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Saturday, May 23

For my craigslist post readers and prospectives for the closed-track internal testing gig - some blog article on the subject, and some visuals as to what I'm doing.


[Potentially - ] to the team of people (and industry) in content publishing, design, and web [webApp] development of a large spectrum of what comes out from modest means, of sustainable development offering. I'll be as concise and as detailed as to offer a feasible introduction to where I'm at, in development. 

First of all, I published a website store, of several articles of retail offering - which is largely irrelevant, [today]. 

Where I'm at, in Google Android and Apple iOS | iPadOS development - 

  • I have developer accounts with both Apple and Google. 
  • I'm homeless, so my development apparatus is stuck at free-scaled corporate offerings.
  • I do significantly stark pigeon mobile smartphone and tablet development studies, by night. Currently, I'm at the beach. Please don't hoard my public periphery or establish an intricate prank scenario - it happens richly. [<_<]
  • This blog features over 200 blog postings, covering hundreds of tag keywords, which you can view, if you use "desktop site view" if you're on mobile. If you're on a computer,you already have desktop site view. Up to the upper left-hand side of the page, there are blog view options - pick and choose, but the mobile site version of this blog is not as good as the desktop site view. 
  • I use personal-contextual ad-serving inclusion of my own establishment in web browsing, and I feel that my site offers good and admirable ads. 
  • You might be getting some of the same ads that I'm getting on my end. 
  • Feel free to directly email me at I'll respond as astutely as I can, during the upcoming days, weeks, and months, if necessary. 
  • Some of my views, on my Google Play Store Development console and relevant WebView shots, for context:

So, it's dawn. I've got an appointment, and I intend on keeping it. Feel free to peruse the blog (hopefully), at some point. I'm fully unsure of as to how many people will respond, but I trust that the craigslist gigs community reaches a vast organic and diverse astute population. I've gotten one response, so far. (5:53 a.m.).

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