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Saturday, April 13

Reducing Climate and Carbon Impact, Individually: Some Observations.

Here, in the Greater Los Angeles region,

people are generally commonly concerned with the quality and sustainable "health" of our environmental ecology. That being said, I've not gotten enough time in, in researching official documents and developments that had been put out (ostensibly): in essence, we hear, and see, in our news feeds, televised news reports, etc., that climate changes are coming, or are happening. I feel that, perhaps contextually, in the sense of a "spring cleaning," we can take an assessment of where we are, for the year's outset, and outlook, for that matter, being that spring would somewhat be the time for the emergence of conservational efforts that had been put forth, during the winter; things to consider, such as: had winter landscapes, with forward-looking "signs of spring" to look forward to - had these landscapes been planted? Are civic landscapes being maintained with care? "Does the population care, at all?" would come to mind, perhaps, in some cases, being that concerns and aesthetics such as this sort of civic upkeep markers of things to consider, had largely been disregarded, this year, with many landscaping jobs that could have been done, instead: seem to be simply "leftovers" of last year's trimming of the bushes, here and there, at times, I observed, out in the Civic Center of Downtown Los Angeles, for example, where many of the maintenance jobs, in town, also end up being disregarded, it would seem. 

Heading out to the Century City area, to check on the pigeon flock, out here, which I'd given much care for, I have the opportunity to hang out, and peruse a more upscale aesthetic, especially with the landscaping aspect in mind: planters had been planted, the planters are not "ruined" by the public, in general. I had some planting aspirations in mind, for better sustainability and management of my ongoing role, as a homeless person, out at all hours, as it were, as I move about, and around, in town, within the nitrogen cycle

I hadn't read "the book" on the nitrogen cycle, which happens to be available at the local Los Angeles Public Library Central Branch - although I did take a quick look at it (I know that it's there, at least, 😏 perhaps as a reference book [only for in-library reading, not for check out]). What I come to observe about nitrogen, at this point in time, is largely colloquial and common knowledge sorts of stuff. In my generation, we recollect the blockbuster movie hit, The Terminator, which featured one of our (both) beloved or reviled: [depending on individual tastes, I suppose] California governors - Arnold Schwarzenegger: a futuristic worldscape of a war-torn technological establishment, sworn to duty, thus bent on exterminating humanity (was it one of the sequels? I forget). 

In any case, many of us would recall, and reference - the hijacked tanker of liquid nitrogen that overturns, during a battle, and spills out its contents: a hopeless flood of sub-zero material that freezes the formidable shape-shifting, self-healing robot opponent - yet, only temporarily. 
With this in mind, the correlation I draw, as one of the few DTLA civic center homeless people, on  an ongoing basis, I feel... hmm <_<... I guess that I'm regularly feeling like I'm also being inundated with this liquid nitrogen substance, with how the slight nuances of windy drafts feel like they seem to have an "unnatural" slant, now, these recent years, in consideration. On one hand, I remember how cold I used to be, and it's definitely not like the cold of these recent years. These days, even the cold water is colder. It's not that I'd changed, all that much - I feel that some people, who indulge in bullying me, at moments like these nights, in which I stay outside, unwillingly, as it were, might be holding something with regards to "accepting change," (as folks familiar with the 12 Steps self help program could draw up, as the popular culture point of reference), against me, and, as I sleep at night, battles are waged against me, with this "futuristic" liquid nitrogen substance being one of the token tools of war. 

On one hand, it feels compelling, I suppose, (for some), to dominate someone, aside from themselves - wielding forces of nature (atmospherics, physics, materials, etc.), with liquid nitrogen at hand. 
The economics of playing around with liquid nitrogen are potentially easy fare, for the festively: for cold war games to play out - on others, "feelin' like" people. For whatever reason, at some point, during these recent years that I'd been through, where I'd have had to "consider" (experience) that some sort of locally-applied environmental coolant agent is the effect au jour, as it were, that I have to go through, for whatever reason. 

Maybe it's literally for my own better protection, as I do my best, customarily, when I'm out and about, doing the homeless person thing, once again, (in life), to prepare myself for outlier occurence weather events, as well as the more generalized regional weather, but, gosh - it's become so obvious - I'm going through micro-localized weather outcomes being laid out on me: the clouds - some of them, between the sun and myself, for example, hang low, and they're grey, meaning that they're dense, and doubled over, up top, by additional atmospheric clouds, which are white, memorably - as we'd recall, to a large degree, truly grey and cloudy days, here, in Southern California, and, more specifically, perhaps, in Los Angeles, ... 🤔 yet, here, in this context, I'd had become aware of the fact of that practically any and much of the outlying areas, surrounding Downtown LA, for example, are, (at these times), concurrently blue skies; without any cloud cover - in essence, suggestive of that some form of civil engineering be at hand. Who knows, perhaps some folks need to be chased, or hurried, at a minimum, out of town? The essence, of this micro-locales issue, in the consideration of vast and unnatural (man-made) disparities of temperatures, is a brutal thing to weather, so to speak. Some people end up ragged and disheveled; kicked to the curb, so to speak. Take, for example, that radiation damage to an individual's belongings takes place in a different segment of temperature spectrum - not roasting hot, as in, hot to the touch, but rather, the cold, the dryness, consequentially, being that water "disappears;" evaporates, or something like that (remember The Terminator movie thing), and "standard" violable metrics of discerning insult, or injury, or even of establishing measurements, in accessible means, by and large, becomes an unobtainable scenario to achieve. It's just people playing games, as a person in power, to some limited extent. 

Just how accessible, on the other hand, is it, to obtain liquid nitrogen - for f*cktard'd reasons, like "cooling down," smoking illicit drugs, terrorizing people? Apparently, it's conceivably within reach: 

Google Shopping options and availability, in this instance of my search query, for "liquid nitrogen price," (without quotes, as entered in the search form).

Apparently, this sort of strange habit becomes a type of service industry to fulfill. In a more traditional sense, nitrogen is much more familiar as an agricultural primary nutrient, yet, easily - it's commonly known that an over-application of a fertilizer product containing nitrogen will quickly wilt the leaves of a plant, and, consequentially, have the potential to kill the plant. In an untouched (by humans) natural environment, nitrogen exists as both atmospheric gas, with atomic number 7, as well as in soil, where nitrogen undergoes variable nitrogen cycle processes, along with available soil nutrients and resources such as oxygen.

A Google "card" widget snippet, discussing the variable desirability (thermodynamically-speaking) of the various forms of nitrogen cycle which are undergone, once nitrogen enters the soil.

Anyways, I had some aspirations to plant some peas, locally, around town, and I encounter constant opposition to that notion, in my internalized mind (or whatever kind of "mind" I happen to be experiencing, at the time). Sometimes it's some person standing in the way of me doing this simple work; for example, the management at the place where I stay, now, forbids me to bring my stuff in to the home - food, even, ... even though I'm not retarded. There's a bunch of problems there, in that regard.

A subdomain blog post I composed, on my birthday, last month, concerning my pea-growing aspirations.

So, what to do about nitrogen in the environment, in it's various forms? On one hand, it's used to manufacture explosives (I guess), with the traditional common knowledge tidbit, that we're taught, as children, in school.

Some follow-up topics to consider:

- bottling up urine and flushing it, when caught in an accidental need situation to pee, outside. In instances where I am capable of it, I take on this challenge, for others who had fallen short of reaching the restroom, who had made sure to take me up on my suggestion to bottle up their urine, which I'd put forth in more private disclosures, previously.
- fragrances (natural fragrances) as carbon capture and wind energy resources, to dispel poisoning incidents, where unfavorable (anaerobic, or "lesser oxygenized") forms of nitrogen-cycle compounds have proliferated. The fragrance molecules are best put to use as aerolyzed, hydrolyzed sprays, in diffusion (be careful, in combustible materials situations [I suppose]).

Remember, that here, in Los Angeles, and, in California, consider ourselves a largely agriculturally-based state, and, innovatve, for that matter, and, foreseeably, we could stand a chance of avoiding more costly, or improbable, measures seen through, or not, of engineering efforts put towards avoiding our land ending up sinking below sea level, to the detriment of established work that had already been done, well enough.

Tuesday, August 13

I've been cleared for another year at my apartment.

The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles cleared my apartment at inspection time, this time around. 

It's been a controversial issue, as it had roiled on since late last year, when [something] came of issue, although the housing inspection is supposed to be an annual thing. I had some adversarial moments pop up, which I outed on social media.

You can imagine... <_ td="">

It's been a central focal point of many of my recent meetings with my social workers, and with such difficulties as I've been having with endless bouts of schizophrenia, I've largely been stuck at meek apologies for not performing better, in terms of cleaning up the place,

Thankfully, the HACLA inspector cleared my place; this view is actually significantly improved over how messy the floor had been, previously. I graciously received help from Alexis and Lionel from Telecare as far as cleaning my place, a week or two ago. :)

and, as well, for the broken windows, which I had done while being stalked and prodded by "people I used to know."

A sorry story, but likely the burden of many of us who came of age at this place in time that it had been: the DSM-IV standard textbook diagnostics of the schizophrenic prognosis of onset at age 30, most typically. 

As an aside, I've since then come to realize and understand that [now <_ -="" also="" and="" as="" at="" been="" case="" childhood="" crisis.="" div="" epochs="" had="" in="" individuals="" it="" lifetime="" mid-life="" nbsp="" of="" onsets="" or="" other="" perhaps="" potential="" previously="" schizophrenia="" such="" teen="" that="" the="" touch="" well="" years="">

What is the correlation here, and why does it matter? 

The significant issue at had is the volumarity of distance according to proximity in place in time; a common [or not <_ a="" abuse="" all="" and="" are="" as="" belief="" better="" both="" by="" comes="" common="" communicatory="" due="" each="" employed="" facet="" fallacy="" for="" from="" given="" graces="" greater="" higher="" i="" in="" individuals.="" internet="" is="" language="" learned="" logical="" modes="" more="" my="" natural="" nbsp="" never="" of="" oftentimes="" or="" our="" own="" p="" powers="" prognoses="" received="" science.="" signals="" stalkers="" statistics="" strong="" subject="" term="" than="" that="" the="" their="" to="" understood="" universally="" upon="" us="" virtues="" we="" what="" which="" would="">
Likewise, a group is only as strong as it's weakest link. 

What matters is that, and such that I oftentimes (tiredly) compose over again, as is this time; such that I'm « supposedly » known for, in the first place.

By now.

What matters to me is the simple objective artifact of truth or in representation thereof. Beyond that, it's come down to forensics and Scientology, letting slip (some-and-at-times) mis-and-un-fortunate slips, which I and others happen to acknowledge.

How does a Christian individual resolve such types of issues? 

This type of thing is quite obvious to obviously Christian individuals. I won't prod any further than that.

Aside from all of this, I'd fancy this article done. Blehh. 

Thursday, June 6

Cleaning up the wreckage of my life.

The landlord for my home had granted me an additional month to try and salvage my tenancy here, at Messiah Apartments. 

I was very thankful to my social worker for getting the extra month for me. Prior to this, I had been going through the Kübler-Ross stages of loss (although I'd state, for posterity, that I believe that angst, instead of anger, as it is, according to this current Wikipedia link, stated as such. I don't react as angry unless it's a huge row against me.

It was a difficult time, as I have legitimate procrastination issues, being that I'm schizophrenic; it's been documented - that I have difficulties in cleaning my apartment. I am constantly distracted by persecutions from my former peers from my K-12 school years. The representative from the housing authority didn't have any sympathy for the fact that I experience these voices in my head as stalkings and harassment. 

So much of myself was put in to lost dreams, here, at my apartment. 

I'm still experiencing daily abuses in life from distanced former peers; just but a few, but the psychosis of the depersonalization and passive aggressiveness grates on my capable mood. I was starting to believe that I could begin living life drug-free again; it had not been since 2016 that I was completely drug abstinent.

There was the early morning fanfare of a plausible home exhibition pigeon-extravaganza; minimalist, museum-esque, open front doorway, the madman's closet of strumming through the scuck fluzz of the mess. All of this, except that I truly had visions of this place being much moreso minimalist: simple wall-exhibitions of the illustrations and earlier blog works. It was supposed of as being somewhat an extension of the downtown Los Angeles, California, USA monthly Art Walk.

Then there's the pigeon carnival aspiration of fixing up a prime local brood of pigeons. I haven't given up hope, yet, though. The other day, I sprayed the dirt nearby my home where the pigeons roost by the freeway for ticks.

The nearby pigons' roost by the freeway at 9200 Grand, 90003.

Fast Company recently published a relevant article regarding the distractibility of creative individuals. 

The gist of it is that creative individuals have a lower threshold of sensory input capacity which dictates that the individual will perceive and pay attention to smaller minutiae of sound or sensory input. The study was done on a small control group of individuals; all apparently of a particular sort demographic. 

Sunday, July 22

My yesterday-early morning geocache localization development efforts - Mark Twain Branch LA Public Library Review, [stalkers showed up during the day, substituently, regardless]

The Mark Twain Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library is a branch in it's youthful stage in life; it is clean and new, on one hand. The book selection is probably mostly dependent on reasonable accommodations for any branch or local offerings, although it seems like they shuffle through some up-and-coming book titles here [although I typically seem to like it better when I do a quick flip-through of the (then) interesting stuff.

Without this "place" in the area, serious criminal autonomy over some rare victims of profiling-for-stalking and pwn jaunt athleisure dominance games of young folks, some of whom are simply incapable of being honest...

I go here to reconvene on my social media outlets when I've been somehow deprived of my mobile device. It's super close to my new move-in section 8 lifestyle thing going on, and some people jaunt on stuff like that, for buntiglios crowd-stalking efforts, and for (commonly) Freudian oh FML! wtf fluff demographics, but the locals are nice. Locals are always nice.

If I had to pick between this branch, as an outing, compared to the central library, the stalking-group violent-threat demographic commonly keeps me home-bound, so I stay home and jaunt. Now I have a mobile phone, but it's not quite like a resourceful impactful research jaunt at the central library on a gallon of milk diet (per day) for the AF fluff gastronomical novelty when I pass by non-eating types on that day. [I fart...].

Aside from that, people take pretty standard poops in the bathroom, comparatively; 95% of the homeless around here are transients, so a non-local triste fluff demographic is notably strange, I'd believe people would think, as well as myself. Even the people who aren't stalking people might agree that some people show up as stalkers, and it's weird. Sometimes they try to pull the most ostensible racial disparagement au jour, strangely.

That being said, most people simply don't stalk people, so it's noticeable when non-local fluff moves in to hold people hostage and the Nuclear Regulatory Committee gets micro-bots peepin' in on the slight Holocaust long-standing identity stuff [people of stuff].

On the other hand, I get talked up a srsly get some timing together to handle the stalking threat at an inconvenienced discrepancy of WGAF, they're stalkers? I know I'm being watched, and being a sociopath on top of that is so stopping my central library researching jaunts, and I'm being held up for:stalking him:purposes, can't clean my home type of thing.

I think that schools around here don't really fill up, and I read in the Economist that people are halting on having babies, statistically. People make stark decisions to simply die off around considering a life to be disparaged for any reason, to be honest. To some people, it's just obvious that people look and act as they will, and for racial disparities in South Los Angeles, simple as that. (also for stalking for sex trafficking, as if life couldn't be better, to mention on broadcast).

I try to fill my mind with book-like thoughts, instead of stuff like that. 🤔

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