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Saturday, May 15

Step Two: Curing and Milling the Parfumerie Products for Purity.

 I've spent some time getting to know the scents and fragrances that I've purchased, and, like previous fragrance purchases, of the bulk sort, that I've acquired, in the past, there was a hint of prematurity in the manufacturing process, as the products were delivered to me, as far as solvent smells. There was some notion of incense smoke in some of them, and others just seemed to be a bit off-character, of what I might have expected to receive, as fragrance ingredient components. 

A messy hands-on approach to home-curing and milling fresh-from-manufacture chemical fragrance ingredients.

Milling and curing the containers is an ad hoc theory of mine, somewhat based upon the notion of centrifugal agitators, that phlebotomists use, in preparing blood samples for analysis. In the past, I would carry all of my valuables and purchases with me, due to paranoia about my housemates stalking me.

This is the latest episode of some sort of stalking notion around the home environment.


I would carry my valuables out with me, when I go out and feed the pigeons, around town (which is a must, for me, since I do the thing, which is based upon feeding the birds as my centric and grounding activity in life). It became a huge burden of stuff and things; electronic devices, little gadgets from Amazon, my 2020 MacBook Air and iPad Pro, chargers and cables... It was so much carriage and luggage that I needed both a backpack and a sling bag frontside bag to carry all of my stuff and things. I was known, back then, as "snack cart," because I would have been spotted, via remote viewing intelligence agents observing and commentating on the goings-on: snacking and dipping in to things in my frontside bag's top compartment, where things were usually well organized, but stuffed... and things. 

In any case, I started to get the sense of that my resource materials became more potent, over time, or at least, that they would get milled about, and "cured" of their production impurities, such as solvent odors that were obviously left over from the manufacturing process, and the chemical product was timely stored, perhaps, and then acquisitioned and packaged for retail and delivery. This notion was laid into, of some backstory on the topic, of that I was detoxifying using ionic minerals, which would, in some instances and cases of particularities in my diet, such as consuming sweetened milk, along with consuming ionic mineral solutions, of that people's peripheries would become entangled with my own self and periphery, typically in motion, and with all the stuff and things in my bag, and me, being monitored for what was being reported and observed about me, etc. - I wouldn't deny that it's happening to me, and appear to be dumb, on one hand. That's not the point of this, though, somewhat, although it somewhat was the point, to begin with - people's erstwhile trails and tails about them, of their internals and scents and energies seemed to sometimes be intermingling with my own, as a rude gesture of the fate of many, in the modern day and age; be it what it is, it's simply life, as we know it. I'm the type to try and adapt to situations, and take criticisms and commentary, and right myself correctly, in the eyes of most, or any, or some, ... sometimes I would sink back in to my solitary self, and be allowed some time to forget, and people would complain about stuff that they'd imagined, or envisioned, of me, doing. I always found this behavior foolish, but I suppose that, all in all, people have their own validities for what they claim is important, but over time, I figure that it's simply a smoking problem habit sort of thing, about dishonesty and blame, that people have for me, whereas I'm a snorter, and I'm living out a long haul lifestyle of trying to, at some point, become a well and drug abstinent individual. 

That being said, my Twitter account is where many of these battles and quandaries take place, on my end. I do it because it's a permanent, time-stamped record of attesting to the issue at hand, for the sake of corroborating time and intelligence affairs with others, since some of these people observing me are at work, in intelligence, and the hecklers... I just have to do my various accommodations that I do, unto infamy, as it goes, as it tends towards base and banal humor sorts of things. 

In any case,  my materials, like myself, with certain forms of treatment, become more withdrawn, and introverted, so to speak. Take, for example, my bottle of Benzyl Benzoate:

I had read, somewhere, that benzyl benzoate has a higher specific gravity, compared to water, and here, over time, the bottle has started to implode in to itself, not of my own doing (since I try to keep containers tidy and in new condition, unless I'm recycling); but the recycling, also, itself, played in to things being milled, because of the resonance of the objects, rustling about in the bag, shaking, and impacting upon itself and within it's structure, within. The resonance of the cans and bottles was the sum of my strength, and gesture, in crushing the bottles and cans, with my hands, that I started doing with them, as opposed to stomping on them, because it ends up being less work to hand-crush them. So the resonance was my own signature sound that my stuff and things bag, and materials, became harmonized with, and tightened up, it seemed, because the containers were sealed, while the materials within them were valuable. I had related this notion, somewhat, in an account of an incident I'd experienced, on Twitter, in which I had come to believe that I'd produced Zyklon-B, autonomically, through my milling about, trekking around town, doing labors, carrying a haul; that sort of thing. 


That's enough of all that. The current milling and resonant process is as such: 

Spray some high-SPF (70) Neutrogena sunscreen in to a one gallon plastic bag, along with some benzyl benzoate, and tack on some sea coal tar (or asphalt tar, perhaps, although the closer to the raw material, I feel, would ensure a more materials-rich resource, with which the contaminants would react with, upon subsequent openings and smell-tests of the chemical products purchased. The resonating body, in this case, since I didn't go out, on a jaunt, this evening, is a three-tier corner plant stand, metal. I have small oscillating fans from JoyBuy as the resonating sources of milling energy. I also have some small tube headphone amps, with A9-J tubes in them, known for audio amplification and radio signal propagation. I'm contrasting and making use of the fans, with their wind energy, with the slight ambient and radiant warmth and subtle frequencies given off, from the heat of the tubes, themselves, and I've smeared a dab of sea coal tar upon each of the aluminum containers, within plastic gallon sealable bags, sprayed with benzyl benzoate, for the high gravity of the substance, and trapping the radiant resonance of the contents of the container within, by spraying, also, Neutrogena 70 SPF (yellow) sunscreen spray. The bags are sealed. 

I don't know if you'd be able to purchase USP sea coal tar, from the chemical supply places, but my fragrance ingrédients supplier,, has various other types of tar up for sale, and I'd suppose that nearly any sort of fine, natural tar substance would work, just as well as sea coal tar, give or take some nuances and character traits. 


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