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Saturday, June 6

iPigeon Games that I Play. [development, self-expression, inner child]. Update: I can play spinner.

As I'm out, in our region's civic centers, and pedestrian districts, [or at home, nestling in, for a content publish push and post, on the Internet], in between newsfeed intake, social media rapport and upkeep, and checkin' my face - today, I had sooo embarrassing boogers in my nose, which I discovered after talking to people; and I have to live this life out somehow, still - I play little iPigeon games, as an aside. 

These iPigeon games are cute, darling, and endearing standing attestments to what's commonly otherwise referred to, ‹ in our upbringing › [or, in the former generation], as attending to the figurative context of the "inner child." Everybody can relate to the inner child, I'd say. As we grow and adapt in to adulting, we're, in intervals, fraught with abuse of what's otherwise "not know|in'| well enough, to twang it into context, whereas, as iPigeons-officinalus, of appropriate husbandry and heritage of heraldry, we're brought up as our best-selves, that we [rather, as underlings], are lacking of, given that our ‹ inner-child › had been inured:

  1. 1. 
    accustom (someone) to something, especially something unpleasant.
    "these children have been inured to violence"
  2. 2. 
    come into operation; take effect.
    "a release given to one of two joint contractors inures to the benefit of both"

and such is the anomaly persona of which I aspire to treat, whether it be in person, or descriptively, via textual portraïlle; the assertion underneath the topic of inner-child, for perusal, is of that, through releasing the self from our childhoods of impatience, or impropriety, that it were, we empower the inner child, in teaching us that of the lessons of our essence-selves, au trivage. - internal track enterprise offering. - 

The details of this app I've covered, previously, on the dedicated official website domain. Check it out, and over time, I'll update with more discussion and visual infographics.

🍞 BreadBag Ball

This charming sociably-endearing identity of a pigeon-feeding enthusiasts' at-the-ready - of a BreadBag, tied to a Bag Strap, [of, perhaps, a backpack, for example]. 

What is BreadBag Ball? - quite simply, it's akin to our childhood game, per relevance - of punchball, at the pole. Here, the bread bag is tied to the backpack, with the tightening strap as the string of the Bread Bag Ball, whereas we are our own pole. We bop the BreadBag, in waiting for some pigeons to feed, and a most amusing self-sustainable charming moment ensues. Sometimes, the Bread Bag bops us in the head, but the charm of the game keeps bringing us back.

Target's Made by Design line features subdued tones for an urban chic lifestyle of mobility.

Chancery in fanciful material design confîtes - [plus some backdrop on just "what"? Material Design is; a With Google aspirational public offering first-timer's introduction. - What do I mean? 

Take, for examplar - the iconography design tutorial on Google's Material Design documentation and development [implemenation] website, Here, I have a capitulating set | series of four photos in rich weblink (hopefully) reproduced, faithfully, for your quick browsing perusal.

Physical prototype
Lighting study
Material prototype
Color study

Note: how they begin with hand-crafted surety in design principles - viable materials themselves are what comprises a Material Design icon creation venture, for a cutting-edge Big Tech Formative Silicon Valley underpinning of our modern day's hand basket of that which Google significantly finds a virtuous niche in - a veritable smorgasbord of open-source and re-branding corporate entity offerings, such as the ‹ dot › With Google brand, the Think With Google, etc. etc. Google-branded partnership and badging possibilities inherent in picking Google as the development Big Brother, in seeking likewise Internet Presence, via the playbook that they, themselves - use, offered in kind, to the least of aspiring Internet Venture Capitalists of a grassroots | self-starter kitMade bitMapper logo design couturier, in this instance, for example. Let the imagination wonder, and let the physics of the material world guide your mature icon, in deployment | production phase, of offering's sake.
Likewise, a study-up of the totality of Google's umbrella [Alphabet, inc.] of open-sourced app | data | Cloud | etc. would reveal that which one of Google's pair of founding partners (of the truthful lore of Google's foundry) had stated on the Alphabet, inc. website's minimalist offering of documentation:

is for Google
 . . .
As Sergey and I wrote in the original founders letter 11 years ago, “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.” As part of that, we also said that you could expect us to make “smaller bets in areas that might seem very speculative or even strange when compared to our current businesses.”
 . . .

Break the internet - Assert your IAMs on Twitter - react to the media on your feed, and see what the sea of swath-faring alters of peers, also surfing tweets - have to say about your own feedback and participation in the TwitterSphere phenomenon. It's a viable rush, until the TweetStorms and media outlets' publish and social media | news rush hour die down (the internet broke down).

Give the needy their asking fate in destiny's revocation of our better selves' "self" of that it's « you ». - 

Game yourself on your development enterprises' assertion of it's sustainable self - can you truly master the Public Relations gauntlet, of a constant demand of your company's product|s|, when it comes to acknowledging the least of our most-needful footwork's enjoyable leisure and recreation? [i.e., can we enjoy our daily walk, about town, amidst our likewise pedestrian peers?]. 

PidginWhistle kick ball (fart-ball) -

an ad-hoc adjuring development STEM remote-sensing futurism gaming persona, both self-expression empowerment, and self | physique well-tempering tuning of a scalable persona, of which sputters, spittle, fwipps, and twiddle-whistling are all played a part, in presentation of the noisy side of industrial engineering, as the backstory and backdrop of design. 
we embolden our pedestrian selves, in over-exertion and excitation of our peripheral locale with slight putts of our least-of-our-efforts kick-putting launching feet, as we traverse about and around our busy-or-otherwise locale, while spittle-and bwitlling bwitchy iterations of the sympathetic vibrations-to-do's, of having otherwise been pre-occupied with the remote-sensing phenomena, in neglect of ourself-selves, [in persona marketing]: 
acknowledging that we had been a totality of our others' day of development of our adulting selves, 
in acknowledgement of that we tend to, and nurture the self and selves of others, in good faith of that we are made for affection reciprocity, and reproduction (at some point in life, when good faith in our Christian marriage, with our attending friends and family, as our witnesses), 
of that we rebuke the abuses of our upbringing, and we express our Christian virtues amongst society, as the grateful souls that we are, in and of our selves, as part and participle, in visually-to-discern society, of which we accept ourselves, as we can envision the good in our own propriety as a facet of some ‹ other › "self" in society, which we have to draw upon our self-esteem expressionary identity, from. 

an ink-brush rendition of a finely fed Sprightly Sparrow, that whimsically muses it's mornings, amidst the leaves of the trees.

The spinner.
I can play spinner.

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