and constituently disparaging my obvious better purpose of remembering and relating to a readership audience: a better and less-depraved anecdote of what merits an iBeacon ad marketing basis; 

I'd say I'm obviously capable of evincing intelligence through written discourse. The preceding paragraph structure is so obviously of note. I've discussed [these] typologies previously.

SVG Unlimited
Adobe Draw
Creative Cloud
Adobe Concept
Okay, actually, I looked over the list, as I was preparing to sort out the simply audio-visual constituent apps, and I saw that I'd have to address various aspects of many of these other apps to really speak on empowering a valid speakership voice and capability in an ad hoc, as-needed person of the merits I've spoken on, for this blog article series basis of Top App Store iOS listings for witting and willing buyer client basis sorts of the Apple iTunes online content store, for which there is a significantly distracted and much-less advantaged long-term app-usage valuation type for a content media producer typology attainment goal in life; I've spent considerable hours in looking into jailbreaking iOS devices, and it's obviously something that people like to do, or they fall suggestible to doing so, whereas this is simply a better life to live: as I'm writing about.
Google Drive
Apple iOS Photos
iOS Accessibility
Acoustic Picture Transmit
Virtual ANS
Euclid's Book of the Elements I + III
Pret a Template
Molecule Design
Virtual Room 3D AU Audio Unit
Google Maps
Apple Maps
Ads and Analytics - YES! On! All of them okay!
Significant Locations
Adobe Captivate
Agile Tortoise - Phraseology
Meme-maker for iconic memes
Wells Fargo Bank
Map Area Calculator
Meta + Exif photos
Pro Shot + Perspective Fix
Cross DJ Pro
Licensed iTunes singles of your favicon songs! Perhaps futurebass mix 2 * and chill trap - YouTube for beats.

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