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 Ah, the world of chemistry, and materials sciences. 

As common laypersons that we mostly are, by and large, we have to take heed to the fact that this is an area of knowledge and understanding that "exists," yet it passes through our lives rather transparently, as much of our lives which pertain to chemistry-based contexts are obscured from the significant potentiality of the chemicals that affect us, given brand and label marketing, as well as that many chemicals are typically the precedence and claim-stake of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Consolidated Chemical Supplies is a materials-science and research purposes e-commerce producer of high quality and completely pure (unless noted, in the labeling) chemical products, with a modest and appreciable product line of simple to intermediary (semi-pro, or prosumer) chemicals. I'm at a loss for eloquence, on the subject; for that matter, it's a natural and physical sciences topic. I majored in humanities, and I'm quite slow at comprehending and attaining on the strict math and sciences subjects. 

That being said, the U.S. government, and federally recognized associations, institutes, and organizations are dedicated to the dissemination of information on nearly any conceivable chemical composition, of interest and of industry, and they chart and list out all of the colloquialisms associated with chemicals that are sold in the manufacturing industry. In my case, I substituted Benzyl Alcohol for Benzyl Benzoate, in an aspiration project of mine, to produce a finery boutique natural products hair pomade, as fine as Murray's Pomade, which is by far superior to standard gel and soppy pomades that typically cost a lot more.

I simply figured, "it's a Benzyl-something," and I fancied that a benzoate is similarly solvent (as alcohol), of some capacity about it, and from there, I was sold on the first compelling Benzyl product that I could discover, for online retail sale, from a chemical resource materials supplier, which happened to be CCS, on

I've only nibbled at the rich discovery endeavor that producing a suitably similar product, at small scale, yet with extravagant means in precluding the budgetary considerations of my product that I intend to manufacture: my primogeniture cosmetic product; even medi-aesthetics boutique couturier, for hair.

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  1. the state of being the firstborn child.
    • the right of succession belonging to the firstborn child, especially the feudal rule by which the whole real estate of an intestate passed to the eldest son.
      noun: right of primogeniture; plural noun: rights of primogeniture

That being said, I take an au français slant to the cosmetics and aesthetics of materials sciences, rather than a strictly industrialized and commonplace petrolatum-based product such that Murray's is; not that I'm not a genuine fan of their product line; I'm simply investigating the possibilities inherent in a medi-aesthetics couture and boutique millennial and Internet of Things hair product, as an open-sourced information sharing product; for the sake of procuring some initial enterprise ecology of like and such as myself; a person fraught with a taste for finery, amongst readers who would inevitably try out my products for themselves, whether by association and acquaintanceship in person, or online. (I do hear positive feedback, every now and then, upon the topic of my former blog article on quick-home oven tobacco flue cure). 

Benzyl Benzoate has a stringently sweet aromatic cherry almond scent about it; in particular, as an aged product, as it becomes cured and resonant of the nuclear watershed development environment that takes possession of the product, such as my home and workplace, where I have left the bottle sitting, for months, and I'd scarcely touched it, much. 

I've used Benzyl Benzoate for laundry cleaning, as the online knowledgebase articles on the product have noted Benzyl Benzoate as a product that is used, off-the-shelf, for a multitude of purposes including laundry and blood-parasitic arachnid sorts of pestilence, as a topical solution. 

I tried out Benzyl Benzoate, after some months in sitting with a 1000 mL bottle of the product, for months, as an anti-inflammatory hot bath soaking additive. It's definitely got some punch and pinch to it, of the aromatics that are produced, from the vaporization and volatile scent of it; it's quite noticably distinct and different, from a standard aromatherapy bath soak, yet I could appreciate the scent, as for myself. 

The effect of the bath, in splashing in a few tablespoons' worth of Benzyl Benzoate, is that it is not immediately water-soluble; it's miscible, rather, I'd say. Not quite oily, as far as that literal oils are quite persistent on surfaces, even upon scrubbing the mixture of water and oil with cloth; Benzyl Benzoate will wipe off of a bathtub, after a hot soak, with a single wipe-down, with a towel. 

The relief from internal joint and ligament inflammation is significantly breakthrough, I'd assert, with the addition of a splash or two, of Benzyl Benzoate, in to a hot tub, and a good soak, with it, for about 30-60 minutes. I was completely cured of a bum knee, on my first try with the bathwater mixture (which I also complemented, in also adding Utah Sea Trace Minerals, by Trace Minerals Research, and aromatherapy essential oils, of a citrus-y and floral scent).

Obviously, with such a dramatic and acute healing experience incurred, for experimenting with Benzyl Benzoate, purchased from Consolidated Chemicals Supply, Ltd., I ought to recommend the product for significant blood pressure blockages, sports injuries, and for joint and ligament inflammation. 

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