Product Review: HUmineral Humic/Fulvic Acid Minerals.

 HUmineral is a local (to Los Angeles) manufacturer and supplier of fine wellness products. I’d been using ionic minerals, prior to discovering humic and fulvic minerals, by HUmineral at a boutique wellness, vegan goods, and juice / shake shop in Hollywood, which had since closed down. I sourced 3 bottles of these minerals, this time around, thanks to unemployment insurance and pandemic unemployment award money that’s come in, this time around, although it appears that there are also even more affordable suppliers of the product (currently), on Google Shopping.

My current experience, with these minerals, is that they are a great boon to me, of the regimen that I live out, in that it’s highly physically exertive and strenuous, is that my chronic inflammation issues are much more easily worked out, and the metabolism of the acute inflammatory problem areas, in my body, become excreted through my urine, for working up a sweat, when I’m out and about. I notice that I can crack my joints and ligaments much easier now, and that that relief, soon afterwards, transforms in to processed waste material. In that I have sudden urges to urinate. The urine comes out clear, much more commonly. I’d hypothesize that this characteristic of humic and fulvic acid minerals suggests that a physically strenuous daily routine and regimen, in combination with this product, promotes a weight-gaining sort of wellness, as I feel that I’m more capable and desirous of eating more regularly, and more, portion-wise, with my meals. That’s not a bad thing, seeing as how I have a problem with methamphetamine abuse. 

On that note, I’m finding; just slightly, to begin with, although it is a notable slight difference, in my daily moods - is that I’m more self-assured, and less anxious, in my daily life, and I become more comfortable in simply resting, at times; not so constantly seeking drugs, and feeling impulsive needs to use drugs, for that matter. This is important, because I want to, eventually, work out a regimen, of how my days play out, in life, of that I can be well and appropriate, without feeling like I need to resort to illicit drug use. I also feel less of a need to smoke cigarettes, which I’m also addicted to. I would say that the HUmineral humic and fulvic acid minerals provide a great backdrop to an overall holistic body wellness and psychic fortitude, in supporting mental health wellbeing and cellular resources, in attacking immune system disorders such as inflammation, which manifests problematic symptoms, in life, in many various ways, whether it be physical or of the mind, and the mood.

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