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Sunday, November 27

Pigeon Box Art and Pigeon-Related Art Commissions Around the Greater Los Angeles Area. [Updating: now, with Pigeons and Friends]

An ongoing online exhibition featuring visual odes to the pigeons that I've discovered, or happened upon, as a trekker of many streets and locales in and around the Greater Los Angeles area. 

Box Art is a trending artistic expression form that sprung up, several years ago, as a seemingly ordained vehicle of artists' aspirations for public recognition (I'm not sure of the origins or certifying agency behind the legality of painting on public sidewalk utility server boxes). 

The pigeons, being the endearing young explorers and ambassadors to the town that they are, have merited several works of art dedicated to them over the years, in the lives, works, and hearts of artists and art lovers all across several locales around the Los Angeles region. 

The South Pasadena Metro Station

A tentative pigeon on a Metro station utility box in South Pasadena, CA.

A child kneels and plays, as the pigeon's curious companion on the same utility box.

Los Angeles Trade Tech College Murals
LA Trade Tech College features various murals two of them featuring pigeons.

A pigeon commemorates the city of Los Angeles in this mural.
The Martin Luther King Blvd. at Harbor Freeway 110 Underpass Murals.

The Ernst and Young Plaza Poetry Pigeons; Curious Over a Fried Egg - Cast Metal Statue

Santa Monica Pier re-opening welcome banner.

Update: 01/24/2022: 

While out working on some more recent developments, of about a year-and-a-half since I’d last made inclusions and updates to this blog, I’ve come across a previously unknown, or previously non-existent - charming mural rendition of some of the Friends of the Pigeon: a sparrow, and what appears to be perhaps a baby seagull, with a characteristically youthful withdrawn stance, about the bust (breast, neck and head) of the bird, of which would suppose a more socially-shy and unsure fledgling addition to a flock, amongst adults, in a similar manner in which a puppy reserves it’s tail in between its legs, as an ostensible sign of submission to the elders and authorities of the pack, or family unit. This mural is located in the Playa Del Rey area, which is part of the expanse of public works projects that include a nature reserve designation, of sorts, that encompasses the Los Angeles River, which begins, winding further up the road, and around the bend, a bit, feeding in to channels that comprise the Venice Beach Canals (which are an upscale series of channeled waterways that mimic the Classical Canals of Italy’s Venice; thus Venice Beach, CA, is rightly named as, such that it would suppose a proper nod of the hat towards a facet of our Western heritage and culture, here in America; Venice Beach, largely known as a small, yet concentrated locality of the West Coast, in attracting many professionals and patrons of the Los Angeles, CA artistic culture and of progressive minds and lifestyles, and the area is, therefore, rich in diversity, arts, and spirituality. The Ballona Wetlands, as it is known, further up in to this current area, known as Del Rey, bordering on Culver City, in this instance, is a rehabilitated natural and native wetlands plants reserve, where the river flows inland, turning, at some point, several miles up the road from the beach, and winding its way through Los Angeles, as a large concrete ditch, perhaps anywhere from 20-30 feet deep, and, at times, anywhere from 30-75 feet wide, perhaps more, in some cases, as a watershed management development of the larger systems of society and government, and it is rumored that, at some point, the development project is projected to expand the entirety of the lateral expanse of the lower 48 states of America in coming decades.


at the edge of two localities, the river becomes a great wash basin, capable of handling a significant flow of water, perhaps, someday.

Hollywood, CA - YMCA building.

The Hollywood YMCA, in the heart of Hollywood, CA, features an external mural and protective wall (since there’s sometimes small civic uprisings that find their way in to Hollywood, lately, at times [mid-late 2022]) featuring black and white birds, perhaps pigeons, that they could be. 

Sunday, May 15

Hanging out with the USC dumpster pigeons, a displaced Los Angeles local pigeon flock.

Being that 

I’ve been doing this pigeon-feeding thing for about 5 years now, on a regular basis, by this point, I’ve come to track the progress and movements (or whereabouts) of some of the flocks and even some of the individual members, between flocks. It’s important for diversity to flourish, as well as for the fact that they have an opportunity to take in differing diets, from other feeders, although I try to treat my flocks that I cover with special consideration - I offer them bread with rich, sweetened dairy products - soaked completely, with a bit of water. It gets tossed out to the birds in a broad swath, and they come to recognize the food, and the feeding gesture as a welcoming and non-threatening deed, for them, since I’m not particularly trying to get them to be comfortable with coming in to close quarters with their feeders - there are still people who are trying to trap the pigeons, at this point in time; I figure that this will continue on, for years to come. 

In any case, however, I do like that this particular flock, which used to be “homed” over at Hoover Park, by USC, I would imagine - since I don’t see the flock over here, any more, 

The USC dumpster pigeons’ previous daily setting, out at Hoover Park.

is now at a more public-transit frequented location. Perhaps it’s simply easier for them to find food, here, and the employees at Dirt Dog do offer them daily bread, I’ve observed, although it’s tack-dry bread. When I encounter that the bread had been tossed out to them, on some days, I take it and re-wet it, to ensure that the birds get some essential fluids in them.

Although they’re not quite as well-positioned, on the way to becoming wildlife | domesticated birds, out in the public sphere, that could be changed, over time, with some dedication and care, as far as their nutritional intake and supplementation goes. I suppose that that would be my job. Be sure to check them out some time, just off the Ortho Institute Expo Line Metro Train Stop.

Thursday, December 23

A look at the sidewalk vendor scene of Los Angeles, CA.

Here in Los Angeles, the conventional wisdom of our upbringing was that Los Angeles is a sprawling, vast city. Indeed, at about 503 square miles, there is much ado about this town, civic and culture-wise.

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